Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Jrock in the USA.


Visual kei and Japanese rock have swept America, and there is hardly better proof of its influence than [geist]: an American group devoted to the sound, look, and feel of visual style Japanese rock.

In 2007, [geist] acquired vocalist Kane, who moved back to Baltimore from Georgia to join the band. They played an impromptu "guerilla" show at Baltimore's Otakon, the largest Japanese culture convention on the East Coast, and the subsequent release of their debut single, "nevaeHell," triggered nearly 1,300 plays in just over a two-week period.

The following year, [geist]'s lineup gelled when Kazuya's longtime friend, Sai, joined on drums. [geist] performed alongside jpop darlings Mitsumassyu, played again at Otakon, and released their blistering yet lyrical second single, "The Brilliant Black." September saw the release of their first EP, Itsuwari. And in October, they opened for the acclaimed Zazen Boys in Baltimore. Soon after, [geist] expanded to include Kuni (ex-Ajipulse) on guitar.

[geist] then made their NY debut by playing at the CD release show of their good friends, Gelatine. They returned to New York twice, opened for Sony artist Kanon Wakeshima on Otakon's main stage, and went on a 5-date tour of the East Coast - all while working on their full-length debut, Grotesque. Grotesque, featuring 13 tracks of passionate, brutal music, was released in October 2009.

Currently, [geist] is composing new material.


"Itsuwari no Reigi" (single)

Grotesque (album)

Itsuwari (EP)
"The Brilliant Black" (single)

"nevaeHell" (single)
Kaijin no Hana (demo)

Set List

Typical set list:

Radio Free Motion
Hero Gravity
The Brilliant Black
Starlight Opera

Sets are usually 45-60 minutes long.

Covers have included "Owari to Mirai" by girugamesh and "All The Time In Sunny Beach" by The Mad Capsule Markets.