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"Genevieve Chadwick Live in Bendigo"

A BLUES and roots performer described as having the talent of John Butler with the soul of Janis Joplin will perform in Bendigo this week.

Genevieve Chadwick was a standout artist at the weekend's Echuca Winter & Blues Festival, an event that has continued to grow in popularity over the years from very humble beginnings.

Now, it’s Bendigo’s time to shine with a visit this Wednesday evening when the incredibly talented Chadwick takes to the stage at The Metro and Pugg Mahones Irish Bar, on the corner of Bull and Hargreaves streets, from 7pm.

Music lovers are encouraged to hear for themselves the raw energy and talent this young woman is capable of.

Having witnessed her powerful presence at Echuca over the weekend, I believe the accolades written about this upcoming artist fall well short. - Bendigo Weekly

"Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival website - artists"

An unquestionable talent who`s star is primed to soar, Genevieve Chadwick is set to astonish all and sundry throughout the inaugural Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival.

With her smoky, vivacious vocals, gutsy stage presence, youthful dynamism, outstanding guitar work and a cache of superlative original material, Genevieve is an extraordinary young performer on the cusp of greatness.

Beginning her music career in 2009, has achieved so much in such a short space of time. She has performed with the likes of Ash Grunwald, Tim Rogers, Diesel and Richard Clapton. She has also performed at the Woodford, Echuca Winter Blues, Sydney Blues, Bondi Sea and Manly Jazz festivals.

Early 2011 saw the release of Genevieve`s debut CD “Riding the Wind, Forgetting Time“ which has earned her astounding reviews and strong sales.

Often likened to the great Janis Joplin due to her impassioned, husky vocal delivery, it would be a huge disservice to saddle Chadwick with such comparisons as this is very much a feisty, talented young lady making her own music on her own terms, and with her own unique voice. - Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival

"Ash Grunwald + The Grains + Genevieve Chadwick review"

"Opening the night was Genevieve Chadwick, who cast a solitary presence amongst a cluttered stage. Armed with only a guitar and stomp box which gave a driving pulse and strong sense of gravitas, Chadwick impressed those who arrived early and decorated the floor before her with a delightful stage persona that made an already brilliant performance all the more special. Sultry vocals that coloured Chadwick’s poignant guitar playing crafted an entertaining set that unfortunately wrapped up all too soon."
- Faster Louder

"CD Review - Riding The Wind Forgetting Time"

Genevieve Chadwick has been paying her dues as a performer for years, and this debut album is the work of a confident artist. It's an appealing package of blues/folk and rock and roll, complete with husky, well-worn vocals and beautiful acoustic guitar work... It's easy to hear why Genevieve has been garnering a strong reputation from her live shows. She's not just another girl with an acoustic guitar. An instrument commonly associated with earnest, strumming balladeers is brought to life in her hands.This album will surely give Genevieve some national and international recognition as an artist with tremendous potential. - Reverb Magazine

"Album Review - Riding the wind forgetting time"

Listening to Genevieve Chadwick’s husky, passionate vocals, I can’t help but suspect that in a few years time she’ll have truly carved out her own little nook in Australian blues, roots and rock and roll. With her rich melodies, gravelly voice and poignant songs of love, loss and freedom, this talented singer and guitarist from the south coast of NSW is starting to catch people’s attention, even being likened to icons like Janis Joplin and Tracy Chapman.

At 27 years old, there is a clear maturity in her songwriting, but it is infused with youthful passion and a sense of romance. Through her fearlessly direct lyrics, she yearns for that pure rush of freedom and feeling alive in the world; of ‘riding the wind, forgetting time.’ Relishing in the highs and lows, she sings about life in a way that feels wise but not jaded, hopeful but not naïve. There is a visceral sense of really living- of throwing herself into all the exhilarations and the heartbreaks with equal intensity.

But along with her hopefulness, there is something almost brooding about her music, giving it a melancholy, happy-sad kind of feeling. Chilled, bluesy, and easy to listen to, it’s the sort of album you’d play while having dinner with your girlfriends, or going for a long walk alone on a cloudy day. I have this romantic idea of walking along a windy beach somewhere, hearing the first few chords and the opening line, ‘This feels amazing, the wind in my face, not knowing where I’m going…’ playing in my headphones. That probably would feel amazing.

