Gene Owens

Gene Owens


“With major label-worthy hooks and a slow burning intensity… Gene Owens will surely become a notable name in the world of rock songwriters” – Clay Steakley Performing Songwriter Magazine Jan 2003


Born in 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Gene grew up with a natural talent and passion for music. By the age of sixteen he began traveling the country performing at coffeehouses and clubs. In 1998 Gene relocated to Los Angeles where he started laying down the foundations of his debut album Beautifully Strange. Written and recorded during an emotionally tumultuous period, Beautifully Strange is an emotional catharsis, a melodic, melancholic gem. Performing Songwriter calls it “..a record that holds the subdued anger of rockers like Staind and the vocal style of hard rockers like Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley, but still knows how to hold to a restrained groove and simple metaphor.” Beautifully Strange has sold nearly a 1,000 copies and is still going strong.

On the heels of 2002’s introspective Beautifully Strange, Gene is set to release his sophomore effort Fugitive Moments. From the infectious, hook-laden “All I Need” complete with chiming 12-string guitars and Beach Boy-esqe harmonies to the jazzy soul ballad “Into Me”, Owens has crafted another eclectic masterpiece. The new record also finds Owens looking outward, with overtly political songs such as “War Machine”, “Pretty Lies” and “Election Day”, Fugitive Moments serves as a musical response to the Bush-era of war and repression. It was produced and recorded by Andrew Bush who’s past credits include the legendary Bob Dylan and rising LA artists such as Alexi Murdoch and Quincy. Fugitive Moments also features a guest spot by Rusted Root’s Liz Berlin who lends her powerful voice to Gene’s song “Never Change”.

Gene’s debut CD, Beautifully Strange, is currently available through the internet’s biggest music stores: Amazon, Apple i-tunes,, Real-Rhapsody and Cdbaby, and at local LA music stores including Amoeba Music and Tower Records on Sunset. Gene newest release Fugitive moments will hit stores in early December 2004.

With his intimate live performances and solid songwriting, Gene Owens has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with.


Beaufitully Strange (2002),
Fugitive Moments (2004)

Set List

Rings of Saturn
Some Things Never Change All I Need
War Machine
Cry For Help
Never Change
Pretty Lies
Into Me
Election Day
Falling Down

45 min to 50 minute set usually