General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers

General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers

 Savannah, Georgia, USA

General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers is a folk-tinged indie-rock band comprised of guitar, accordion, marimba, keys, trombone, glockenspiel, bass, and drums. The twists and turns in the band's lyrics and melodies are kept afloat on a ship of strong rhythm decorated in southern grit and charm.


General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers was formed in 2009 by friends Devin Smith & Anna Chandler. Together, they began writing narrative folk-tinged melodies layered with soaring harmonies, bright guitar riffs, and unusual instrumentation such as accordion & marimba. Duncan Iaria's high-energy drumming, Daniel Wilson's classical piano chops & horn refrains, and Crystina Parker's velvety bass made the band a full indie-rock outfit anchored in southern grit & charm.

In February 2011, General O released their debut album Whistle the Dirges. With themes ranging from untimely death, lost love, gentrification, summer sweat, and wanderlust, the band was hailed locally as "the sound of Savannah," with international critics professing, "It's discoveries like this that restores our faith in songwriting as an unpretentious art" (TWRHQ).

Touted as a "self-sustaining musical collective" by Connect Savannah, General O produce their own award-winning music videos, websites and graphics. Their latest endeavor is completing a five-song EP, North of the River, while continuing to deliver live performances full of contagious energy and passion.


North of the River (EP) - due winter 2011/12
Whistle the Dirges (LP) - Feb. 2011

Daydream Generation 9 (Quixodelic Records, 2010)
Fanfare for Elephant 6 (2009)
Second Fanfare for Elephant 6 (2010)

Radio play:
Greyhound Rows, Red Hot, Sick Sick Lover, and Over The Counter Silence (all from have played on SCAD Radio, Houndstooth Radio (Los Angeles, CA), Radio Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ), ErrorFM Live (Portland, OR), CUXR - The Waiting Room, & The Electric Boogie Show.

Set List

Sunday Best
North of the River
Red Hot
Sick Sick Lover
Our Neck of the Woods
The First One
Old Threads
White Light
Ham on Rye

(45 minutes)