Australian music seems to have been missing a really gutsy, impassioned female vocalist for a while. But the raw sincerity of Chadwick’s music- filled with aphorisms like ‘following your heart will make you sane’ that feel genuine rather than trite- makes me think it’s not inconceivable that she might just be the one to lead the next generation of Chrissy Amphletts and Deborah Conways.
- Lipmag

"Front Left Speaker - Interview with Genevieve Chadwick"

A guy walks into a bar…. hears a girl with a voice like a motorbike, and a fire in her belly… sits, gobsmacked in amazement… and shakes his head- Who is this girl, and why isn’t she on my ipod? Her name is Genevieve Chadwick, the bar is the Beach Road Hotel, and the guy is some random that came and stood next to me when I watched her play at the Lovejam festival. Genevieve is one of those people that you can’t tear your eyes off once she starts playing. She has a real smokehouse kinda voice, and sings with so much emotion and strength that you feel like her songs are being played in your ribcage. This month, Genevieve launches her debut album; Riding the Wind Forgetting Time, and starts the official launch tour with a heap of gigs you can go watch. If there is one musician you see play live this month, make sure you see Genevieve Chadwick- she was one of the major highlights that night, and I still find myself having conversations with strangers about “the awesome curly haired blonde chick with a rough as guts voice”...

*Where do you live?
My car, South Coast NSW or with my partner in Sydney?!

*Besides music, do you have another occupation?

*How did you get into music?
I was a bloody hyperactive child that always needed something to do and finally I found the guitar, which developed into a hobby and a passion. It naturally progressed into my career.

*What style do you classify yourself as?
Blues roots rock (that sounds like blues is having sex with rock)

*How many times do you play a week?
On average... fuck, well last year I played 80 gigs in 52 weeks which averages around a couple a week. At times it can be more and sometimes I’ve played 2 or 3 gigs in a day.

*How long did it take to make the album?
10 months, this little baby was overdue for sure!

*Is there an assortment of songs you’ve written throughout your career on the album, or did you write the songs specifically for it?
It’s a collection of where I’ve been in the last three or four years. There are more recent songs on it which are closer to what i’m doing now like “You Don’t Know”, “Tell Me Lies”, “One Time Thing” and “Ease Up”.

*How do you go about writing your songs (inspiration, music or lyrics first etc)?
Sometimes I write something cool on guitar and then start writing a song, or I find a great piece of music I’ve written and try to write words for it. It is easier when I have a melody and idea in my head and then try and transcribe it... Mostly I’m inspired to write the song.

*What are the most important things you’ve learnt on your musician journey?
I understand the term “That’s Show Bizz babe”, and that it’s better to be free than chained. Oh AND all you need is a smile!

*Best thing about your job?
I don’t have a job, I have a lifestyle and its fucking great. If you were to call it a job, the best bit would be that I get to be myself. The more “me” I am the better, and that’s appreciated.

*What is on the Genevieve Chadwick to-do-list for the year?
I wanna go overseas and play music anywhere and everywhere.

*Best thing about living/playing in Bondi?
Bondi is the land of the “beautiful people”, but it’s coastal and I’m familiar with that. I like the vibe and I like the “live” music scene here.

*Any last words of wisdom?
Be brave, be strong, be free.

Genevieve is hitting the road. Check out the dates for her upcoming gigs and get your asses down to see her… cause fuck, she’ll blow you away!
- IonBondi

"Genevieve Chadwick - Phoenix Live Review 17/2/11"

"With a huge personality, Genevieve Chadwick had an exciting energy about her which channelled into her music and made for an unforgettable hour of entertainment. It was obvious by the way the audience interacted with her that a good portion of people had come along just to see her. After a short time Chadwick pulled buddy Kiki Cherie up to the stage and the two sung a cover of 4 Non Blonde’s What’s Up? With the crowd singing along Cherie worked the room sitting on the laps of a few young lads and ladies. Chadwick had the audience in the palm of her hand with the entire pub moving along to her wild tunes. You wouldn’t know it by listening but during the final song her guitar string broke, a great save, she just kept on playing ending her set with “My name’s Genevieve and I have a five string guitar.”

The time was approaching 11pm and there was a changeover in audience as well as bands. Those who’d come to see Hartnett and Chadwick were on their way out passing the younger uni crowd who were on their way in." - Faster Louder

"Genevieve Chadwick"

A songwriter for 10 years, Genevieve mixes folk with soft rock and heartfelt lyrics, reflecting her life experience.

