General Miggs

General Miggs


"General Miggs might be the best band you haven't heard." - Loose Record


Label: Confetti House Records
From: New York City
Influences: The Kinks, The Pogues, The Lemonheads, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Waits

"General Miggs might be the best band you haven't heard." - Loose Record

Sentimentalist Magazine--
There are a few refreshing things about General Miggs: their lack of pretention, and the fact that they're genreless, for starters. Call them smart. neo-punk Americana or retro-modern art rock, but nothing comes close to describing their elegant dynamic sound. Thunderous horns ring in 'The Crawling Song' while 'Have A Laugh' is the bittersweet tale of breaking hearts, a shimmering tune that's got it all, from lovely crooning to twangy guitars and a sort of Morrissey-does-rockability vibe. Their music is all about crispness, achingly beautiful melodies and a passionate intensity and it's what makes this band stand out from all the genreless scenesters. This four-song EP is just a hint at what's to come.
While the Decemberists have been getting all sorts of praise from the indie crowd, General Miggs is more successful with this sort of historical Americana music. General Miggs is a four-piece alternative rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York. These guys create infectious, clever music, with guitars, percussion, pianos, horns, and voices. Imagine Cake with more melody and energy and you'd be in the same neighborhood as General Miggs. Given half a chance, General Miggs has the potential to be a break-out act. They don't follow any pre-conceived trends and are willing to allow their music to range from intense melodies to raw energy. I expect great things from these guys.

Said The
"Broken Hoof" is unrelentingly catchy. Through verses, bridges and choruses it never loses its momentum, never loses its strict shuffle. The drums and bass play at chaos like clowns play at being drunk: pretending to fall over each other though they are in complete control, pretending to be crude and clumsy though they are supremely elegant. During the first bridge, at 1:23, a steel drum is introduced and manages to sound simultaneously exuberant and aching. The same could be said of the brilliant vocal performance, an unadorned and persistently energetic presentation of the melody

You want the real deal, and General Miggs, a young group from Brooklyn, is it. I look for flaws, and I don’t see many, if any. Best Their CD, Adopt-A-Throwaway, has passion and fuck it innocence that makes there music stand out and sound real. They put their stuff out there and say it loud and proud. These guys make music that could stand tall in any era, be it punk the first, second or third time around, the grunge era, post-punk circa 1980 or today. Can’t ask much more than that.


Broken Hoof EP - Jan 2006 (only sold at shows)

Adopt-A-Throwaway LP - April 2004 - BC Records

BC Records Compilation - Jan 2004

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