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San Diego, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2009

San Diego, CA
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo R&B Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Art Nouveau Magazine"

Without the story, there is no artist. Without the struggle, there is no sound. Without the journey, there is no soul. With introspection and experience, the path to one’s truth is uncovered in its deep and ever-changing form. Morphing always, the product is not as much a set identity as it is an energy, a humble knowing.

So-Cal bred, Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Geminelle speaks this universal language of self-discovery that embraces audiences with something both resonating and relatable. Sharing her journey through her sound, Geminelle sings not just with candor but a radiance that embraces and invites. A captivating appeal, though, only begins to describe what makes this songstress such a rarity. Entwining glowing vocals with grounded lyrics, Geminelle talks about what it means to be human, to be perfect in one’s imperfection, and to walk through clarity and confusion with spirit and sense.

“I believe that music has the power to heal,” she says in our recent interview. “It’s a beautiful chance to share my story, to share my experiences, my journey, my testimony,” she adds. With roots in San Diego, Geminelle’s aqueous influence is illuminated in her philosophy and entrenched in her music. Growing up by the sea and amidst the mountains fostered an adventurous nature that later found her performing on city streets from Austin and New Orleans to Chicago. Her transition to New York, however, was about being “humbled”, a career move in which she “[learned] how to be a big fish in a gigantic lake, an ocean even.”

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No matter the city, Geminelle maintains a connection and drive that keeps her moving forward personally and artistically. “Every day, I’m trying to figure out myself a little bit more,” she says. “I write from a really real place…and a lot of that is just self reflection and self love and learning self love,” she continues. “All I really want to do is inspire people to be greater.”

With a summer album release ahead, Geminelle’s Audiobook will talk about self-confrontation, self-destruction, and a time in which she was forced to look inside. “It’s my literal journey, for a span of a year and a half,” she says. “I think you can expect from Audiobook this journey of a woman who is rediscovering herself…aside from societal influences, aside from damage and self hate.”

A self-named “writer, artist, counselor,” and “healer”, Geminelle uses her honey-like vocals to grow closer to herself while doing the same with her audience. A woman of many titles, she emanates that which brought her here today. Many roles, cities, and songs later, Geminelle warrants a pensive listen and soothing effect that binds growth with veracity. Like the sea that touches a melding, setting sun, Geminelle abides less by the beginning of one chapter and end of another and more by the remarkable amalgamation of where and how each moment has rippled into the next.

Check out Geminelle’s music here. - Paley Jean Martin


Still working on that hot first release.



Geminelle is one of the greatest examples of what happens when faith meets fortitude. With all the distractions that this world brings, you have to fight diligently to let society know about your God given talent.  San Diego native, Geminelle has been pursuing music at a professional level since the age of 13. In the beginning of her career she was a member of the girl group MISS. While she enjoyed her time within the group, she soon began to pursue her solo career.  After graduating high school, Geminelle decided to take a break from music to seek a degree in education. Her passion for helping others and being a vessel for change made attaining her M.Ed a major achievement. It was at this time that she realized her gift as an educator and an artist are intertwined: that both music and education can have an impact in an individual’s life.

Geminelle is very much paving her own path sonically. Her airy, raspy vocals over organic, harmonic production immediately creates a trance-like ambience that's best heard on her recently-released Acoustic Love Letters EP.  With the Incorporation of the ukulele, guitar, and loop pedal in her performance, Geminelle delivers relatable lyrics like the ethereal “Newness” that comes across to listeners as an intimate conversation.

In the February 2014, Geminelle launched a grassroots open mic tour in cities like New Orleans, Chicago, and Austin. These cities have a history of cultivating unique and eclectic music, and she successfully left her footprint at each performance.  This tour gave her the courage to test her faith and move half a world away to Brooklyn, New York. With the help of her friends, family and fans she was able to say farewell to San Diego as she embarked on her “Follow the Music Campaign”. As she settles into New York, a population full of promise, she is continuing to develop her craft in a city known for sharpening the skills of budding artists.

Faith got her to this point in her career, fortitude will keep her.

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