Columbus, Ohio, USA
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I am a man of many styles and genres. Choose one!!!


Shamar E. Williams known for his stage name Geniuss was born 12/09/1990. He is a local artist in Columbus Ohio. Geniuss began Christan rapping at the age of 9 at Jesus peoples church. After He switched his style to hip-hop rap his sister died at the age of 14 which made him go hard in the paint with the rap game. He has did shows with Gabriele from B.E.T.'s Fatty Koo.

He also competed in the 106 in park contest in columbus Ohio Convention center. Geniuss first album was "READY 2 BLOW" in 2005. His second album "Money On the way" was promoted in 2007. The next album "Swag It Out" was released in 2010, "A Man With A Plan" in 2011 and "My World Your World" in late 2012. He has recently just released his first EP "Child Hood Dreams" on November 10, 2013.


Get Money University: MP3 Standard Album UPC: 889211267651

Stattick: MP3 Standard Single UPC: 889211767212
Play Yo Role: MP3 Standard Single UPC: 191061187066
In a City of Hate: MP3 Standard Album UPC: 651137722466

Set List

1. Brightest Star Featuring Jimmy Everitt 
2. Play Yo Role 
3. Weighting In The Dope