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"General Lee"

Outstanding performance by David Myers and the guys in General Lee!! Your performance at the Rock Among Heroes Concert Series on Saturday night was awesome. David Myers is one incredible guitar player!!

I highly recommend David Myers and General Lee for any big event!!

- Rock Forever Entertainment

"Music- Hometown CDs"

General Lee

By Ollie
Published March 1, 2007
[Hometown from previous weeks]

Album: Rough, Rugged and Raw (2006)
Artist: General Lee
Label: self-released
Where available/price:,, and for $12.97; 99 cents per song download at or iTunes; at live shows for $12.
Songs: 1) Rockin' Till I'm Gone 2) Big Reaper 3) Lonely Drifter
4) Back When 5) The Ghost Song 6) Just Enough 7) Get On Up
8) Until I Die 9) Whiskey on the Rocks
Band: David Myers (guitar, vocals), Fred Lawson (bass), Norm Bisson (guitar), Mike Welch (drums)
Extra info: General Lee is scheduled to play the Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club on March 9 at 11 p.m.

General Lee
There are music nerds, and then there are people who like music to be playing while they get drunk. Music nerds wear tight black pants, Technic sweatshirts, and they work in music stores. Partiers wear AC/DC T-shirts, ball caps, and you'd swear their occupation was drinking beer. I respect both philosophies, but if you're a music nerd, read no further. If you have grease under your fingernails or, ladies, if you own a tube top, General Lee is your band.

General Lee plays bluesy Southern rock. "Rockin' Till I'm Gone" and "Just Enough" are your traditional Lynyrd Skynyrd-type songs with lyrics about aeroplanes, Southern women, and whiskey. "Big Reaper" and "Lonely Drifter" are slower, more on the blues side, and speak about impending death, women leaving in the night, and disgrace in the rain.

The drums, bass, and rhythm guitar are snappy and driving, but the lead guitar and vocals are the focus of any Southern rock band worth its boots. David Myers's vocals are a dead giveaway to one of his influences; he sounds almost exactly like Stevie Ray Vaughan. His guitar is not quite as good as SRV, but it'll get the job done if you're in a beer bar and want to dance.

- San Diego Reader

"CD Reviews"

Great CD- refreshing mix of sounds.
Reviewer: Joyce & Ken
You guys are great! Loved seeing you live in PB. Looking forward to seeing you perform again. I'm sure you're on the road to making many many more CD's, and I'll be right there to purchase.
These guys ROCK!!!! Makes you want to get up and dance!!!!!
Reviewer: wendy
These guys ROCK!!!! All the songs get you moving in your seat. Make you want to get up and dance. They are my new favorite band. Great instruments and vocals are UNDERSTANDABLE. Can hardly wait to see them live again. A definate BUY for this CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This CD takes over your mind and makes you stomp and dance
Reviewer: Jim H
Incredible lead guitar work, and you can understand every word of every song on the CD. Fantastic arrangments on every track. Rockin' Southern Blues at its best.
I keep this in my car. I love flying down the road listening to this.
Reviewer: Elaine Linton
I hear alot of different sounds in this cd. My favorite is get on up. Vocals are awesome.
Excellent Musical Instrumentation and Lyrics.
Reviewer: Milton Wilches
It's an excellent CD with great Lyrics and sounds of the past brought back with feeling and talent.

- CD Baby


Rough, Rugged & Raw- 9 tracks
1 Rockin' Till I'm Gone...Radio airplay France
2 Big Reaper
3 Lonely Drifter
4 Back When
5 The Ghost Song
6 Just Enough
7 Get On Up
8 Until I Die... Radio airplay Nashville
9 Whiskey on the Rocks...Radio airplay San Diego

---Early album...Ready for the Ride



Originally known as David Myers and the Blues Crew, the band formed when a young, hot guitar player found himself in sunny, San Diego courtesy of the US Navy. He played with a tape until he found the perfect bass player and drummer. Together, they formed the Blues Crew and released "Ready for the Ride." After a year of playing, the guitar player took a trip around the world and came back with a new sound and new songs. Add a Rhythm Guitar player and General Lee was born. A little more rock and a lot more edge, General Lee has been playing together ever since.

Rockin’ the Blues, Southern Style!! General Lee turns it up in this nine track debut, Rough, Rugged & Raw. The album gives respect to players of the past (Back When: track 4) including a visit from the ghost of Stevie Ray (track 5). Musically and lyrically, General Lee is making its own history with amazing guitar and jaw-dropping performances.