General Vibe

General Vibe


General Vibe are a four piece band formed as a group friends, each with original ideas and talents that have now combined to produce music with a unique sonic signature. With creativity and originality expressed at every outlet, General Vibe please crowds and home listeners alike.


General Vibe formed in July 2011 in New Plymouth just as a fun and enjoyable "jam-group", but it has certainly become far more than we ever anticipated. A key aspect of what we intended was to have a band of Christian musicians, and we have kept this so.

Our influences are numerous. Although the core of our music has its roots planted in pop-rock like Coldplay and U2, there are also elements of classical music and more experimental music. Our drummer is influenced by more heavy styles himself, and this has positively contributed to our sound.

Two of our members have had a lot of experience in orchestral settings which has certainly brought a need for perfection to General Vibe's sound. Two members have also had 4 years' experience playing in a worship team setting. This has meant that playing in an original-music band is very natural, and there is a free-flowing element of our music that doesn't always happen in younger bands.

We've recorded three songs to date, and hope to record two more in the coming months in order to produce an EP.