Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray

 London, England, GBR

Celebrated pop-noir, torch-singing, guitar-taming maverick Gemma Ray is a singer and musician with a difference. The songs draw you in the way classic songs do, but you are left feeling perplexed when you try to describe it or draw comparisons. Gemma Ray undeniably stands tall on her own two feet.


Let us start by saying that Jimmy Page was was moved to go record to say that Gemma is "Not to be missed!".
UK-born Berlin-based musician/singer/producer Gemma Ray is a prolific and enigmatic performer who at the age of 32 has already made 5 solo albums.
Her last album proper in 2012 (Island Fire) hit the US college radio charts at number 19, and earned her a place on TV shows such as the UK's Top of the Pops.
This year she released a soundtrack album (Down Baby Down), and has finished another album out in January 2014.
She has collaborated with Sparks, members of the Bad Seeds, Suicide and Filmorchester Babelsberg and recently toured with Grinderman, Marianne Faithfull, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, Kris Kristofferson, Ane Brun, Seasick Steve and more.
In 2010 she won an Independent Music Award for Best Album.

MOJO - "Ray is one inspired music machine" -

THE SUN – Wonderful..Gemma Ray weaves an entrancing tapestry of soul, blues and pop, full of dark themes and late-night confessions, all presented in a sultry, seductive voice.

MOJO – Disarming..swooning...with noir-ish hints of Lee Hazlewood’s unearthly country-rock. Gemma Ray sits midway between Nina Simone and Isobel Campbell and is the better for it.

NME – A brilliantly brooding prospect. Like a grittier Loretta Lynn, she’s from the wrong side of the tracks.

CLASH - Startlingly good.


100mph (In 2nd Gear)

Written By: Gemma Ray

A long, long time ago (but not so long ago though…)
Days went slow but the weeks flew fast, flying past and calling us – hurry up!

Some people push and shove, other ones aren’t tough enough
Chewing things over and over inside
Then down that shute they slide – by the wayside

It’s like driving 100 MPH in second gear
Jumped through one too many hoops to prove you shoot not in cold blood but fear

This place is so austere, but I feel safe in here
Feels like a little prison in my mind
No blinds to draw down when the dark decides

It’s like driving 100 MPH in second gear
Jumped through one too many hoops to prove you shoot not in cold blood but fear

Rain’s coming down thick and fast
Pressed up against the glass
The cold precision of the wipers
Do nothing to make our journey brighter


Written By: Gemma Ray

Honey where have you been? You’re two shades short of green…
I’ve been drinking Cuba-Libras in the street
Well we’ve been here before, picking pennies off the floor
I’ve been calling – you don’t answer the phone anymore

I’ll break every bone in you
Babe I’ve been dying to
Ever since 1952

In a bar by the sea in the middle of a dream
S’when your drunken treasure eyes sunk into mine
Those omega 3 lips, approaching like enemy ships
The coup de grace, Non! Por favor! Permisson Senoir!

I’m barefoot, broken and bruised
Well I’m through with following you
Been waiting for you to
Ever since 1952

I’ve waited a long time for them to let me out of here
And if those bullets come rattling
Out your mouth I’ll grit my teeth and grin and bear it

Cos I know you’re like me – sinking desperately
Arms flailing, were they waving at me?

I’m barefoot, broken and blue
Well I’m thru with following you
Been aching for you to – Ever since 1952

Fist Of A Flower

Written By: Gemma Ray

Lowering your eyes, rewinding the sunrise
Looking for something, searching for nothing

Grows darker by the hour,
Closing up like the fist of a flower
Hour by hour by hour
Closing up like a flower

Looking at the moon, that you’re looking at too
Staring at the same thing with a galaxy in-between

Grows darker by the hour,
Closing up like the fist of a flower
Hour by hour by hour
Closing up like a flower

Tough Love

Written By: Gemma Ray

Treat me kind in the morning
Treat me kind in the evening
Bone china cup and saucer
Quivers round the bones of my fingers

Tough Love

Hey you - yeah in your youth
You were a white dove, I wore a boxing glove
With brown hair and fair skin
So beautiful, and keeping it all in

Tough Love

Don’t be confused or short fused
Cos there are many things little girl you did not choose
A montage, C’est moi, c’est moi!
Que-est ce je ne pas – La femme dans le old blue car…


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