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Artist: GeishaNO

CD: Idle Words

Home: Tel Aviv, Israel

Style: Alternative Electronic/Industrial Rock

Quote: "GeishaNO is genuinely trying to create their own kind of sound and not just follow in the footsteps of the many bands that came before them."

By Thomas Szewc

When I received Idle Words by GeishaNO, I really had no idea what to expect. First of all, they hail from Israel. Like most people you’d ask on the street, I don’t exactly have a familiarity with the common sounds of Israel’s music scene. Secondly, I don’t listen to (or in most cases even know) the bands GeishaNO is commonly compared to stylistically. This meant I was about to head into unfamiliar territory like an adolescent child taking his first steps into a brand new school building. It’s only human nature to fear the unknown after all. So when I’m faced with a band shrouded in such mystery and sporting an album cover that I frankly expect to inhabit my next nightmare, I really don’t go in with my hopes too high. This was a BIG mistake on my part.

Idle Hands is alternative rock at its best. GeishaNO is genuinely trying to create their own kind of sound and not just follow in the footsteps of the many bands that came before them. There’s a sense of exploration found in each song, which at times throws an electronic or industrial flavor into the more traditional (and I do use that term loosely) alternative rock sound. The result of this amalgamation is a thoroughly engaging album that never does the same thing twice.

“Kitchen” is a nice choice for an opening track. It works well as a rising song that draws the listener in as it continues up to the chorus. The use of electronic melodies in the background makes this track especially interesting and introduces the almost exploratory nature of sound and style the rest of the album features. The fourth track, “Tabloid Girl,” moves away from the energy of the first three tracks and showcases a form of artful storytelling. Later, evolving their sound once more, “Better Way” mostly leaves behind the electronic effects and offers a hard, almost punk sound. Then when you think you’ve finally got a feeling for the band’s range, “Swinaway” brings in a lighter, acoustic beginning to come down from the previous tracks furious guitar chords and spirited vocals. What I’m really trying to get at here, is that each song has a flare all its own and avoids falling into a stream of uniformity you see so often in modern rock.

“Oblivious Inc.” is the standout track on the album. It features an almost hypnotic background rhythm that sounds like a mix between a synthesizer and an organ. Such a clever tune makes this track a high point. Also found within are some of the most powerful lyrics on the entire CD:

Is anything wrong, no you really shouldn’t tell me,
It never lasts long, so you really shouldn’t tell me,
Blood in the sink? No you really shouldn’t tell me,
Oblivious Inc. No you really shouldn’t tell me,
I’m happy right where I am ...

Now I’m not going to try to analyze the lyrics here, because I think you can look at them from a few different points of view. However, I think we can all agree there’s something really haunting about this chorus. Combine that with the mesmerizing melody, and you have a hit song if I ever heard one.

Idle Words is everything a solid independent recording should be. Check out their My Space page and have a listen to some of the tracks. You won’t be disappointed.

Artist Website: - thomas szewc


Debut album (LP) - Idle Words (2007)
songs online at



geisha NO is a rock/noise/pop trio (formed mid 2005)
Influences - this could have been one long list...
Sounds Like - nothing and everything