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The GENERALZ which make-up Tee Money’s rock rap persona and Pro’s hood-hop delivery, create an exciting new style of hood-hop party rock.


The two G’s interlocked back to back, that represent this rap duo’s moniker, is far more than just the logo of these first cousins born to twin mother’s. For Pro and Tee Money it’s the code that they live by as Generalz. Rising out of the depths of an area known as the Inland Empire and Los Angeles Ca, Pro and Tee Money have been in the trenches living the lives that have created their music. For Tee Money life growing up in the suburbs was more rap/rock records and skateboarding but for his older cousin the call of the streets became the resonating voice in his young life. As the oldest boys born to single mothers, they both had to take positions of leadership early on. Tee had to become the man of the house and be a responsible role model for his younger sister, while Pro had to assume authority over himself when he left home at the age of fourteen.

The cousin’s remained close even though their lifestyles were so completely different. But fate would intervene and music would inevitably bring the two together as one. “Music literally fell into my lap,” remembers Pro. “I was at my friend Stacy Augmen’s house (former Portland Trailblazers) and some members of Tha Dogg Pound came thru with a CD they had just done and I scratched the damn thing all up. So we went back to my house and got in the booth and I ended up getting on some stuff with them, and that led to me doing stuff with other people.” Ultimately Pro’s affiliations and his work with the rap group The Real MCCoy’s led to him getting an offer from Priority records. Being a self made man, Pro declined because he was already making what they were offering so he recruited his younger cousin and decided to take matters into his own hands. Although Tee Money was part of a rap core band that played "hard core rock music over rap/hip hop lyrics, when his big cousin came to him about teaming up, it was time to infiltrate the industry with something new.

Opportunity found its way to Pro again when he was buying his home and his real estate broker recognized his business savvy and wanted to invest in his vision thus creating a partnership resulting in ICCE records. As the flagship artist on the new indie label, The Generalz are on a mission to cast a new light not only on west coast hip-hop, but Latin hip-hop and urban living.

Although the two rappers differ dramatically in lifestyle and personalities, their flow is united in one cohesive groove that resonates with Tee Money’s rock rap persona and Pro’s hood-hop delivery, creating an exciting new style of hood-hop party rock. The Generalz are planning a tactical takeover and they’ve enlisted the support of other top industry brass for their debut project titled “Luxury Living” Though still in the process of selecting the perfect single, the Generalz are keeping the streets hot with the politically charged soldier’s tribute, “Last Letters”. The album boasts features from Bubba Sparks, Jah Free, Bergh Slim and Kokane as well as ICCE records family members Milano and Cecy B not to mention bomb dropping production from FINGAZZ,TERRACE MARTIN,JUGGANAUT'S,SEHF,NESS, and EINSTEIN.

Luxury Living is a taste of California living at its finest. It’s about making your position in life and reaping the rewards of your labor. It’s proof that West coast music is more than gangsta rap. “When you go into the military your taught that the person next to you is your brother,” explain’s Tee Money “You protect that person at all times. Pro is already my blood so we’re in this fight together and we’re gonna lead by example together.”