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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Los Angeles, CA
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"In tune with Lisa and Gina Gomez"

“Nowadays, Pop music is starting to become really shallow and that’s why we stopped listening to the radio at the start of college in ’07,” said Lisa Gomez of Orlando band Gemeni. “That changed when we were watching another mundane season of American Idol and Adam Lambert appeared. His voice, stage presence and unique individuality set him apart from every other modern day pop star. Our love for him introduced us to another theatrical performer, Lady Gaga. She brings depth and intellectual thought into her live performances, music videos and song lyrics.”

The Orlando band Gemeni is fronted by twin sisters Lisa and Gina Gomez, which probably explains why most of Lisa’s answers are “we” instead of “I.” Profiling one of them fairly well covers both of them as their lives and their musical histories are so intertwined, which is why both names are in the article title.

“We’ve been singing since the age of five. We started after seeing the Disney film The Little Mermaid. We became obsessed with the song ‘Part of Your World’ and started singing it constantly. One day, our mother came home and heard us and said ‘You know what? You two can really sing.’ All we needed was a word of encouragement and we fell in love with singing. We had a producer in middle school and recorded 20+ original songs with him, but the style of the music was off, we were singing R&B/Hip-Hop, which did not suit 11 year old girls at all. After that, we did musical theatre for four years in High School and then continued on to major in Theatre at UCF. At UCF, I studied the piano for a year and a half as well as taking music theory classes for three semesters.”

“We’re very theatrical. Most musicians/singers stand in front of a mic and concentrate on singing/playing. Because we’ve been performing for 13 years, we’ve very comfortable on stage and can not only sing well live but perform and really bring an audience in. We also have really well-blended harmonies because we’ve been singing together our whole lives.”

“I write most of the chord progressions on my keyboard but Gina and I both write the melody and the lyrics. Gina is currently learning the guitar and she has written a few of our songs with it as well. If Gina tends to start humming a melody, I then add on to it and we go from there. If either of us gets stuck on a lyric, the other one helps fill in. It’s a great collaborative process that seems really natural, because we’re twins. In real life, we finish each other’s sentences. When writing music, we finish each other’s melodies/lyrics.”

The ladies are currently working on their first professional EP. They are writing quite a few songs, then plan on picking about five of them to record with Joe Hodgin (of Orlando band Ratham Stone) at Tachyon Pulse Studios.

“A few of our songs, ‘All We Care About (Is the Money)’ and ‘21st Century Society’ literally, but subtlety, make fun of the current state of the music industry. ‘21st Century Society’ is a club song making fun of club songs, yet we have a classic guitar riff/solo in the bridge of that song. ‘All We Care About’ has a catchy chorus, yet we really show off our vocals in the bridge of the song. We hope people understand that we’re very intellectual and deep, even though we’re singing Pop songs. Our other songs are about love and the tragedy of love, but they always have a message of female empowerment, and of not settling with a guy that will treat you badly, and of stepping up and being your own person.”

“We sometimes get the feeling that some people don’t take female fronted bands seriously, which can get really frustrating because we work just as hard as everyone else, if not harder.”

“We’re always singing, which can get really annoying for other people. Honestly, we’re either singing, working or watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’re very, very dorky and nerdy so we’re probably watching TV, watching films, or reading comic books.”

Local music fans can keep updated with Orlando band Gemeni on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. - Kat Coffin

"CD Review: Gemeni ‘More Than Me’"

Gemeni ‘More Than Me’

Rating: *****

“More Than Me,” the debut CD from local Orlando band Gemeni is a first-rate glimpse into the band’s multi-faceted sound. The catchy choruses and mixed tempos converge and merge with simmering intensity. On the surface, most of the songs appear to be soft and fluffy, but deeper in it’s apparent they also have a sharp edge hidden inside.

The CD kicks off with “A Stake In My Heart,” an up-tempo song with an throbbing rhythm, a swirling dark vibe and an angry tone flowing through the lyrics, “how does it feel to not have a reflection/I need to know/I take a look at your pathetic perfection/and my fascination grows.” On “Trapped” the soft piano intro slowly builds to the song’s conclusion as the twins sing of indecision. “Only If You Want To” starts off with soft, supple music and heartfelt vocals, but towards the end of the song the tone changes “And I could destroy you/only if you want to/and I could bury you/only if you want to.”

“Something Effulgent” is a very short mostly instrumental piece, with the only vocals being operatic “oohs.” The up-tempo “21st Century Society” features a solid steady beat. The dark toned music in “Goodbye” is accented by the angry words lamenting the end of a relationship. The title track closes out the CD with a stark sound and firm, decisive vocals “This road is way too long to see/but I know I can’t look back.”

“More Than Me” is an alluring example of Gemeni’s music, more than enough to get music fans hooked on their sound and anxiously awaiting more from the band. The CD will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and many more online retailers starting June 12.

