Geno Gottschall

Geno Gottschall

 Austin, Texas, USA

In nature, Geno is a pure musician. His songs have a refreshing romanticism and a good-natured wit which soothes the sometimes cynical nature of the entertainment world. You feel allowed to cry with him in his pain and to still believe in love.


Geno comes from a family of musicians. Performing since childhood, he has grown up in the Austin music scene and has a broad base of influences from Buddy Holly and the Beatles to Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZTop to U2, Coldplay and the Killers. Geno is a very versatile musician who can play multiple instruments and has a wide vocal range.

Set List

Old school Rock n Roll, Blues, and Ballads with some originals in the same vein:

Set 1

Rock Around the Clock - A

All Shook Up - Bb

Tequila (sort of instrumental) - F

Take That Chance - A

Watcha Thinkin - E

Can’t Help Falling In Love - D

Johnny Be Good - A

Walk, Don’t Run (instrumental) - Am

That’ll Be The Day - A

Rock and Roll Music - A

Set 2

Peter Gunn - E

Blue Suede Shoes - A

Mojo Workin - E

I Know the Answers - C

Sleepwalk (instrumental) - C

Rumble (instrumental) - E

Kansas City - C

I Woke Up Instead - Bb

Love of My LIfe - A