Genital Hospital

Genital Hospital


Genital Hospital are a vicious band from Montreal, specializing in house-wrecking, breakneck garage rock. Combining the energy of hardcore with the tunefulness of garage, this is something to throw on when you’re already drunk and getting drunker.


Yeah, another Montreal band... But this one's different, mixing country-fried 60's psych with 70's punk, and throwing a few curveballs such as the harmonica, à la FU2. Featuring members of Demon's Claws, Scat Rag Boosters and Smash Up Derby, the boys have been together for a couple years, recently toured Europe and put out their first LP on Germany's P-TRASH RECORDS. They've shared the stage with The Spits, Timmy's Organism, OBN III's, Black Jaspers and The Action to name a few.
2013 will see them record a new album and tour Canada & USA in the fall.


Eyes Full of Terror LP - P Trash Records (Germany)

Set List

Usually made up 10 minutes before the show