Gemini The GingerBrandMan

Gemini The GingerBrandMan

BandHip Hop

My Music make's you lose control in a good way. It's something for everone to get down with. Each show I do people & other bands love to see me do my thing. I have high energy and you're always guaranteed a great show. Hip-Hop is Gemini so Let's get get get it...


I grew up listening to The Isley Brothers, Jill Scott, Babyface, Michael Jackson, Prince and many others which helped develop the soul in my music and style.
People who have influenced me have been Soulja Slim, Tupac and Biggie, BG, T.I., and Lil Wayne. Obviously I've been influenced by southern rap coming from New Orleans. My energy and stage presence sets me apart from other bands. I've got music with meaning as well and music to dance to. I "Cook my music for the crowd."


On my way to get radio play online wav. I have 3 upcoming albums that I'm working on. There are two mixtape cd's already being given out. Im a featured artist on the LP of Destitution Revolution thats now being sold on CD Baby and Itunes. You can also check my music out on myspace at

Set List

Cash Ruler's----3:13 Good Time's--2:18 Get Buck---3:48 Gettin Tight--2:51 Nothing 2 Loose--3:51 Fuck You Pay Me---3:13 RatteSnake---2:40 World Aint Nothin but A Ghetto---3:51 The Pain---6:00 TheGingerBrandMan--2:28