The CD was produced, mixed and mastered by Orlando based producer Joe Hodgin at Dream Dyed Music. The songs for “More Than Me” were written and performed by Gina and Lisa Gomez (Gemeni) and feature local Orlando musicians Colby Peters (drums), Jaron Clark (violin), Joe Hodgin (guitar/synth), hectacop (piano), Leanna Karpf (cello) and Austin Browne (bass). - Kat Coffin

"Most Under Appreciated Geeky Channels on YouTube"

Two geek girls in geek glam jamming out to geek anthems! What channel could possibly be better fitted for this list? What’s even more impressive is that in Thorsday, Gemeni managed to not only celebrate Thor, but also simultaneously mock Rebecca Black. You go girls! - Sparknotes

"Gemeni: A California Band With a Buffy Connection"

Are you looking for some fresh blood in the music industry? Look no further than twin sisters, Lisa and Gina Gomez, who make up the band known as Gemeni. Performing at local talent shows and country fairs since the age of five, in their home state of Florida the sisters have also been submersed in musical theater, performing in nine musicals and one opera and also went on to make an appearance on America’s Next Great Star. Then, in July 2012, the girls packed their bags and said goodbye to Florida to make a new life for themselves in sunny Los Angeles, California.

I first met Gina and Lisa at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, in March of 2013, through a mutual friend. We were all standing in line together waiting for Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing panel to begin. As we were standing in line we exchanged information, followed each other on Twitter and “friended” one another on Facebook. Little did I know that I was in the presence of two incredibly talented young ladies? It was only after I got home from the convention, that I looked them up on Facebook, and I discovered that Gina and Lisa made up the singing duo of Gemeni.

I immediately watched their videos on YouTube, listened to their music on iTunes and was blown away by what I heard. Gemeni’s music has been described as pop/rock with a dark edge. Their first album consists of seven songs which were written and performed by Gina and Lisa. The first song that caught my attention was “Stake In My Heart“, which was inspired by the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I absolutely loved their harmony together, so much so that I downloaded their debut album, More Than Me, which was released on iTunes on June 12, 2012, and have not stopped listening to it since.

Gemeni has recorded various covers of some well know tunes, such as Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” and Adele’s “Skyfall”. The girls also show their geeky side with a parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday called Thorsday. The song has also been recognized and viewed by The Avengers star, Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki and has received over 12,000 views on their YouTube channel.

Most recently Gina and Lisa had the opportunity to perform onstage at last years Nerdapalooza in their home state of Florida. Next up for the girls have performances lined up for shows in Los Angeles and they have just announced that they will be performing overseas in the United Kingdom. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this wonderful singing duo and I think everyone needs to give them a listen.

You can find Gemeni on various social media including: Facebook (Gemeni), Twitter (@gemenimusic), Reverbnation, Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

For booking inquires you can contact Gemeni at LisaGinaGomez@gmail[dot]com. - King's River Life Magazine

"#MyBuffyLife Video Contest Winners"

"However, one video stood out to all of us. The effort and production put into the video and the song that went with it were incredible and we simply cannot let such effort and awesomeness go unrewarded. So on the spot we have come up with a Runner-up prize for a video we believe deserved some attention." - Dark Horse Comics - Dark Horse Comics

"The Music Maven's Music Monday #12: Your San Diego Comic Con Playlist 2014"

*I O U a Fall by Gemeni – A song about my favorite fandom and it’s such a great tune! These lovely ladies will be performing during the SherlockeDCC Party at the San Diego Library. Can’t wait to check them out live! - The Nerdy Girlie

"The Music Maven's Music Monday #15: Getting to know Gemeni"

The Nerdy Girlie introduced you to the twin sisters duo Gemeni after the SherlockeDCC Party at this year’s San Diego Comic Con – we instantly fell in love with their witty Sherlock inspired songs and beautiful harmonies. I recently had a chance to interview Lisa and Gina Gomez about the challenges of the music industry, their musical influences, their sisterly bond, and maybe just a little bit about our shared love of Sherlock… - The Nerdy Girlie

"Ep. #168 The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review"

In this episode, the FBC crew and special guests Gina and Lisa Gomez discuss the new lightsaber design that rocked geekdom, the controversy that is Jurassic World, the fan backlash against "The Hanging Tree" radio remix, and the details on the Sony hack.

Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Sam Rhodes, Drew Siragusa, and Barbra Dillon

Special guests: Gina and Lisa Gomez of Gemeni
*Also on Twitter and YouTube! - Fanboy Comics

"The Music Maven's Music Monday #42: Your San Diego Comic Con Playlist 2015"

A Stake in My Heart by Gemeni: These lovely, hardworking ladies will be playing the popular SherlockeDCC party again this year. I love how the nerd community rallies to support independent artists like Gemeni. - The Nerdy Girlie


Untitled E.P. - Coming Soon - 2016

More Than Me - 7 Song E.P. Released on June 2012



Gemeni is an Alternative Pop duo comprised of twin sisters Lisa and Gina Gomez. The sisters have performed in numerous venues around Orlando, FL, Los Angeles, CA, and London, most notably the prestigious Florida Music Festival, Nerdapalooza, the House of Blues, and the Spice of Life in the West End. In 2012, the sisters released an original album titled "More Than Me" on iTunes and were featured in a Boyz II Men music video titled "One More Dance". 

Gemeni finally debuted their YouTube channel in 2013 and released the YouTube hit "Thorsday", a Rebecca Black "Friday" parody chronicling the life of a Thor and Loki fangirl. The video caught the attention of the filmmakers including Tom Hiddleston as well as Twitter celebrity Agent M, who retweeted the video to his 1 million + followers. Agent M featured "Thorsday" on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel as a part of YouTube's "Geek Week".

 In 2014, the twin sisters show no signs of slowing down after releasing their next YouTube video "I O U a Fall", an original song based on the popular British television show "Sherlock".

 They plan to release a music video to their hit song "A Stake in My Heart", inspired by Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", as well as their sophomore album within the year. Watch out world! 

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