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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Born Jatorre Bailey, Genesis Iver, 21 year-old upcoming artist from Houston, Tx, was first musically influenced by peers, who sat around listening & freestyling to old No Limit records. At first, music was kind of a rebellious thing because his mother, unfortunately, didn’t condone him rapping because of the lifestyle it brings. Instead she saturated the home with, now musical influences, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, & Sade that seemed to depict every emotion. It wasn’t until Genesis got older did he explore the likes of Tupac Shakur, Scarface, Kanye West, Jay Z, & Big Pun & by seeing the other forms of life hip hop had to offer. It only made Genesis want to share his own story even more. He grew up in a single parent household. Mother, Juanita Roberson, kept him in and active in church as his mother worked multiple jobs vigorously to make ends meet & where she lacked, older brother & producer , provided. The moment he found out his grandfather, confidant & role model, died music became his only outlet to get rid of unspoken feelings & this all lead to his transformation as an artist & made him start writing & taking the art of music seriously. He, along with 3 of his brothers, recently started a music group by the name of KINFOLK. He did this because Houston has been a separated city for so long & he felt & said “If we all strive together for a common goal we can all succeed. It’s never one of us make it, It’s next man up.” Genesis is currently working on his first project. A mixtape titled “Book of Genesis” including singles like “Other Side” “Gone Bad” & “Almighty”. - The Hive Society (9th Sage)


Local Houston artist, and KINFOLK’s own, Genesis Iver released a very dope and personal joint called “Amongst Clouds” produced by a dope producer by the name of Chaz Fuego. What I loved most about this track is the mix between harmonizing and dope lyricism. You can tell Genesis has no problem being emotionally free in his music, and I wouldn’t want to listen to music any other way. Hope you enjoy these dope sounds as much as I did! - The Hive Society (9th Sage)


My family was the reason I started making music. It started with my brother, uncle, cousin & I sitting in the living room free styling to old No Limit instrumentals, & then it was my mom telling me not to, just because she came up sitting in Prince’s studio, & she knew what came along with the life. I fell in love w/ music, when I was 13 & my grandfather passed & it was the first time I felt real pain. My way of releasing it was music. It was the only way I can say whatever the fuck I wanted to say without being restricted or judged for whatever I said.
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2. What were you aiming to make listeners feel after listening to Book of Genesis?
Something. Anything. Any emotion. & at the same time I wanted to portray a story w/ the moral being, everybody & everything is temporary. Things will leave, just as people will. The only thing you need is to understand that through everything & one, God got you. When friends walk out, women set you up, & you lose out on all your possessions, God is gonna be there to help you back onto your feet.

3. Why did it take you so long to finish the project?

Hahahaha, I have been through hell trying to get this tape out. I’ve had an engineer disappear in the middle of the tape, I’ve lost jobs, I’ve waited for features (that never came), & other than that @officialx & I are perfectionist. Truthfully, I still find things I’ve could’ve done to make it better, I just was so ready to get it off my shoulders.

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4. How important do you feel artists and creatives of all sorts are in this world?
We are the carbon dioxide & the oxygen of society. We make things great, we make things terrible. We hold the power to push it forward or to hold it back. Artist with a position like Future (no diss) can make the world xan heads or lean fiends. Artist with Chance the Rapper’s position can bring peace for 72 hrs in an area of the murder capitol of the U.S. So I think we are extremely important. What we say, portray, & what we stand for.
5. What is a real-life situation that inspired you to keep going and never give up?
I’mma be honest, I’ve never had a situation teach me that. Life teaches me more to be content with your situation, but not comfortable with it. I come from dirt poor, trailer park, homeless, living in my car, no food in the fridge, no fridge, no lights, no nothing lol.. When I was younger, my mom didn’t want to tell us, we were so poor she couldn’t pay the light bill. She would just turn off the lights before they did, she’ll go light ALL the candles & say let’s play a game. And we’ll play hide & seek all night, she’ll read to us & then tell us how she always wanted us to strive for more. Be more educated, be more successful, you know? So we don’t be in the same position she was in at the age she was at. And those were the happiest times of our life.. It taught to be happy at your worst, because it could only get better. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life.

6. What wisdom can you give anyone with a dream?

If you have one, go for it! Don’t let anyone talk you out of it, because only you will reap the benefits or consequences of it. - The Hive Society (9thSage)


The Life As Shay Report:

Today’s Shay Pick of the day is “Other Side” by Genesis Iver. I woke up to this one in my inbox and after the 3rd bar I knew it was gonna have to be a “Shay Pick.” The song has a eerie slow chop sound as Genesis Iver aggressively delivers lyrics on his come-up and making it to the other side.

Genesis Iver is a 21-year-old H-Town native that has been at it since the age of 11. Growing up in a single parent home, of a hard working mother, left Genesis Iver at a cross between the negative and positive influences of his surroundings, that along with the passing of a close family member drove him to pick up the pen. On a mission to create good music and bring unity to the Houston music scene, Genesis started a music group, of equally talented artists, by the name of KINFOLK. His mixtape,”Book of Genesis” is coming soon, featuring today’s Shay Pick, “Other Side.” - Life As Shay

"Genesis Iver - Sade"

Genesis Iver 22yr old artist from Houston, Tx. Just released his first single single since his album, Book Of Genesis, entitled “Sadé“. A sweet serenade with smooth production from @1caseycassh of the Winners Music & Media production team. - SayCheeseTV (OGCoral)

"VIBES: Stream Genesis Iver New Album “The Book Of Genesis”"

Genesis Iver is a creative artist out of the H town aka Houston, Tx. Ive style is a part of the wave of of young artist singing/rapping making moves in the game. His style is reminiscent of young guys like Post Malone and Travis Scott who both make music that you can turn up while having a dramatic cadence in their voices. Genesis project The Book Of Genesis has some amazing tracks, some of our favorites are Preacher’s Daughter and I’ll be there. Genesis is just started with his brand of music so follow his journey as grows and maximizes his talent. - FRESHMIN

"Genesis Iver – “Almighty” [@genesisiver @officialx]"

There’s a way one can fall in love with trap snares and self-confidence. You can listen to Genesis Iver’s “Almighty” to the point where you can pinpoint when a snare is going to hit, when you can tell someone to bow down to your own “Almighty” and more. You can figure out why Genesis Iver is one of the fun new kids in Houston, a bridge between the first book in the Bible and Justin Vernon autotuning his way into Kanye West’s heart circa 2010.

“Almighty” is the second track released from Genesis Iver’s upcoming Book Of Genesis project. You can hear the Official X produced track below. - Day & A Dream (BrandonCaldwell)


Still working on that hot first release.



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