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Diverse, I am from the south, but I feel I have a universal style. I love to paint a picture with my music, I thnk the art of storytelling is being lost today and that is what I bring to the table. If I can get 1 person to be inspired by my music, my goal has been accomplished!


Marlon White and I am a songwriter from S.C. I am influenced by some of the more emotional singers and MC's in the industry such as 2Pac, Mary J. Blige, Rakim, KRS-1 and Patti Labelle. These artist all different but they all have one thing in common and that is they add meaning to their music and you can actually feel the songs they deliver.



Written By: Gemini(Marlon White)

Verse 1
She was twenty two with dreams of being a lawyer, always out going and having fun
Cool with no reputation
She was the neighborhood dime for real
Matter of fact she was a dozen on that scale of mine for real
I pick the wrong time though, it was bad timing yo
Dog its like that in any hood so, just listen
She hooked up with this cat named Chris
He was about that drug dealin' and then dippin
So called part time pimpin
Everybody told her that it was wrong, she didn't wanna listen
Stepped out on a limb dismissed it, made her own decision
Now he got her gone in the head done flipped it
Got her in bed and stripped it, beat it up til it was red then licked it
Now she trippin done forgot about school, don't wanna go back
She wanna stay home and get his back
See Chris, is controllin' her mind so fluid
Throwin' ideas her way just to see how she react to it
He told her that he wanna be with two women at the same time
She said its fine, pleasing him was on her mind
But it go a little deeper than that, he want his boys to hit that cat
So she do it just to make him happy
Now she out on the corner trickin' a new addiction to women
Don't loss control of her life confused all for the love of nigga
How many women you know in this same situation
Every day in denial just scared to face it

Tell me why, oh why
Is it so hard pleasing you, tell me baby
How can I, oh I
Go on doing what I do
Baby i'm so Confused

Verse 2
He was twenty five with a master's in education
A local professor striving for perfection and greatness
He had it all planned out for the future
When he met a young lady named Susan, see she was one of his past students
They went to lunch a couple of times
Late night conversations sipped some wine, talked about past times
Months past he feeling closer to her
Never had a woman that made him feel this way, so he proposed to her
Susan liked the finer things in life
He wanted to get'em for his wife so he did what he had to do
Took out a few loans at first, then it got worst
Stretched his credit cards to the max, in fact
When his funds got low he told her
She got him in bed, blew his mind and gave mad head
He didn't wanna lose her
Susan told him that he could rob a couple of banks and hide the money
or she would be gone by Sunday
Now he got a gun in his hand, ski mask across his face
Bout to stick up this bank and get the money out the safe
It worked the plan went through
It gave him such a rush, he had to do it again
A trend has been set
He done quit his job, he figured he rob banks forever
Just stack that cheddar knowing this would make things better
He tried one more time, this was the big one
Gunned down in the street, Confused
And this was all for the love of a woman

Tell me why, oh why
Is it so hard pleasing you, tell me baby
How can I, oh I
Go on doing what I do
Baby i'm so Confused

I'm so confused and I don't know what to do
How can I please my woman, you please your man
I'm so confused help me understand
I'm so confused, cause i'm so in love with you
I'll do anything that, you ask of me
Baby tell me why love's so crazy


I currently have not released any single, I did a solo project entitled "Make It Happen" in which the song I submitted was a part of that LP.

Set List

My typical set would be 3-5 songs around 15-20 mins. First is usually a freestyle intro over a common instrumental, then If U Want 2, Confused, Breathe Again and Blazed Up.