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If you need a good example of Canadian multiculturalism at work, just check out the debut CD 21 Days by Brampton artist, Geniro.

This genteel 26-year-old was raised to the age of five in his native Iraq. From there he grew up in the relatively sleepy suburb of Rexdale.

The result is an exotic, radio-ready sound merging North American pop with the Middle Eastern beats of his roots.

While at times a bit saccharine, it carries all kinds of radio potential on pop tracks like 21 Days and Runaway and the dance-oriented Long Time-- prompting one reviewer to liken him to 1970s CanRock star Gino Vanelli.

The disc was released Aug. 2 (, and has already found distribution in the U.S. and Australia (mostly through online channels). He's now looking for exposure, radio play and a tour.

"I'm hoping," he laughs. "I'm confident in my material definitely, but you know.... Not being signed to a major makes it difficult to get on the radio."

Evidence of his talent is the session players heard on this self-produced CD. That includes Nelly Furtado's guitar player Yurko Mychaluk, drummer Randy Cooke (Sass Jordan, Kim Mitchell) and bassist Rob Laidlaw (Honeymoon Suite).

But Geniro's family also figured prominently on it. The youngest of 10 kids, he was tagging along at his brothers' rehearsals by the age of five and fronting bands by the time he was 10 within his native community (at weddings, private parties, etc.), while also learning keyboards and drums.

"I just grew up in music," he says.

His brother/guitarist Ninos is all over the CD, while brother Robert gave up his own music to manage Geniro (who moved to Brampton in 2003). His stage name is a combination of their three names.

Geniro acknowledges his brand of pop is more romantic and commercial than your average Canadian indie act. He stresses that he grew up performing stuff like Stevie Wonder, Santana, Phil Collins and Lionel Ritchie at Iraqi/Canadian functions.

"Most people think popular (music) is really corny," he comments. "But it's very tough writing a good pop song. Take the Beach Boys, for example."
- The Guirdian

Atlantic Seabreeze rates this album very high on its rating list and predicts Geniro maybe another GINO VANNELLI in the making. He sings with so much passion that he gives the listener shivers down the spine. The music is superb on the album and performed by a variety of musicians including Geniro on the keyboards....Geniro is an artist with an abundance of talent and musical diversity and will raise eyebrows in the music industry.

- Atlantic Seabreeze


The Debute Album 21 Days is available for download and streaming on most of the popular digital stores. check out for availability.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born into a musical family - the youngest child of ten - Geniro's interest and passion for music materialized early on in his childhood. At the age of five, tagging along to his older brother's band rehearsals, he would find himself performing in front of his very first audience. By 10, he would develop into a child prodigy.

Now, at 25, Geniro sets his career on course with the release of his debut album, 21 Days .

Recorded in Toronto, the album introduces 10 musically striking original songs. Led by the first single and title track “21 Days” , the album muses on life and love, charging with raw emotion and a fervent vocal style. Instantly memorable choruses are fundamental to the mix as the album continues with the flirtatious beats of “Unbelievable Lady” , to the Mediterranean flavor gem “Lonely” , to the disco-tinged closer, “1 Night Stand” . A dynamic first effort, 21 Days reveals an artist with an abundance of talent and musical diversity.

A skilled performer, Geniro is no stranger to the stage. As a child, he played the drums in his brothers' bands performing in many diverse settings, which included local nightclubs, in Toronto and as far as Sweden. But the drums were just the beginning. By 16, Geniro had turned his attention to the piano and began composing his own music. Able to experiment with his own sounds and grooves, he began to truly develop his craft and delve into the world of songwriting.

“When I write about something I've experienced in my life, the lyrics come out so much easier. The song practically writes itself,” remarks Geniro. “That also reflects on the performance aspect of the song. I'd rather be singing about something that has a meaning in my life because it makes my music more passionate and intense.”

On 21 Days , Geniro's role moves beyond singer and songwriter to include producer. With the exception of four songs - “21 Days” , “Longtime” , “Runaway” and lonely ” - that see Geniro teaming up with Yurko Mychaluk and George Vacval, the rest of the album was entirely self-recorded and self-produced.

“I wanted my first album to sound absolutely different, like nothing else out there right now. People are exposed to so much music these days and influenced by so many styles, that they don't want to buy an album that sounds the same on all 10 or 12 tracks. They want something that's diverse. So that was my goal – to produce an album that didn't sound the same throughout, that had some variety but still had the Geniro stamp on each song. I don't think I could have accomplished that on this album if I had worked with only one producer that specialized in a certain style.”

By merging his personal style with modern rhythms of today, Geniro creates a pop sound uniquely his own. Blessed with a sincerity and integrity instilled in him from a very early age, Geniro is poised to place his mark on the nation's musical landscape.