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"Birthday Cake for EarSnake"

Philly natives Michael McDermott and Megan Cauley started the record label earSnake as an outgrowth of their experimental band Gemini Wolf, in which they play under the names Mikronesia and Pandar, respectively. earSnake debuted last December with a holiday podcast called 12 Days and from there released material by the shoegaze–prog band Zelda Pinwheel, twee folkie Lillie Ruth Bussey, and the ambient musicians Carl Franke and Ben Fleury–Steiner as well as their own projects.

This year they’re upping the ante with a holiday compilation and a live showcase that not only cap off the label’s inaugural year but spell big things for 2009. As if its roster wasn’t diverse enough, earSnake is planning releases from electro–pop guru Shawn Kilroy, the quirky psych–folk troupe Paper Masques, hip–hop artists JSIC and Solomon Slowburn, the immaculate retro–pop band the Circadian Rhythms, artist–musician–producer Bilwa, and the Balkan–inspired collective West Philadelphia Orchestra. - Philadelphia Weekly

"Sound Advice"

Calling Gemini Wolf an electronic rock act is like saying Noam Chomsky's just a linguist. It's not enough. This blip-folksy duo — Pandar and Mikronesia — expanded the initial tinyness of their pastoral synth-sound to make something soulful and sweeping. You could blame the addition of a dub-hungry bassist and some chamber string kids. But they're just two more reasons its debut, Josiah, has the makings of an epic. To make that drama eerier (or sillier) still, the electro-luxe Hessians with mirth-y Shawn Kilroy are also playing this daggone art party.

—A.D. Amorosi - City Paper

"Entrance Stategy"

Gemini Wolf and Northern Liberties have been around the block, but both will step up their game in 2008. Gemini Wolf's EarSnake label releases CDs by Perpetual Mvmt> Perfect Seconds from Mikronesia + Bilwa in February. Then expect the massive attacking soul and dub-hop acts (like Jalima Shani and Spenser Michaels) to become part of an ongoing Gemini Wolf revue where the band backs up each of its singers and MCs. Stay tuned. (GW play Johnny Brenda's Jan. 5, by the way.) - Philadelphia City Paper


Josiah (earSnake) (2007)
Wick Effect/ Formation (2008)
Oh Come All Ye earSnake (2008)
Philadelphia Car Share: Sound Clash Vol 1 & 2 (comp) (2006, 2007)
NoPhi Presents: Compilation III (NoPhi) (2006)



Gemini Wolf's beastly grin only hints at the other world their music describes.

Their debut album Josiah was released on earSnake in early 2008. The Philadelphia City Paper has declared "'Josiah' has the makings of an epic...".

The core duo of Mikronesia and Pandar founded the band in 2005. Writing a series of songs around a wall of electronics and acoustic guitar, the Gemini Wolf sound was born. Performing as a duo through out the year, they added drummer/producer Gary Dann and rock steady bassist Len Magen in 2006 adding more power and presence to their sound. With an orchestral love of strings, that's one part Penderecki, one part Gamble and Huff and one part Serge Gainsbourg, Gemini Wolf slowly added various string players over 2007. With a core string trio consisting of classical violinist Alison Rigby, multi-instrumentalist/fiddler, Katie Goodrum and all around artist/noise-maker/violist Martha Savery, the full Gemini Wolf electro-orchestral beast has been prowling the East Coast playing clubs, theaters, parties, colleges, galleries and any space that can contain their massive sound.

While Gemini Wolf was still a duo they released an electronic version of "Owl Song" on Atlanta based NoPhi Recordings on their acclaimed, "NoPhi Presents: Compilation III". Soon, as the Wolf Pack grew, they began recording their debut album, "Josiah". A few months before the release of 'Josiah', Gemini Wolf released another full band mix of the "Owl Song" on the "Philly Car Share: Sound Clash Vol. 1", an amazing mix of Philadelphia artists.

In 2008 they released a single for Wick Effect and Formation. Bringing them back to their electronic roots, they recorded this as a duo. Both songs are a strange journey through familiar dance grooves and nearly ancient tones.

They are presently recording their second full length for release on earSnake. This has the electronic duo writing and recording with some notable musicians appearing as guests.