Gemini Cricket

Gemini Cricket


when no one was looking, Gemini Cricket grew up. A band that a year ago (delightfully) sounded like the sweetest little sugary group you could ever book for your son’s birthday party is becoming something more sullen, if not downright dirtier & nastier than ever imagined.


Part 1: "The How & Why"
Gemini Cricket began with Sara & Blake & Summer camp. We decided to learn new instruments and picked up drums, bass and keyboard. We wrote some songs about two crazy kids in their 20's and played our first house show at the Peach Palace.

Part 2: "Crickets in the Moonlight"
Gemini Cricket wrote new songs and asked Jay to help out on guitar and banjo. We started playing regular house-shows at the Oxford Heat.

Part 3: "Leapin' Crickets"
Davy Gibbs filled in on drums and stuck to them for good beginning with a show at Repent. Blake started playing guitar. More songs were written for more instruments and things got loud fast!

Part 4:"Pop! Go the Crickets"
Our pals Missy & Raoul from the French Toasts started pitching in with trumpet, kazoo, slide whistle and smokin' dance floor moves. We played a whole buncha shows in a year. We released a cassette tape with our first batch of songs titled "The How & Why."

Part 5: "Chirpin' & Strummin'"
Sometimes we played as a duo and sometimes everyone was involved! We loved making fun tunes with friends and had a feeling Gemini Cricket would continue to grow and grow like a Rocktopus tour-guide on a southern twang odyssey of hugs. Wyatt played some drums with us on tour. Things got really busy really fast so we decided to take some time out.

part 6: "Crickets Abroad"
Sara and Blake bought a banjo and drove into the sun.

part 7: "Metamorphosis"
After a nice break Marie showed up with her floor tom beats and we wrote all new songs with lots of nasty guitar hooks and drenched everything in reverb.


Little Fish

Written By: Gemini Cricket

Come on jump in, get lost in my waves.
Deep down you'll find, there's much more to see.
I know it's there and we'll find it, if we share our breath and we dive down low. So take my hand and swim away with me.

Reckless Nights

Written By: Gemini Cricket

Too many people try to act their age,
I got 20 something years of pent up rage,I wanna crawl through the woods with a bottle of booze in my hand. I wanna fight with a bigger sucker than myself just so I can see the blood in my veins, I got a bruise for every chapter of my life, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it all.

I wanna reckless night!
I wanna sit with my friends and watch the stars fading in the sky.

Well the man who works me every night and day, I wanna turn to him and say, fuck your consequences and your civilized ways.

I wanna reckless night!
i wanna sit with my friends and watch the stars fading in the sky.

Sizzle Pop

Written By: Gemini Cricket

I met a girl, asked her for a date.
She said come on now, before it gets too late.
We started talking, she offered me a smoke.
I said no thank you, I'l just take a coke.

We started walking, we made it too my street.
I said how much does it take to earn your keep?
She said don't worry, you can't handle me.
We got to my house and she crashed into me.


"The How & Why" cassette EP 2007 (POPgun recordings)
"Yeah, I Licked my Guitar" EP 2009 (Homemade Genius)

We make newer tracks available on our Myspace page for free download.

Set List

Our set spans from 7-15 songs depending on our placement in the line-up. Current setlist:
Cosmic Creepers
Fake Endings
Sizzle Pop
Reckless Night
Tango Alpha Bravo Bravo
Snotty Ah's
Denim '86
Little Fish
Dreamcast Visions
Same Time Next Year
2's & 4's
Case Study
Let's go Swimming
Let it Out
Douche Cop
Sweet Song
Young with You
The Land of Thieves & Phantoms
Miss Biloxi

We like to add one or two cover songs per set. We've covered tunes by:
Times New Viking
The Raveonettes
Beat Happening
Cause Co-Motion
The Faces
Bon Voyage
Starflyer 59