Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron


Genghis Tron is a bastard of a band. Their astounding ability to seamlessly mesh electro-pop, grind, and any style in between has left them without a genre they can call their own.


Cloak Of Love is the debut EP from Poughkeepsie based trio GENGHIS TRON, a virulant pop mutation that seamlessly binds acrobatic shred and machine gun blastbeats to soaring synth pop and electronic melodies. These three college students stupefied Crucial Blast with their brutally absurd demo; the obligation to spread this extreme pop amalgam was immediate. With surreal lyrical visions that fall somewhere between the abstraction of modern metalcore and the sugary anthems of electropop, and a ridiculous fusion of formerly disparate genre stylings, these 5 songs are infectious sonic beatings that we've been unable to crowbar out of our collective craniums. Imagine Painkiller hijacking Erasure's dance synth hits...or Brutal Truth and Afrikka Bambaata in a vicious nightclub brawl with Depeche Mode. Or something along those lines.


Cloak of Love - 2005

Set List

Rock Candy
Laser Bitch
Sing Disorder
Lake of Virgins
Ride the Steambolt