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... plays songs about b-movie starlets, x-movie starlets, blonde strangers, barstool wisdom, bad parties, and Kong's words with Jesus in the aftermath of a rough first date. “It's tragic, hilarious, brilliant writing,” according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

'Flesh and Spirits' is The Gena Rowlands Band’s third full-length recording for Lujo Records. It’s is the band’s most focused, cohesive, and catchy work yet.

To create the best album of his career, GRB mastermind Bob Massey assembled a dream team of Washington, DC’s most acclaimed musicians:

- Jason Caddell and Eric Axelson (formerly of The Dismemberment Plan) on guitar and bass.
- Jean Cook (who also plays with Beauty Pill, Ida, and Jon Langford) on violin.
- David Durst (who's played with Maritime and Fast Eddie) on keyboard.
- and Vin Novara (formerly of CrownHateRuin, Oswego and Canyon) on drums.

The result is eleven instantly memorable songs built on Massey’s trademark lyrical formula that combines dry wit, a grappling with darkness, and glimmers of love and light. If the band’s debut (La Merde et Les Etoiles) was the soundtrack for a night of heartache, Flesh and Spirits is the jolt to get you out of bed in the morning.

Flesh and Spirits was recorded and produced by Chad Clark of Beauty Pill (Dischord) and TJ Lipple of Aloha (Polyvinyl) of Silver Sonya, in Washington DC’s legendary Inner Ear studios.

The GRB has toured with Andrew Bird, Enon, The Dismemberment Plan and others. In March 2007 the band will make their third appearance at SXSW in Austin, TX, as part of a tour of the southwestern U.S. A tour of the entire U.S. will follow in May 2007.

The Gena Rowlands Band are graduates of the Washington D.C post-punk community. But what you hear is utterly unexpected. Strings stolen from a b&w movie score or New York's experimental scene. The skitter of jazz brushes. A voice that draws more power from a whisper, a wry lyric, or a soulful falsetto than a scream.



"Flesh and Spirits," Lujo Records, due April 3, 2007
"The Nitrate Hymnal" (w/ Anti-Social Music), Lujo Records, March 2006
"La Merde et Les Etoiles," Lujo Records, February 2005

"Happy Together: A Lujo Records Wedding Compliation," Lujo Records
"Love and Loathing," Lujo Records
"Quality, Quantity, and Luxury," Lujo Records
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