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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"He's kinda like Prince!"

"He's kind of like Prince.. plays all these instruments, directs his own music videos..."


"His first street album "Eventually" got picked up for a movie called " Back In The Day" Starring Ving Rhames, Tia Carera, and Jah Rule The directors placed 90% of the whole album for the movie itself!!"
- - Coolie High, CoolPPL Ent. (Nov 25, 2006)

"SEXY GIRL Featuring Spliff Star"

"Genesis Ian's "Sexy Girl" song would actually bring back D' Angelo's career!!"
- - Spliff Star, Flipmode Squad (Dec 19, 2006)

"Genesis Ian: EPK & “Karnivore” itunes release"

Just blew up Sunset Blvd last friday night, and we are promoting this new album hardcore. Also stay tuned for info on next saturday’s show (08.14.10) at House of Blues. - SWITCH FLIP

"Top 10! 23 weeks on streamline radio"

"Genesis Ian has stayed on the top 10 for 23 weeks on Willside Radio!"
- Top Ten Count Down, Radio (Nov 07, 2008) -

"Genesis Ian and The Lab Ratz Just Making Some Good Ass Music"

" Genesis’s sound is all over the map from soul to reggae to rock and electro pop and back again. Fellow Lab Rat, Kush, explained Genesis’s sound as not just being hip hop, saying, “We do pop, rock, whatever.”"
by: Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor - Random Heights

"Busta gives props to Genesis Ian"

"Genesis Ian of the Lab Ratz is bananas crazy son!!!"
- - Busta Rhymes, Sirius Radio Hip Hop Station (Jul 15, 2006)


Coolie High's "Smashin'" is the most recent. Genesis is featured on and produced the song along side production crew the Lab Ratz. It got palyed over 16 major radio stations in the north and south east region of U.S. soil.

2010 Genesis Ian "6&8 Unplugg" Mixtape Vol. 1
(Double Down Music Group/ COOLPPL Ent / XOL Ent)

2010 Coolie High "West Bound & Down"

2010 R2D2 (COOLPPL Ent)

2010 A Merican Girlfriend "Muscle Beach" Vol.1 (COOLPPL Ent)

2010 XOL ( Double Down Music Group/ XOL Ent)

2010 Never Looking Back
(Double Down Music Group)

2009 Genesis Ian "Karnivore" EP 1 (The Hunt) (Mindstorm Music Group/XOL Ent)

2009 Genesis Ian "Smoke N' Mirrors" ( Double Down Music Group / XOL Ent))

2009 Coolie High "Zakadelic" (COOLPPL Ent)

2009 Spliff Star "One Shot Willy" (Flipmode/Paperrock, August 9

2008 Bozack, (COOLPPL Ent)

2008 Spliff Star "Contraband" (Flipmode/Paperrock, 22 January 8

2007 Spliff Star "Let the Streets Decide" (hosted by Big Mike)

2007 Spliff Star "Contraband" mixtape version (hosted by Big Mike),

2003 Genesis Ian "Eventually" (Double Down Music Group/ XOL Ent.)



Born in the Philippines, raised everywhere from Kuwait, to France, to San Francisco, Genesis Ian is the embodiment of diversity and cultural richness... not just of person, but of sound. A singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist/producer, Genesis brings an array of talent to a variety of genres and styles, including Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, New Wave, and Reggae. Son of musician Ramone Tzunakus, Genesis has been surrounded by extraordinary musical talent his entire life and career.

Genesis Ian moved from Philly to L.A. in 2001. He has spent his time going to school for audio engineering and working side jobs to make ends meet. In 2002 he debut his first show @ The Gig in Melrose blvd., ever since then he has produced 3 street albums, and 9 albums for other major and indie artist. He has worked for Baby Face's label as a studio musician, produced for music / film production organizations while actively playing every venue in the greater Los Angeles area. Being a solo artist is a reality that Genesis Ian had to bite considering every show he's performed had a different line up for his band. But instead of looking at the down side he looked at the advantages at this revolving door of musicians. With some he has let go and with the best of them he has kept close relationships.
Drummer Dion Nueble whom has played for numerous artist such as Red Man, performed with bands in Jay Leno's tonight shows, Wutang.. to name a few has been a part of Genesis Ian's revolving temp bands since 2007. Bassist, Toly Ramirez who has been signed to Universal 2 years ago from his previous band has joined forces with G.I.'s band in 2010. Ramirez rock, roots, dub, funk, influences wtih a passion for electro music is what got Genesis Ian's attention that transpired Toly to join the band. With a new album "Around The World" set to be release Dec 2010 on iTunes everything seems to be falling into it's place.

We are a very unique band with mystery, passion, and substance. What separates us from other bands is we're one of the few bands that can mix popular and underground music authentically. As far as our live shows we are not just incredible, we make sure we engage our audience with pure energy and a 150% of everything we got. You're only gonna have that moment once in a life time so we cherish every bit of it. We love and believe in what we do best which is playing our hearts out for our fans.