Gem Avery

Gem Avery


Neo-Soul with an Alternative yet soulful flair...mood music with an infectious feel and a potent dose of depth enhancement.


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Gas Money

Written By: Gem Avery

From the 2008 Gas Money Album

Verse 1:

If I don't make it to where I'm s'posed to be
(don't blame it on me)

And if I don't get to where my mind can be free
(don't blame it on me)

'Cause I'm strugglin - I just wanna find me
(& you can't say that's easy)


Too broke to reach my destiny
Aint goin nowhere my tank empty
Wanna get where I'm supposed to be
I need gas money
And its stranding me...


Written By: Gem Avery

Thank you for your continued interest. Please email for printed lyrics. "Intimacy" is track number 5 of 17 on the 2008 Gas Money album.


Gas Money 17 track album - 2008
Gas Money (for the streets) 24 track Compilation Hosted by and featuring Gem Avery - 2008
The Progress Report 6 track MS - 2006


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