Scarborough, Ontario, CAN
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GENERAL takes no prisoners - He's here to bring back real hip hop music. Speaking from his soul and his own experience he can rock the crowd and make you think twice. GENERAL commands attention - SALUTE.



GENERAL – hip hop artist and business man.

This artist commands your attention. Hailing from the streets of Scarborough, GENERAL absorbed and thrived in his urban atmosphere taking control of his own destiny. Although conditions with his family and peers were often chaotic, GENERAL’s tenacious mindset kept him focused and deterred from being swallowed up by the concrete streets. Instead GENERAL’s inquisitive mind journeyed into pursuing the art form of music.

He found his first love in hip hop. Getting inspiration from artists such as LL Cool J, EPMD, Ice T, KRS-ONE, NWA, Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi), Heavy D, RUN DMC, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, GENERAL started out freestyling with peers in the school yard at the age of nine.

Deciding to pursue a true music career in 1995, the name GENERAL was a logical title to illustrate his persona: a born leader, strong willed, courageous, dedicated and empathetic.

“If you want to know me, just listen to my songs”, GENERAL reflects. GENERAL’s repertoire speaks on topics including his youth, growing up with his mother, the streets, politics and the love he has for women. Filled with sincere, passionate and prolific lyrics GENERAL was recognized for his songwriting talent as a finalist in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition.

GENERAL received his highest accolades to date when he released his underground hit single “Look Around” in 2003 which was played by DJ Premier in New York on Power 105.5 FM and on Future Flavas. His second hit track was HEY featuring Lindo P in 2005 / 2006 which received over 400 spins in 6 months on FLOW 93.5 FM reaching the top 3 of their Top 8 at 8 countdown. You can see the independently funded video on Much Music.

In 2008, GENERAL released the single Black Spaceship – the first single from the album “Long Time Coming”. The video is in rotation on Much Music.

With a focus on artistry and his record label Born Hungry Enterprises, GENERAL will be a force to be reckoned with in 2009 and beyond...



Runaway Slave

Written By: Danian B. Lyttle


Snuck out the house just knowing I gotta run far
Don't know where I'm going was told follow the North Star
Scars on my back from scratches, my foot splashes in puddles
Got word from Harriet Tubman, don't stop running

If dogs start barking I should wade in the water
Hold my breath think about my lyttle sons and my daughters
Separated at birth my mind gone berzerk
My heart hurt hands burnt from hot coals I lifted

Shackles on my left ankle and my right wrist
Insisting I'm only 3/5ths of a man
Propaganda, that's why I'm a flee to Canada
Windsor, Nova Scotia, with my picture on a wanted poster

Offering pay cause I'm a runaway Slave
That's why I don't listen and I misbehave
Won't let me read or write and I can't even learn
Ok then, I will link up with Nat Turner

Rebelling, yelling, screaming lifting
Tossing, turning, looting, burning
In a strange place and I'm trying to get home
In the Underground Railroad at night it's so cold




All by myself with deteriorating health
Trips about 2 weeks, so tired, no sleep
Started raining, dogs barking, slept in the swamp last night
Thought it was my last night, flashlights so bright

Day break, I'm a day late, fast heart rate
Running like a mile a minute thinking about quitting
Who you kidding? No giving up that's forbidden
I'm off that plantation, it's "bye, good riddance"

Hobbling on one foot thinking about a home cooked meal
I'm so thirsty, clothes so dirty; think I got scurvy, my body not sturdy
Hallucations overwhelm me, feeling like elation
Like my feet kicked up, hot sun on vacation
"Snap out of it GENERAL, that's not reality"

Hang on hold tight man it will be alright
Same time I said that I seen a big blue light
Gotta a little closer and in my body felt the shivers
Reached my destination the Detroit River
Squint my eyes through the glare, Mary Shadd was there
And the runaway slave was too, bless you.




2009 - September LONG TIME COMING
2006 - "Signed, Sealed & Delivered" 1000 units
2004 – “DO 4 SELF – THE ALBUM” 450 units
2003 – “DO 4 SELF – EP” (vinyl) 300 promo
2002 – “Act Like Ya Want it” 200 units
2000 – “Starving Artist” 76 units


2005 - "HEY" Featuring Lindo P (Much Music)
2008 - "Black Spaceship"


2008 - "Black Spaceship Remix" ft. Bishop, Famous, Wio K and Peter Jackson
2008 - "Black Spaceship"
2006 - "GENERAL's Jewelz"
2005 - "Hey" featuring Lindo P
2005 – “Tha Block” with Jermain Maxwell and Marcus Kane (FLOW 93.5 FM)
2004 – “Come On” featuring Faith Walker (FLOW 93.5 FM, 91.5 FM THE BEAT)
2003 – “Don’t Tell” featuring Toya Alexis
2003 – “Look Around” (DJ Premier, Power 105.5 FM New York,
2003 – “Favourite Girls”
2002 – “Luv me or Leave Me” (FLOW 93.5 FM)
2000 – “Scarborough Blizzard”

Set List

Set list depends on the amount of time given. GENERAL will perform anywhere between 3 and 10 songs per performance which is 15 to 35 minutes.

Typical songs are:
Blind Spot
Scartown Luv
Public Party
Luv Myself
Runaway Slave
Black Spaceship

GENERAL's sets vary depending on his audience. He has done many benefit performances as well as shows for children. Due to GENERAL's diversity he delivers a positive message through his songs at these events.