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"Playground Affair"

“Meanwhile, closer to home, the spirit of the late, great Replacements lives on in theDiligents! These Orlando-by-way-of-New Jersey guys have just released their fourth full-length disc, this one full of original songs that would make Paul Westerberg simply pea-green with envy. We won't speculate that if Westerberg had just kept drinking, he might never have had to worry about such a thing, besides, that might imply that theDiligents are a buncha drunks. Which evidently isn't the case, as their live shows at Frank's Front Row and Beaches prove - yours truly has never seen them in any position on stage other than upright. Anyway, Playground Affair is a right tight, snappy little disc, chock full of revved-up-pop-storytelling tunes ("Melissa Mile-High" and "Lake Crystal Drive"), straightforward rockers ("The Blame"), and a splendid cover of the Beatles' "Help." Worthy of more airplay than it's getting now is "Spin The Bottle," with lyrical references that will bring a tear to the eyes of anyone who grew up in the 60s and 70s. Who would’ve thought that a reference to Mr. McFeely could sound so smooth in a rock-n-roll song! Don't miss this one!” - Mel Campbell


"theDiligents call themselves 'an eclectic mix of modern pop/rock' and who are we to argue? With the sheer power of Live and the lyricism of later Nirvana combined with a slight Judybats twang, theDiligents mix their original music sets with restyled covers of everything from Stones tunes to local faves like Third Eye Blind. In an area that, frankly, is inundated with wanna-be bands, theDiligents are making themselves known - they play, and they play constantly, everywhere from New Smyrna Beach on the East coast to downtown O-town to a gig in the Bahamas. Bottom line is, they're a working band, and however dynamic their recordings are, it's the live show that captures fresh fans from every crowd." - Joseph Hayes


Soleil-WTKS 104.1 fm, Orlando FL
Spin theBottle-KRSC, Oklahoma City, OK
Ash-WSTW 93.7 fm, Newark DE
Parachute-Clear Channel, New Music Network
No More Goodbyes-Clear Channel, New Music Network



geno is a solo artist and the bandleader of theDiligents. He is heavily Influenced by U2, , theDoors, theBeatles, Springsteen, Third Eye Blind, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, Van Halen and Nirvana.