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"Genital Bliss"

"Genital Hospital are a vicious band from Montreal, specializing in house-wrecking, breakneck garage rock. Combining the energy of hardcore with the tunefulness of garage, this is something to throw on when you’re already drunk and getting drunker. The first track, the leadoff on the LP, “When The Cops Come In” lays the GH blueprint out immediately, stomping drums, gang vocals, and balls-to-the-wall intensity - like a slightly less scuzzy REATARDS. The track features some seriously badass harmonica, and beautifully serves as an example of the best kind of punk: simple, fast, and rocking. “They Were Lies” follows much the same formula, ratcheting up the energy level by adding some more amazing guitar work, and call-and-response vocals reminiscent of “Rise Above.” I’m reminded of the BASEBALL FURIES classic “Chinese White.” I should note that the production on these tracks is pretty fantastic - drums are crisp, guitars are razor sharp, and the vocals are even semi-intelligible! They cut a nice middle ground between total lo-fi muck and excessive studio polish. That being said, though, “Suzie’s Rubies” is my favorite, perhaps because the band dirties it up. Here, the production is fuzzier, dirtier, and way trashier - fucking wonderful." --

- Waxtrash

"Eyes Full of Terror LP"

"New band from Quebec featuring members from the DEMON'S CLAWS, PRIMITIVE HANDS, SCAT RAG and ROYAL ROUTES. Coming out of the same garage scene as Mark Sultan, Genital Hospital straddles the line between Stones-ish country blues rock and pogo-beat punk rock. Straddles, though, may not be the right word. What they do is muddle up the ground between the two. Their 12/8 blues vamps have the hard-scrubbed aggression of punk rock. Hell you might think that the guitarist will surely break a string on almost every tune as he bangs out every note with accute artistic precision. Great LP here from this new Canadian band." -- Deadbeat Records - Deadbeat Records

"** OUT NOW ** Eyes Full of Terror"

"Drum roll and curtains up for another great band from Montreal that is made up of the psyched out minds that brought you DEMON'S CLAWS, PRIMITIVE HANDS, SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ROYAL ROUTES, SMASH UP DERBY, B-SIDES, THE CONFUSERS and who the hell knows how many more bands and project they have born and buried in the time I'm writing this .How is that possible that there is not a single lame project of anybody ever played in that band…?
GENITAL HOSPITAL just put out one great LP, that makes sense as an LP because it is good from beginning to end. Every one of the short 12 songs is a hit! No weak parts or psychedelic feedback indulgence here. This one goes all the way up-tempo and will soon be mentioned with the twisted Garage-Punk of the BLACK LIPS and the DEMON'S CLAWS minus the weirdness. Just one great piece of music in a relaxed rocking and swinging onward drive.
The guitars are just trashy enough without being overloaded on distortion, pumping an ongoing beat that made me swing my hand in playing along (just because I’m such a great air guitar player…other people might like to swing their hips and dance or something).
The whole thing’s got this fresh and dirty sound, that made me think of Belgian KIDS or very early the DAMNED (New Rose, Neat Neat Neat) or that thing the CARBONAS hit on their beloved Goner Album. It’s not so much a swamp Blues or weird Country thing but rather real Punk. Also think of The ORIGINAL THREE and the SINKS in their best moments. So this is one quick and lively LP (one of the very best this year to me!) you can easily listen to and enjoy the non-spooky 12 songs. A bit of a harmonica here and there where it fits setting little highlights to the perfect minimalistic recording, done by SCAT RAG BOOSTERS' Martin Dupras, who happens to be a part of this band, too.
GENITAL HOSPITAL will climb rapidly to the psych-country-garage-punk throne next to The BLACK LIPS and DEMON'S CLAWS!" P Trash Records - P-Trash Records


Eyes Full of Terror LP - P Trash Records (Germany)



Yeah, another Montreal band... But this one's different, mixing country-fried 60's psych with 70's punk, and throwing a few curveballs such as the harmonica, à la FU2. Featuring members of Demon's Claws, Scat Rag Boosters and Smash Up Derby, the boys have been together for a couple years, recently toured Europe and put out their first LP on Germany's P-TRASH RECORDS. They've shared the stage with The Spits, Timmy's Organism, OBN III's, Black Jaspers and The Action to name a few.
2013 will see them record a new album and tour Canada & USA in the fall.