San Francisco, California, USA

GEMA is a soulfull blend of Latin Rock,Cumbia,and Reggae. Featuring seasoned players from Argentina,Cuba,New York and San Francisco,GEMA serves up a driving backbeat beneath warm vocal melodies,original hit melodies, and hot-fire guitar solos.Think early Santana,Manu Chao,Calamaro, or Cumbia Villera


GEMA is a killer live party band whos songs are desighned for the dancefloor. We pull from influences that span early Santana,The Rolling Stones, Andres Calamaro, Manu Chau, Bene More, Astor Piazzola, Jimi Hendrix,The Gratefull Dead, and the Cumbia Indigena de Columbia, as well as Argentine Cumbia Villera. These sounds are pulled together by our collective nationalities, incuding Argentina, Cuba, Chile, and The U.S. The project began in Buenos Aires in 2004 with lead singer/rhythm guitarist Gustavo Bustos writting a number of compositions around which the band formed. Gustavo moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, and in 2009 reqruited Gardner Goetze, a virtuoso young electric guitarist who has established himself as one of the hottest players in the Bay Area. Together they formed a new sound, sort of a Rock 'n' Roll Cumbia, Reggae del Sur. With the addition of Vladimir Rosales from Havana, Cuba on Percussion, the sound has recieved an Afro-Caribean touch that adds to its magic.Add keyboards, saxophones, and a great light show, and you have GEMA, San Frans Grand Slam Rock 'n' Roll Cumbia, Reggae del Sur Band!


GEMA is independently managed and has not yet been sighned. We have numerous demos as well as merchendise for sale at out live shows, and are constantly in the studio fine tuning our sound on record so as to release the highest quality work. We will have new material out by Nov. of 2010. Please listen to some of the tracks included in this EPK.

Set List

Tuyo Siempre
Vasos Vacios
Cuarto de Tula
Formula Sagrada
Sin Documentos
La Ultima Vez
La Fiesta
Keep on Movin
Como Vivir
Welcome to Tijuana
Chan Chan
Oye Como Va
y Mas!!