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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2003
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Genevieve Makes the Rankings with Billboard"

Genevieve is adding another notch to her cap - recognition from Billboard Magazine for her songwriting on My Albatross and This Little Thing. Both songs received honorable mentions in the 2005 Billboard Songwriting Awards, and are tracks from her debut album, "this little thing called life." - Late Shift Publishing

"Genevieve recently honored as top vocalist"

Genevieve was chosen as one of the top vocalists for the September SingerUniverse Best Vocalist competition for her performance of "This Little Thing." -

"Genevieve Debuts At Dodgers Stadium"

Kicking off her 2006 Summer Tour of the Stands, Genevieve made her debut at Dodgers Stadium on May 5, performing the national anthem for several thousand screaming Dodgers fans. Next, she takes on the Diamondbacks, and will follow it up with a show at The Paisley Violin in Phoenix. - Late Shift Publishing

"Genevieve- This Little Thing Called Life CD Review"

Here’s a serene album by a woman with an amazingly beautiful voice...Using simplistic musical arrangements let her voice simply shine and be the focal point. A brilliant example of what I’m talking about is her song “My Albatross” which has a lofty musical sound and whimsical lyrics. Some interesting percussion on “Don’t Let It Go” will grab your attention. Piano opens up the acoustic guitar driven, lyrically picturesque “I Left The Light On”. This young woman brings a lot to the table and has a wide variety of stories to share with this album. A very nice, easy listening album many people will very much enjoy.

Review by-Geoff Dellinger
- Entertainment World

"Genevieve "this little thing called life" CD Review"

I’ll tell what can’t ever be called a “little thing”—Genevieve’s voice. While she may be singing softly, it’s as powerful as an earthquake and indeed will leave you shaking in your boots. Her voice is the cornerstone from which she builds off tremendous songwriting. The sound is a bit of contemporary pop mixed in with roots folk and piano ballads. Most singer/songwriters wish they had half this much talent. If she’s not signed to a major label deal with this demo, then I give up on the mainstream industry.

- J-Sin -

"Sold Out at the Birchmere"

After several years of plugging away at coffeeshops, bars and living rooms nationwide, Genevieve got quite a boost when she performed to a sold-out show at the Birchmere, in Alexandria, VA, opening for the inimitable Michael Franks. She followed up this performance with her first at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Genevieve also recently received honors as a finalist for the Wildflower Songwriting Competition in May. She was one of ten finalists out of several hundred submissions. - Late Shift Music

"GoGirls CD Review of "this little thing called life""

I was immediately enamored by the beautiful tone of Genevieve’s vocals which were expressed clearly and maintained a delicate and melodically passionate expression throughout the project. This entire CD is a fine example of what happens when music knows its place mixed with some extraordinary pipes. Great music! A wonderful mood was captured in listening. Recommended highly, for anyone that enjoys reflective, classy and timeless music.
- Go Girls Music, reviewed by Annette Warner

"VH-1 Save the Music Awards Genevieve's Songwriting With Honorable Mention"

Genevieve recently received an honorable mention from VH-1's Song of the Year songwriting contest for her songwriting on Don't Let It Go, Slippin Away, and This Little Thing. These three songs debuted on her album, "this little thing called life." The individual songs can be downloaded through iTunes, or you can purchase the full CD on the web at, CD Baby, and Genevieve's website, - VH-1

"CD Review by Collected Sounds"

It seems I've gotten a lot of CDs lately that are AAA and like I said in a previous review, because the market for this style is so saturated, you have to have something to offer that makes you different from the rest.
I think Genevieve has this. Though I can't really put my finger on what exactly "it" is. But she does not sound like anyone else that I can think of. The style is similar to other artists, but her voice is pretty unique…and pretty, well, pretty.

"Lead me Home" is quite catchy and has a tiny touch of a Celtic feel in the chorus which is appealing to me. Very lovely. "My Albatross" showcases of the strength in her vocals.

On "So Good For Me" Genevieve really lets her hair down and shows her sexy sultry side.

