He is a person of exceptional gift, a natural unprocessed diamond of Tuvian modern music.


Gendos is an uncommon person of Tuvian music scene. He develops traditional Tuvan music what makes him avant-garde person among Siberian artists. While well acquainted with styles like contemporary western music, jazz, rock or blues, he is not seduced in to direct, simply fusion, but creates folk music deeply steeped in shamanic tradition.
Gendos was born in small, hidden in taiga, village Shuj.

80's Teenager time
Gendos played at dancing parties. His memories of those times - twist, shake, twist, shake -

In the capital Kyzyl was formed by Vresh Milojan first vanguard Tuvinian band Biosintes. Gendos became a member of the group. Biosintes music was orientated around an ethnic type of improvisation, sometimes constructed on a rock ostinato, sometimes completely free. But a major inspiration was Tuvinian throat-singing . The basic function of ensemble was the creation of recordings for and the participation in the performances taking place at the 'Kyzel' theatre. Gendos found his shamanic roots during he was playing shaman rule in one of them. In 1996 Biosintes toured in Europe and participated at the Total Music Meeting in Berlin with Sainkho Namtchylak (First Take) .

90's Experimental
Gendos met two vanguard musicians from Scotland and England, Ken Hyder and Tim Hodgkinson. They formed K-Space.

2000 Traditional Rock
Gendos started to play rock with Darky Medvedev, Alexej Saaia and Igor Karalaev. As Gen-DOS ensemble they recorded Shizo i.d. album.

2004 Jazz collaboration
Gendos started to visit Europe quite often. Poland became his second home. He met many significant musicians. He played concert in Program 3 of Polish Radio with Tie Break. His meeting with Mazzoll opened new music horizons. The concerts became meetings of artists creating, exchanging their experiences, energies - here and now- without rehearsal. Concert in Mózg Club, legendary, Polish vanguard club with Mazzoll, Majewski, Janicki was broadcasted by Polish Television. The concerts with young Polish jazzmen Piotr Rachoñ, Aleksnader Papierz were fascinating audience as well. Gendos formed Tuva Pulse band. Ensemble based on cooperation with various musicians and idea that Gendos is a bridge between Tuvian tradition and contemporary music. One of the most interesting happening was concert with Sainkho during Colours of Ostrava Festival (summer 2005)

2005 Shaman Nights
Exceptional concerts in exceptional place. Alchemia, Jewish district club is strikingly decorated with old paintings and furnitures. Popular with artists, most gallery openings throughout the district culminate in splendid bohemian madness at Alchemia. It has become a genuine place of meeting, meeting of contemporary shamans, musicians. Alchemia was visited during two editions of Shaman Nights in 2005 and 2006 by Sainkho Namtchylak, Jon Dobie, NetLenka, Mazzoll, Jacek Majewski, Piotr Rachoñ, Jêdrzej Kuziela, Altai Khangai (Mongolia) and Chyskyyrai (Sakha).

2006 Bridge over Ural
The supreme project we have released. 13 musicians coming from 3 continents and 8 countries have met on the stage. They represented different cultures, tradition, styles of music, languages and one common idea - meeting of people. Improvising music from beginning to the end. Gendos was the only person who knew everybody: Chyskyyrai from Sakha (Jacutia), Petra Jankova from Czech Republic, Ganbold Muukhai and Ganzorig Nergui from Mongolia, Chris Dahlgren from USA, Asaf Sirkis from Izrael, Jon Dobie from England, Lubos Holzer from Czech Republic, Jorgos Skolias, Jêdrzej Kuziela, Jakub Rutkowski, Dominik Strycharski from Poland.

Nomads arrived to Europe as in XIII centuries. During summer holidays we have ben travelled through Poland with yurts and our friends. Everything started at the June in Wroc³aw. We organized Nomad Festival WILDERNESS OF ASIA. The nomads from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ujguria, and Tuva, of course has visited us.
During five days visitors could take apart and see:
exhibitions of photos from Tuva, Mongolia and Kazkhstan journeys
documents movies about Siberian shamans from Tuva and Taimyr
lectures about tradisions, religions, history and now days of Nomads nations
great movies as Dersu Uza³a, White Sheep, Lutyj.
cooking of traditional nomads meals
workshops of singing, playing on nomads instruments, handcraft, dancing,

Gendos took a part in Na Druhim Brechu festival in Hradec Kralove and two French festivals, Passages and Music Action. He performed several times in Lotaryngia, Lille, Marsille and Nice, by the way. Gendos continued his teacher way made workshops for musicoterapist in Czech Republic and on the Warsaw Festival Culture Crossroads.

In autumn Gendos recorded new album with new project TGF (Tuvian Greek Freaks) with Jorgos Skolias voice and Asaf Sirkis drums, which will be realized at the spring 2008. Second time he visited Womex as a member of AKT crew.


kamlanie (piece)

Written By: Gendos

you put so much oy! on my shoulders....

my eyes oy! can not see

bring me oy! the shaman's hat

I will wear oy! the shaman's hat

I’m going oy! to meet with the sprits


Released titles:

1/ Gendos solo - Live at Alchemia 2008
2/ Gendos solo - Ham-Dyt 2005 LUNA MUSIC (PL)
Artist: Gendos
guests: NetLenka, Tatiana Rechnaya, Jêdrzej Kuziela
10 compositions about spirit, nature, ordinary life and ghosts

3/ Gendos solo Kamlanie 2004 LONG ARMS (RUS)
Artist: Gendos
Vanguard improvising music with shaman spirit

1/ Gen-DOS Bay Tayga 2007 DARKY MUSIC Tuva (RUS)
Artists: Gendos, Darky Medvedev guitar and programming, Alexey Saaia bassguitar.
2/ Gen-DOS Schizo i.d. 2000/2006 DARKY MUSIC Tuva (RUS)
Artists: Gendos, Darky Medvedev guitar, Igor Karalaev drums, Alexey Saaia bassguitar
Rock from Tuva.

2/ K-Space INFINITY 2008 Ad Hoc Records (USA)
Artists: Gendos, Ken Hyder, Tim Hodgkinson
2/ K-Space Going Up 2005 Ad Hoc Records (USA)
Artists: Gendos, Ken Hyder, Tim Hodgkinson
3/ K-Space Bear Bones 2002 SLAM RECORDS (GB)
Artists: Gendos, Ken Hyder, Tim Hodgkinson
Sham Beat, experimental shamanic music with buddhism influences

6/ Biosintes "Deity" 1996 SoLyD Records (RUS)
7/ Biosintes with Sainkho Namtchylak First Take 1996 FMP (D)
Remarkable music, a mixture of traditional Tuvian music, free improvisation and new music. Emotion and suspense, brought together in a masterly way.

8/ Traumzeit Traumzeit goes Siberia 2005 (D)
Artists: Marion Ritz Valentine with her International Band Traumzeit and Gendos
Live recorded, half official bootleg.

Title planned for release:
1/ Three worlds (autumn2008)
Recording session planned for October 2007 with Jorgos Skolias sensational vocalist and Asaf Sirkis - virtuoso of percussion free improvisation

2/ Ugaan
Electronic goes to Siberia, modern electronic music with traditional themes from Tuva gives unique effect.

Set List

music based on shaman music and folklor tuvian songs. Concert takes about 60 min. (75min.) And consits of 1st more shamanic part and 2nd more traditional based on Gendos songs.