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LMNOP - September 30, 2009

Calculated, schmaltzy, premeditated, predictable, and full of generic hooks. But the surprise is...Light Me Up contains some absolutely killer tunes (!!!). We had to listen to this EP a few times before we realized that these guys are actually doing a satire of hard rock/pop bands. The line in the song "Make Love" first tipped us off: "I wanna make love to you until you don't even matter." Haw haw HAW!!! We love bands with a sense of humor...and these guys most definitely do. The guys in Gene The Werewolf are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We're sure they have their share of detractors because of their intense in-your-face approach. But while other bands are meekly roaming around the planet not doing much of anything...these guys are making a real impression. This isn't a perfect EP as the fourth track is kinda ruined by some rap crapping but...other than than, this little disc ROCKS. Killer upbeat ought-be hits include "Superhero," "Heart Attack," and "I've Got The Love." Super tight musicians presenting super slick songs that could easily sell millions. (Rating: 5 out of 6) - September 30, 2009


In tennis, there’s a place on the court generally referred to as “no man’s land,” which sits between the net and baseline. You don’t want to get caught standing there as you’ll either be unprepared for your opponents shot, or you’ll have a difficult time maintaining ball control and placement. That same kind of concept (perhaps minus ball control) exists in independent music in the situation where a band has achieved a little bit of success but probably not enough to make a stable career out of it. I always wonder what it’s like to be in that slot… the band is probably doing whatever it can to get to the next level, but there’s only room for so many to do that… Is it fun? Probably not. That’s usually the venture point where business and pleasure have a pretty bad failing out.

This brings me to GENE THE WEREWOLF, who feature Jon (”Gene”) Belan of PUNCHLINE, a band that has been through the ups and downs of the music industry, and despite continued musical growth, and an engaging live show, still appears to live on the margins. The word on the ‘WEREWOLF was that it began as a way to bring back the fun in playing music. It does that and more. Light Me Up is a six song EP that is hilarious in execution. I keep looking at the cover art and going through the lyrics and thinking that it is some weird-ass modern twist on George Michaels, but without so much irony that it becomes a joke. GENE THE WEREWOLF is not a joke band… they’re like THE DARKNESS (and the band gives credit to KISS too), with similar musical chops and attention to fantastic, if not intentionally overblown production, courtesy of the fine work of THE STEREO’s Jamie Woolford. There’s humor, outrageousness, and tongue-in-cheek sexuality all over this EP, from the ear-grabbing keyboards (did I just hear some POISON?!?), to Belan’s high-command vocals. I don’t know how a band records this in a studio and does enough takes to get through it without totally cracking up, but Light Me Up is absolutely pro. Put down your Obamacare sign, take a break from debating the finer points of Cap and Trade, and toss on some GENE THE WEREWOLF to loosen up the mood. - September 21, 2009


#8. Gene The Werewolf "Superhero" - This hooting, leisure-suit-sporting, schlock-rocking Pittsburgh Steelers fan, could be his generation's Aldo Nova, if he's man enough to live the fantasy life! - Songs You Have To Hear NOW!


"Light Me Up" - Gene The Werewolf

Released: October 20, 2009
Track Listing:
1. Superhero
2. Heart Attack
3. Light Me Up
4. Come On I Gene (ft. MC LARS)
5. Make Love
6. I've Got The Love



Pittsburgh rockers, Gene the Werewolf started making music together in early 2007. Though the band has only been together for a few years, the five members have collectively played music and toured all over the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Japan for over a decade. Agreeing that they wanted “to play music that was as Ridiculous as it was Awesome,” the guys teamed up and Gene The Werewolf was born.

“The concept of this band is that people can go out to a rock show and have fun like they used to before the scene became all about hot dudes with tight abs and no talent being in the spotlight,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Gene (né Jon Belan from the band Punchline). Drummer Nick Revak and Gene have been playing in bands together for over 15 years and with the addition of guitarist Drew Donegan, keyboardist Aaron Mediate, and bassist Tim Schultz, Gene The Werewolf became complete.

In May of 2008, Gene The Werewolf recorded their first full-length album “Light Me Up” at Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH with producer Jamie Woolford (The Gin Blossoms, Let Go, and The A.K.A.’s). Woolford, who flew out from his home in Tempe, AZ to work with the group in Ohio, also sang for the bands The Stereo (Fueled By Ramen) and Let Go (Militia Group). Gene describes the album as “one half Kiss, one half The Darkness, and one half Foo Fighters.” He adds, “Yes, we know that makes 3 halves. But we don’t care, that’s how we do things around here!”

Gene The Werewolf has been selling out small rooms and packing large venues at their shows for about a year now, creating a huge fan base in and around their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. In 2008, they played at the annual Pittsburgh Homegrown Hoo Ha festival, which brought in over 12,000 in attendance. They have also played in front of massive audiences opening for many celebrated acts including Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult, MxPx, Donnie Iris, The Clarks and more. All of their shows have been met with resounding success with their first performance at Pittsburgh’s Club Café in October of 2007 selling out in 20 minutes. Since then it has been one great show after another.

Gene The Werewolf released their debut album “Light Me Up” on Oct 20th, 2009. To correspond with the release, the band shot a video for their song “Superhero” with Pittsburgh director Thom Glunt (Anti-Flag, Driver Side Impact). Since the release of the bands debut, Gene The Werewolf have been featured in various national and local publications including Spin Magazine, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Tribune Review, and more.

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