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West Hurley, New York, United States

West Hurley, New York, United States
Band Rock Jazz


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"Chronogram Review"

Mary Kate Burnell

Local singer-songwriter Gennarose follows in the footsteps of such artists as Rickie Lee Jones and Laura Nyro on her latest release, Spirit. Stylistically, she recalls the Norah Jones brand of smooth, smoky vocals on comfortable, laid-back songs, creating a sound that is extremely listenable and relaxing. All the tracks save one—a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"—are originals in which she shows great versatility as a songwriter. She tends to favor a slow rock beat, making generous use of a jazzy instrumental vibe that lends a coolness to the music. The disc also displays her talent for lyrics, even including two versions of the same song—one in English ("Who Could Ask for More") and one in Spanish ("Quien Queria Mas"). Her arrangement of "Hallelujah" seems to borrow from Jeff Buckley's version of the song, though her light piano replaces Buckley's guitar. Her relaxed, soulful vocal work fares well on this track, just as it does with all the others. Perhaps uncharacteristically, Gennarose also performs with Warwick's Grammy-winning polka king, Jimmy Sturr. On this pop-jazz gem she never fails to sound sincere, and this attribute alone should contribute to her success.
- The Chronogram

"Jazziz Review"

JAZZIZ, June 2006

New York City-based vocalist Gennarose leads a dual musical life. As part of the orchestra lead by 15-time-Grammy-winning polka band leader Jimmy Sturr, she tours internationally, and even sings the Elvis Prestley hit “Love Me Tender” on Sturr’s latest Rounder CD, Shake, Rattle and Polka. On her own solo debut CD, Spirit (KG Productions), Gennarose features Sturr bandmates such as keyboardist Keith Slattery (also her husband) and accordionist Al Piatkowski along with ace Big Apple bassist Fima Ephron. And her eleven original compositions and a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” are a U-turn away from polkas toward a pop-jazz hybrid akin to Norah Jones.
- Jazziz Magazine

"Jay Blotcher Review"

On her debut DC "Spirit", Gennarose lays bare a multitude of musical
personae -- and all of them are equally captivating. Whether jazzy
chick or folk-rock seer, whether musical mystic or piano lady,
Gennarose applies her soulful voice to a variety of musical genres
with ease. She focuses on the feeling within each song, not cold,
sonic perfection. It takes guts to tackle Leonard Cohen's
"Hallelujah" which opens the CD; after all, it's already been aced by
Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. But Gennarose brings her own
personal ache to the classic. She composed the other 11 cuts on
"Spirit" and they veer in tone from ballads to soft rockers. I'm
hearing loving homages to Laura Nyro and Rickie Lee Jones, fragile
women with hidden backbones of steel. Gennarose's phrasings are warm
and incisive, the instrumentation effectively pared back, while the
production values remain crisp. A singer-songwriter worth watching.

Jay Blotcher

Blotcher has been writing about music since 1986. He currently
covers music for Chronogram and Almanac, two publications based in
the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. View his musical interviews
and reviews at
- Jay Blotcher


Gennarose - Spirit - KG Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Unique musical talent oftentimes has deep roots early in life. Such is the case with Gennarose. Before the age of five, it was obvious that this young girl was going to be a major talent; reading fluently long before Kindergarten; drawing dimensional portraits of horses at age 3; effortlessly creating multiple musical harmonies “on the fly” in early grade school. It was, in fact, something of an open bet as to exactly which creative talent: music, writing or art would finally come to the fore.

It was at a minor junior high school function, at age 12, when it became clear just where Gennarose’s most powerful talents lay. The song was “On My Own” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. There she was in some non-descript schoolroom, just a boombox, Gennarose looking rather small and shy on this makeshift stage, and perhaps half a roomful of people milling around on their way from one meeting to another.

From the moment she began to sing, all the milling people suddenly stopped to hear this girl’s voice, like some siren song freezing them in their tracks, making comments like “Oh my god…” and “Listen to her…”. Her voice soared to incredible heights and clarity and most startling of all for a girl of 12, she sang with this enormous wrenching emotion. She had become the song, and everyone around her became as totally caught up in it’s joy as she was.
This was her true gift, and her destiny; to take a song and emote so powerfully that no one could ignore the message, or the messenger. After the loud applause had died down, her father spurted, “You – have – got – it.” And she has never stopped “having it”.

Gennarose then began her odyssey to singer/songwriter in earnest. She honed her skills playing Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and Lola in “Damn Yankees” plus the role of Judy Monroe in a professional performance of “A Chorus Line”. She was the perennial pick to sing the national anthem at local sporting events, along with countless solos in school performances and travel groups. Her biggest event was a July 4th concert at Ramapo College in New Jersey with a full orchestra in front of over 6,000 people. It was a huge standing ovation.

She also earned the Most Outstanding Player Award at Berklee’s Annual High School Competition at Hynes Convention Center. And all this occurred before the age of 17. All the while, she never stopped writing original material.

Then came 1996, and an invitation to appear at Amateur Night at “Showtime at the Apollo” in New York City. She chose as her song, of all things, “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston-style. Having watched several contestants get totally booted off the stage before her turn arrived, she firmly walked out and began singing, quietly and calmly. Things got tense, as the audience started to hoot and howl at this young white girl daring to put her performance up against a bona fide diva like Houston.

The noise level in the theatre swelled to a crescendo of boo’s and cat calls, until Gennarose reached the chorus, “And I-I-I… will always love you…,” which she belted out with such fury and passion that the entire theatre simply silenced it’s heckling and began to listen, in amazement, at what this girl was capable of. Placing amongst the top three that night, she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that her gift was real and that even a skeptical audience would rise and applaud in true appreciation.

Afterwards, the master of ceremonies, Steve Harvey, laughingly admonished the audience, “Now I told you she had something going on… you shoulda listened to me.”

She continued to diversify as lead singer of a local touring band, Livewire, with many performances in Nyack, NY and surrounding areas, including her original material. She also ventured out on solo gigs at the Dogwood Café in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

After a stint as a teacher for challenged children in Massachusetts (where she became the youngest ever head of the English department, at age 23), she decided to move to the Big Apple to pursue her music to the fullest. There she met producer/engineer Keith Slattery in 2003. They began to collaborate on her first CD compilation and production, “Spirit”: a twelve-track jazz/r&b album that includes eleven of her original songs.

While working on “Spirit”, Gennarose also became a member of the 14-Grammy Award winning Jimmy Sturr Orchestra. She has had hundreds of performances with the orchestra, playing such venues as BB Kings in Manhattan, Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun, Farm Aid with Willie Nelson , The Stardust in Las Vegas and Musikantenstadl (live TV show broadcast to 25+ million in Europe). She was also featured in the 14-episode satellite-tv broadcast, “The Jimmy Sturr Show”. You can hear Gennarose on their latest grammy award winning album, “Shake, Rattle and Polka,” singing “Love Me Tender” with Elvis’ original Jordainaires.

“Spirit” is currently finished and being actively marketed. Gennarose plans to showcase the album at va