GELOW Music Producer

GELOW Music Producer


GELOW describes his music style as," Hip and current". Smash tracks and hit songs. Composer, Writer and Producer working with Hip Hop, Pop and R&B artists.


Gelow, is a multi-talented music producer, composer song writer and lyricist. With work ( for hire ) with artists, commercials, film and television, Gelow brings a melodic sound to Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, with inovative tracks that are on the cutting edge. At age 29 Gelow is a well disciplined producer and entreprenuer. He owns and operates Westbound Recording Studios and 1020Entertainment LLC, a growing company in music,concert and event production. Recently he added IN GROOVE distribution and is working with select artits with digital distribution. Gelow works with a diverse roster of artists and entertainment managers such as Damon Elliot, Authur Spivak, Styles of Beyond, Rick Bricks, Kevin Casey, Slam Girls, Amrita Sen, Napoleon(Outlaws), Latin Fros, Aerostotle, Shorty Mac, Jay Blaze, Miss Cash, Akshara, Ronin Gray, Rap King, Jeff Gordon, Kella,Time Warner, Greogory Everett, Seagrams Gin and Budweiser. Projects also include television music production with Emmy winner Will Harper (HBO), music for Catfish and Black Bean Sauce, title tracks for Film Quiet Termination(Universal) and multiple production for Grammy receiver, Joel Diamond Silver Blue Productions. In 2004, Gelow created and preformed as "Caliban", and was the Hip Hop group that was sponsored by Budweiser True Music in 2005. As a performer he headlined shows at venues including Key Club, Viper Room, Dragon Fly, and the Universal Ampitheater (Summer Jam).

With strong personal goals, Gelow is dedicated to creating quality music for film, stage and radio while building his reputation as an innovative contributer to memorable music of his generation.

Gelow is of strong Italian descent with strong musical roots. His father and grandfather, both Jazz musicians, were his very first influences. Starting as early as age 5, he had a desire to play several musical instruments. Later making his first appearance as a performer and musician at age 7 on a nationally broadcasting television program. By age 13 his interest had expanded to spinning records, and working as a deejay at private underground house parties. Moving around the country while growing up, Gelow left home at 16 to live on the East where he began to grow his music career.

Although the only musical equipment he could afford was primitive and second hand, he began educating himself. Through determination and experimentation he started mixing and recording and by age 18, he returned to Los Angeles and built Westbound Studios. The experience of living between the East and West Coast neighborhoods enabled him to add flavor and diversity to his music. He was influenced artists such as Run DMC, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, and Cool G Rap, and quickly developed a deep passion for soulful sounds. His desire to create and produce music of his own was so focused that he took every opportunity upgrade his equipment by swap and trade, worked odd jobs and scoured pawn shops for the items he needed to expand his workshop. He diligently honed his skills at keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, and the trumpet. It wasn't long before he set up Westbound Studios in Los Angeles where his ideas began to expand and life as a record producer became a reality.


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Written By: GELOW

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Recording history

Slam Girls
Jeff Gordon
Doni Flanigan
Kevin Casey
Kes Kaos
Rick Bricks
Braxton Mills
Napoleon (Outlaws)
Latin Froz
Billy Bill
YP (Unity) Napalm Click
Shorty Mac
Reyna Trevina
Sporty O
LiL Gee
Red Billa 30 Weight Gravy Records
Cecy B
Ronin Gray
KJ KP ent.`
J Blaze Global Sound
Ms. Cash