Gemma Louise Doyle

Gemma Louise Doyle

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Soul



The best kept secret in music


"Recent interview, with the World Academy Of Arts, Literature And Media"

*For our readers who get to know you for the first time, please tell us how did it all start, how you entered the world of music?
I was born into music. Since I was a baby, my father, who has always been a very close person in my life, shared his love of music with me. We have photos of me as a one-year-old baby with headphones on! My father recalls a day out where he heard his daughter singing on stage, just three years old, I had run up and asked a lady who was hosting an event to let me sing 'You Are My Sunshine' for all the shoppers in the mall. At the age of seven, I wanted to be a 'Popstar'. And having taken piano lessons for a short time, I asked to have singing training from the age of about ten years old. From being a child to about the age of seventeen, I was too shy to perform in front of people, except at a few competitions which I did very well in, to my surprise. It was actually when I faced illness and found myself in hospital for some years, that I began singing in front of people. I received letters of thanks and praise from other patients, who told me that my singing lifted them, and I noticed that my voice gave different energy and atmosphere to the staff and all those around me. When I was strong again, I began performing and noticed that performing music could bring light and joy to all kinds of people too. It was from there that my life passion grew, and I became a professional singer.

*You have a substantial profile of events and venues, where you performed and gained experience from, what styles and moods are your favourites on stage?

I love to perform a wide variety of music, taking the audience on a journey, from captivating, emotional songs, to happy sing-along classics, and powerful hits which cause a standing ovation. I also enable people to dance, in the correct environments.

*What was your biggest challenge as an artist? Could you overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Having to implement extreme determination. Which I would say came naturally to me, given my healing and the way I saw people reacted to my voice. It was a challenge, however, learning to become a manager, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, working 24/7 rather than going out to parties with friends and social activities, keeping going when the bookings didn't happen immediately, adapting and learning to use social media which seems to develop & change every day, studying continuously (which fortunately I do enjoy) A lot of self-discipline. It is 2:45 am now, as I am writing this to you. But it leads to the most joyful, rewarding experiences when I bring happiness to people from on stage or my music and messages online.
What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a recording artist as well as a performing one? Being able to reach people Worldwide. I have fans and friends in America, Japan, across the UK, Europe, Australia and every continent. I share music with everyone in every part of the World.

*How do you see the role of music in the society?

Music connects us and brings everyone together. We are all human and music affects us all emotionally on some level. Which I think is magic and beautiful.

*In your view, what are the characteristics of a responsible artist?

Someone who is positive and kind and caring to everyone. They also must be ambitious and determined and work very hard to succeed.

*You’ve just recorded a new original song ‘Happiness May Pair with You’, created by the renowned Canadian songwriter, Mosi Dorbayani, for The UN’s International Day of Happiness in March. How did you connect and relate to the song? How was your collaboration with WAALM?

It's a pleasure and blessing to work together with Mosi, and with WAALM. The creators and the song both share my message and belief, with the desire to bring love and peace to all humanity.

*Recently, in his social media (FB & Instagram), Mosi wrote the followings about you: “Her soul is gorgeous, her mind is generous, and her voice is fabulous”. He also wrote: “Her life and the artistic journey is inspiring indeed, and her endeavour for bringing happiness and love into people’s lives is admirable.” – Do you think what it is in you that makes people admire you in such a way?

That is one of the things about me which people who discover me online like about me. But honestly, most of my audiences come to like me for my talent first, and I hope to make a difference in their lives. It's those who get to know more about me who tend to become committed followers and supporters and friends of mine. - World academy of arts

"Gemma Louise Doyle is a versatile live singer, who performs for all audiences across the UK and worldwide."

From Las Vegas to London, Scotland to Wales, Gemma is a true entertainer who is more than willing to travel for her event guests, as she loves to uplift and inspire people from all areas.
Gemma performs up to 5/6 live shows per week, for corporate events, Christmas parties, live music, fundraising events, charity, festive celebrations, cruises, clubs, concerts, weddings, birthdays, Vegas shows, private events & all kinds of exciting venues!

From Pop to Power Ballads, Jazz, Motown, Dance, Rock, even Opera!
..To Wedding Love Songs, New Age, Musical Theatre, Classical crossover, Inspirational/Spiritual music, Soul, Motown, 50s music, & World Favorite Hits from across all of the decades! - Kyle. L

"Superb Performance"

I had the pleasure of attending Gemma Louise Doyle's Love Show at Buckingham Athletic Sports & Social Club, organised by Wayno Productions. It was a wonderful show, Gemma-Louise Doyle was amazing a superb performance. This young lady is a very talented entertainer, covering something for everyone. - Kevin Wrapson

"Voice of an angel"

We had the most wonderful night at the angel hotel in Knutsford tonight. Gemma Louise Doyle, you have the voice of an angel. Loved your singing and can't wait to see you again. Amazing evening thank you. - Lyn Holmes


Still working on that hot first release.



International Singer Gemma Louise Doyle, is a unique recording artist and live entertainer, who inspires people across the world. Having survived five teenage years in hospitals, Gemma today, uplifts audiences, fans & followers, in London, Las Vegas, across the entire UK, in Europe, on prestigious cruises and for global events. 

Message from Gemma "I believe that we all have a unique & significant purpose to help each other and make people happier in this World. 
I discovered this, whilst recovering from a critical illness when I first saw how my singing can uplift, heal &

bring out the best of people. 

Since then, I've committed my life to give people joy, through music & entertainment. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to listen"   

Gemma Louise Doyle today, is a versatile, international music artist, who appears life in Las Vegas, London and for high profile events across the World.  
With an astounding four-octave vocal range, Gemma tailors music to suit each audience, can speak six languages and   

Gemma has recently performed for; Saudi Arabian royalty, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, and the likes of Jimmy Osmond.  
She has entertained for guests at over 2500 events, including some held at Coworth Park Estate, One Great George Street, Westminster and also has residencies at award-winning venues.

Gemma endeavours to enable people to realise, that we are all one, here together on this Earth.
To see that everyone, of 7.2 Billion people alive on this planet today, is significant, and should treat each other with kindness, gratitude and love.