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Julie Hardy:

Singer-songwriter Julie Hardy is well on her way to becoming one of most in-demand studio recording artists and composers in New York City. She is also the lead singer of Brooklyn based electro pop band Clementine & The Galaxy.

As a performer In May 2011, she made her national television debut on Saturday Night Live where she performed live with rising star Ellie Goulding who was chosen to sing at the Royal Wedding. This past August she sang on David Letterman with indie rock star St. Vincent.

Hardy works at all the top music houses in NYC ranging from Human International to Pulse and has collaborated with Grammy Award Winning artists and songwriters. Her voice has been featured on multiple national advertisement campaigns including McDonald's, Cotton, Hershey's Bliss Purple Power, Liberty Mutual, Barnes & Noble, and Fanta.

Hardy has released three recordings as a leader: Two jazz CDs "A Moment's Glance" (2005), "The Wish" (2007) which both received rave reviews from the New York Times, Time Out New York, Downbeat and JazzTimes. Her third recording is an EP by her indie pop project "Clementine" and celebrated its release to a full house at the Living Room in NYC this past July 2011.

Hardy received her Masters degree from New England Conservatory of Music in Jazz Performance in 2001 and a BA from the University of New Hampshire in 1999 in Composition.

Chris Williams:

“york & crown” is the stage name of violist and songwriter, chris williams.

chris developed a passion for music at the age of 10 when he first started playing the viola. he continued to play it through school, completing degrees in viola performance at the university of north texas & yale university.

he first started writing pop songs in 2006, and quickly fell in love with the writing process. in 2008 he invented his pop alter ego “york & crown,” named after the intersection he lived at in new haven, connecticut.

current projects include collaborations with roger paul mason, samuel ageloff, clementine and the galaxy, and benoit munoz.

york & crown’s upcoming debut EP will be released in the fall of 2012.

chris currently lives in new york city where he freelances within both the pop & classical communities. he is a giant nerd.


Glow In The Dark

Written By: Chris Williams/Julie Hardy

Glow In The Dark

verse 1
take a second look in the mirror
and see who you really are
you got something different about you
that makes you a superstar

don’t act, like you don’t know
how everyone stares
face the facts you’ve made it now
so let go of your fears

you gotta believe (yeah)
in yourself
you gotta believe (yeah)
you’re the best

glow in the dark
blind all the haters
be who you are
love is all that matters

verse 2
sometimes you’ll take a leap of faith
and hope you’ll land on solid ground
you’ll never know if you don’t try
and you’ll be stuck in the lost and found

rise above the roaring crowd
and find the strength inside
hear that voice from within
[cuz] you’ve only got one life




they try to take you down so far that you’ll never be found
it’s time to turn around
they’ll try to mess you up, but you’ll never gonna give up
you’re so high, like a star

chorus 2x


take a second look in the mirror, and see who you really are...


Glow In the Dark
I Didn't Change