Anyway, yes, Genevieve wrote all these songs, plays piano on them too, and is talented at both of these things. But her strongest talent is that her voice is really strong and beautiful. If you like music that focuses on the singer and lyrics check this out.
Stand out songs: "Lead me Home", "When You Were Mine"
- Collected Sounds, review by Amy Lotsberg

"This Little Thing is No Little Thing"

When you start a CD with a mellow song you need something extra to grasp the listener, and L.A.’s Genevieve has that. Her sweetly intense voice ensnares you and leads you into her world of piano kissed melodies and lyrics emanating from life experiences. From the tortured pain of “Albatross” to the provocative boogie of “So Good For Me”, Genevieve bares her soul in amazing fashion. - Music Morsels



the sum of all things

back to LA

this little thing called life

gladiator girl



Back of My Hand

Save Myself

*Talk to Me and I'm Going Down featured on The Fosters and The Glades

*Baby You Can Cry picked up by 100 radio stations nationwide
Songs in rotation on stations including Variety96, Acoustic Fuel Radio, Local MusiCafe, She Grooves Radio, 88.9FM, and On the Horizon radio



Balancing sweet and sexy, smart and sassy, Genevieve is an all-round entertainer, a charismatic and unique talent who has been wowing audiences as a singer/songwriter since taking the stage at 6 years old. 

While she could be considered adult-contemporary due to the depth and sentiment of her lyrics, she spans multiple genres, with elements from folk traditions to blues and jazz nuance to pop hooks. With a voice blessed with impressive dynamics and range, she shifts seamlessly between sultry, Scotch-soaked chanteuse to Disney princess. As a result, her music and voice have found homes in everything from tv/film and commercials to video games and educational programs.

Her Story

The youngest of five kids, you spend your early childhood watching, listening, and learning. You learn that yelling doesn’t always get you heard, and often the softest whisper works best. You learn that a tough skin and a strong belief in yourself is mandatory in dealing with the fact that even though you might be right, people won’t always listen to you. Except when you sit down behind the piano. You incorporate that into your performing toolkit.

Growing up at the Jersey shore, you believe that Springsteen is king and Bon Jovi is his court. It’s the eighties, so New Order, Pat Benatar, the Beastie Boys, and Duran Duran are all part of the kingdom. You believe in fairy tales because that’s what Uncle Walt teaches, and Jem because she’s truly outrageous and because you secretly want to be a rockstar, but your family won't let you run off alone to NYC anytime soon. You also can’t find any recruits to run away with you.
You hit high school when the bubble-gum pop of a few years ago doesn’t fit the tragedy and turmoil in your life and so is replaced by Nirvana, Alice in Chains, the Smiths, and the Indigo Girls (because you need someone who sounds a little like you). And you secretly listen to Whitney because, like you, she belts. You’re smart, athletic, artistic, and good-looking …  attributes that become your curse. Your best friend is your piano.
You escape to college. Although you’ve been on stage since the age of four, your dream of being an entertainer has been beaten out of you by lack of self-esteem and pressure to “get a real job.” Despite that, you become a marquee singer in an a cappella group and perform at the Kennedy Center and the White House.

After college, you use your writing skills to land a job in advertising – and last six months. You return to music, where you’re getting a lot of good gigs that don’t pay. You enroll in Juilliard, only to run out of money and once more find yourself back in an office, this time in public relations. Another bad fit. You pack up your life and head to LA, where you know no one.
You land gigs and write, pounding away on the Casio keyboard you’ve had since 11, and finally getting into the songwriting groove. In six months, you have about thirty songs. The one thing they have in common (besides you writing them) is that they are all mini-movies about people trying to survive this little thing called life. Which becomes the title of your first CD. 
You book tours, sing the National Anthem at lots of MLB games, win some awards, record your second CD, head out on tour again (playing over 200 dates a year), and then burn out. You pack up your life and move to the bush in South Africa to work in conservation, using your writing, photography, and music to promote causes and raise money for NGOs while managing to not get eaten by anything (though you do get bitten by a cheetah). You perform to audiences that include endangered wildlife. But you want your message to reach a broader - and human - audience.

You maintain a tether to the musical world through a Cape Town friend (where you do session work the rare times you are in town) but still feel a musical void. Musical opportunities are rare, though you do get the opportunity to sing a Zulu lullaby for a Pampers commercial, so that's something.

Most days, though, your audience is meerkats, lions, and rhinos. On one reserve, you teach music classes to children of the staff. Few speak English, making it more challenging than not getting eaten by a lion. It's all a good story, but the musical beast is starving, which means stepping out of the wilds of Africa and back into, well, the wilds of music. You return to US soil and hit the ground running, this time also incorporating your photography into your shows.