She has a wide appreciation for music of various styles. Her influences range from artists like Tracey Chapman to legends such as Van Morrison and Janis Joplin which gives her compositions an eclectic style allowing her to glide between genres. Genevieve has been playing in bands from the age of 14, from metal bands to acoustic duo’s, rhythm and blues to rock n roll and has now ventured out as a solo artist. Genevieve has had the opportunity of performing with members of the B.B. King orchestra and supporting the likes of Little Birdy, The Screaming Jets, Diesel, Borne and Shihad to name a few.

Genevieve combines her youthful enthusiasm with musical ability and lyrical insight beyond her years to capture the attention of any audience.

"Genevieve is probably the best solo performer we have seen live - mesmorising" - Robyn & Steve Elliot

(Click link for complete article) - The Fig - Manly

"Other Artists... been and gone that have graced our great towns: Genevieve Chadwick"

"... Genevieve Chadwick gives out a brutal guitar assault matched only by he gravely, raunchy, wailing vocals. Her music is intense and beautiful, written with soul and blended in a singer songwriter fashion. Genevieve Chadwick will fill the room with her exceptional voice, and will leave you in awe of her vigorous guitar technique. Genevieve has been compared with Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge and Tracy Chapman. She is full of soul, passion and Rock 'n' Roll!!"

(Click link for complete article) - Jam Music Magazine - Mid-North Coast

"Blues News and Views 5 - Genevieve Chadwick"

"I don't know how it is for anyone else, but when I hear someone who really grabs my attention and excites me musically, I feel like my insides are being turned inside out. This was the effect Genevieve's performance had on me - and it appeared that everyone else there was similarly affected.

Genevieve's vocal performance alone smacks you right between the eyes, drips with emotion one moment like a shared secret and the next minute roaring out angrily or with expressive joyful shouting. Not only were we mesmerised by her vocal delivery, but also by her very accomplished guitar playing - soft and lyrical, then hard and driving.

If you get the chance to see Genevieve Chadwick play live - make the effort and go. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

I would wish you luck in the future Genevieve - but you don't need it - you're gonna be huge!!!!"

(Click link for complete article) - The Groove, Blues Association South East Queensland

"Genevieve Chadwick"

"Genevieve Chadwick has that thing, I don't know what it is or how she got it, but I can tell you what it does. The sheer raw power and passion of Genevieve's live performance commands the undivided attention of all within, often drawing in passerby from the street to see just who this mop-haired, gutsy and incredibly energetic woman is. Whether performing solo or with her band The Gypsy Jews, she can silence an entire room, only to have it roar with appreciation at the end of each song. She's the talent of John Butler, with the soul of Janis Joplin. A force truly to be reckoned with."
(Click link for complete article) - LOTL Magazine


Riding The Wind Forgettting Time (Album 2011)



At the pre-teen age of 12, a young hyperactive blonde-locked girl was always complaining about being bored. So her father gave her his guitar and this gesture was to change everything.

Now South Coast blues/rock/roots sensation "Genevieve Chadwick" has a strong fan base comparing her with icons like Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman and Joan Armatrading. Others believe that if John Butler were a woman his name would be Genevieve Chadwick.

In 2011 Genevieve toured the east coast of Australia extensively. Armed with guitar, stomp box and sultry to soaring, smokehouse vocals, she has earned supports with leading Australia's musicians including Tim Rogers, Diesel and Ash Grunwald. Her passionate performances are winning over audiences and reviewers alike:

“She’s the talent of John Butler, with the soul of Janis Joplin. A force truly to be reckoned with.” – LOTL, Sept 2010

“Raw energy in bucket loads, fuelled by the passion for the music.” – Lottie Norman, Channel V Reviewer Feb 2011

Genevieve has become a festival favourite with invitations to play at Woodford Folk Festival, Sydney Blues Festival, Echuca Moama Winter Blues Festival, Bendigo Blues Festival in 2011. For 2012 the dates are rolling out for more Festivals including Broadbeach Blues, Bruthen Blues and Blue Mountains Folk Festival.

She has performed at premier venues including The Sydney Opera House, where she received a standing ovation earlier this year.

Her debut album Riding the Wind Forgetting Time was recorded with some of Australia’s great session musicians including Mark Kennedy, Matt Hanley and award winning producer, Parris Macloud. All reviews have been stunning.

Genevieve Chadwick has the rare ability to captivate all in her presence with cleverly written songs, catchy melodies and contagious charisma. She stands out from the crowd and brings an energetic spark to the Australian music scene.