Gel Roc

Gel Roc

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Gel Roc (pronounced with a hard “G” like graffiti), is a notable underground hip hop emcee & graffiti writer, from Los Angeles. He is also a member of EX2, a hip hop group that first rose to underground prominence on the 3 Eyed Cowz compilation & with their 2000 debut album, Undersounds of the 562.


Gel has recorded four albums as a member of EX2. After establishing EX2, Gel went on to pursue a solo career. In 2006 he released, “Laws & Flaws”; produced entirely by Mascaria. In 2010, Gel Roc and Mascaria reemerged with an avant garde record appropriately named, “The Void”. Gel then collaborated with Escape Artists producer, Xczircles along with DJ Drez, on his second solo album titled, “Beautiful Tragedy”, which was released in the summer of 2011.

Aside from his group/solo works, Gel has also appeared on countless releases and performed with artists such as the legendary KRS-One, his fellow Mass Men brothers; Awol One and Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex, The Shape Shifters, Daddy Kev, Deeskee, Psycho Realm, Ellay Khule and Riddlore of Project Blowed, Open Mike Eagle, Megabusive, and many more.


Albums (Solo)
Gel Roc “Beautiful Tragedy” (2011)
Gel Roc “Laws & Flaws - Double Vinyl” (2007)
Gel Roc “Laws & Flaws” (2006)

Albums (As A Member Of)
Gel Roc / Vyrus / Rezult / Ovate "Abolano Records Presents...The Element Tree” (2011)
Awol One & Gel Roc “Life Before Death” (2010)
EX2 “Resurgence - Side B” (2010)
EX2 “Resurgence” (2010)
Gel Roc & Mascaria “The Void” (2010)
EX2 “Nemesis” (2002)
EX2 “Endangered Elements” (2002)
EX2 “Undersounds of the 562” (2000)
EX2 “Contraband” (2000)
EX2 “LMNTL Work” (1998)

Albums (Appears On)
Brzowski “A Fitful Sleep” (2011)
Megabusive “365 Songs In 365 Days” (2011)
Aamir “The Quiet After The Storm” (2011)
Rezult “Facing Consciousness” (2010)
Vyrus “Silent Kaos” (2010)
Existereo “Lo Fi Hi Def Deluxe” (2010)
Ira Lee “More Amazing Than Crazy” (2010)
Aamir “Within All The Silence” (2010)
Awol One & Ecid “Are...” (2010)
Awol One & Factor “Owl Hours” (2009)
Tobesko & Roach The DJ “Life Sex Drugs” (2009)
Ortho Acusto “Only Vultures Are Able To Eat Dead Food” (2009)
Tree Dusk Muir “A Propagated Molting” (2009)
Deeskee “Audiobiograffiti” (2009)
Myka 9 “1969” (2009)
Neila “Better Late Than Never” (2009)
Deeskee “In Loving Memory Of...Joey” (2008)
Xczircles “Act Of Gosh” (2008)
Awol One & Factor “Only Death Can Kill You” (2007)
Awol One “Afterbirth” (2007)
Escape Artists “Red Sprites & Blue Jets” (2007)
Joe Dub “Pooretry” (2007)
Awol One & Mascaria “The Chemikillz” (2006)
Awol One “The War Of Art” (2006)
Existereo & Deeskee “Hopeless Crooks With Open Books” (2006)
Nite N Dae “Journey Of The Fish” (2006)
Awol One & Daddy Kev “Souldoubt” (2005)
Existereo “Dirty Deeds & Dead Flowers” (2003)
Deeskee “Blacklight Sessions” (2003)
Awol One & Mike Nardone “Speakerface” (2002)
Awol One & Daddy Kev “Rhythm” (2001)
Raj (Administer) “Conscious Contemplation” (2001)
Tommy V & Sideshow “Quarter Life Crisis” (2001)
Three Eyed Cowz “Four Eyed Mortalz” (2000)
The Shape Shifters “Know Future” (2000)
Imprints “Who Woulda Thunk” (1999)
Imprints “Homeless Tea Party” (1998)
Three Eyed Cowz “The Evil Cow Burger” (1998)
Awol One “Noise” (1997)

Set List

Never Knew Me
Cryin & Dyin
Trust To Dust
When You're Down
Staring At Death In The Bullseye