Geno K

Geno K


Radiohead and Nirvana adopt a musical child with Tom Waits as the babysitter.


"A bevy of guests are featured on the album... the rotating cast contributes to the feeling that the album reinvents itself every three or so minutes. Geno K manages to make such reinvention seem both natural and enjoyable, such that the album's schizophrenic nature manages to be a benefit to listeners, not a detriment... The production is outstanding whether or not one takes into account that the album is an independent release. The lyrics resonate with listeners from all walks of life, as Kim spills his blues, channels the entire grunge movement, and even pulls off an admirable pop star... The star of the album is really Geno K's guitar work... Kim keeps the disk chug chug chugging along... On "Last Call" the harmonica blends almost seamlessly into both Kim's voice and the guitar driven beat, unifying and strengthening the two. But that's just one example of the genius of Kim's composition. In every song the instruments and voices build on each other to create a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts. If that's not a metaphor for life, it's certainly a metaphor for a damn fine album." -

"The groove on Exhale was pretty delicious" - Unsigned Music Magazine - '05 Year End review issue

"The human Geno Project offers solid, modern Rocksongs somewhere between U2, to the Foo Fighters, Beck and the Hives. Songs such as Where You Belong , Pass on ME and soft ball prove which one of Geno K in the future will possibly still hear"
- Alooga, Germany (translated from German)

"The sound is closer to Radiohead and Nirvana (especially the vocals) with a good production for an independent release. The similarities with Kurt Cobain are many but Geno's music sure has a place in Alternative rock stations, it has feeling and strength"

-Skylight Magazine, Greece

"Wonderful melody, suffering voices (yes, it agrees, Geno K. sounds like Kurt Cobain), melancholy texts. That writes itself so simply... melancholy texts.. It are but the Lyrics of Geno K actual - poetic and yet clear, without Schnörkel and yet touching. The entire album is arrive throughout, the change of masculine and feminine singers brings an addition that lets closed appear the album change rich and nevertheless in itself.
It must be heard as complete work."

-Crossover - Network for Youth Culture, Germany

Geno K's debut solo album, The Human Geno Project, takes multiple listens to fully grasp, but the impact of the live show is immediate. This is The Geno K Experience (The GKE), formed in early '05 in the upstate Capital of NY, Albany. Unlike the album, which is a 2 year long solo project, from the band's leader/frontman/founder, Eugene Kim, The GKE expands songs into sonic realms as diverse as it's 4 members. Alycia Ercums, a classically trained pianist, shares many vocal duties with Geno as well as expanding the sound with her richness and depth of melodic piano knowledge. Max Figarsky, is a percussionist, who excels in everything from Jazz to Samba, yet has a knack for stabilizing the rock 'n' roll vibe. Jordan True, rounds out the mix with his 5 string, bass-playing punk/emo background. Geno writes songs mixing sensibilities of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, & Bob Dylan, with creative melodic structuring of Thom Yorke & Curt Kobain, honed from his ten year stint with the NYC based band, Shaker (aka The Sleavze). While sealing the full-time lineup only in mid '05, this band has just begun to tap the magical musical waters.

Currently, in addtion to touring the Northeast we are in the midst of recording the follow-up to "The Human Geno Project" with the complete band.


Pass On me

Written By: Geno K

(Single from The Human Geno Project)

Come and help me
My mission statement
Let this silence be my blanket
Sell this moment
Words to safety
Steal my soul and come and save me

This is real there is no jokin' round
Just let it be
Make a deal and let it roll around
To pass on me

Come and heal me
Sense the moment
Regulate this key component
Understand love
Isn't free girl
Make a pact to save this underworld

I am not misunderstanding
To enlist me into this
I am not here diggin' deeper
Just awaken me from her.


Written By: Geno K

She's gonna hit, with or without
Feel the sound, breathe aloud
The one shot turned to two
Next up, still loaded, one out
Turn the double, steal the ball
Branch out, soon enough we'll all be up
[Our time under the sun will come]

Together now, understand
Every little thing you can
Take what you can get and run
Down the road through the freezing rain,
And sleet and falling snow
Two by two everyone

She's gonna fly, with or without
See the sound, feel the ground
The one shot turned to three
Next up, still loaded, two out,
Tie the game with a walk or two
Branch out, we'll all be king for a day

Where You Belong

Written By: Geno K

Who says it was easy
Alone again here comes the pain
Just enough to please me
Wake up, you'll see this again and again
And now this stifling mess takes over your senses
You can't even utter a sound
Behave, now. Behave.

And when it's real,
You'll know how it feels.
You'll live another life,
And sing another song
To keep you movin' along
And it's painfully clear your life
And where you belong

Seems like this ain't helping
Need the picture painted clearer than day for you
A love light decoder
Manipulate your point of view
And now this stifling mess will poke your mind's eye
You can't even hardly breathe
Relax now, Behave


The Human Geno Project - Geno K ('05)
Radio Airplay - Pass on Me (single)
on Collge Radio in Northeast, Commercial Radio
Specialty shows, and Multiple Online Radio stations.
Radio DJ's & PD's have also picked up Reborn, Exhale & Last Call.
Blue Light Records Compilation Vol. 1 ('01)
Shaker - What You're Missing ('98)
The Sleavze - Casino Filipino ('96)
The Sleavze - American Girls Club ('95)
The Sleavze - Sleaveless in Seattle ('94)

Even though the official Release of "The Human Geno Project" was in early '05, Advance local media/press copies distributed in Nov/Dec '04
landed the HGP in Best-of 2004 lists in The Times Union, Albany (Greg Haymes), &, as well as a featured artist on &

The GKE were selected to participate in the OriginalSessions & Jagermusic NYC/NJ Buzz Band Search w/ sponsors Jagermeister, Disc Makers, FMFB Magazine, Peavey, Sonicbids and others TBA.

The GKE were just selected to perform at Harborfest, in Oswego in late July. Harborfest is a 4 day music festival in Central NY that draws over 300,000+ and The Geno K Experience were selected to play on Saturday, the most popular & attended day in a prime 3:30pm slot for a 90 minute set.

Congratulations! You were voted among the top 15 artists and will be included on the Musselman Triathlon Festival's Compilation CD! This CD will be distributed to 1,000 athletes and race volunteers at the festival, held in Geneva, NY July 16-17, 2005. This Compilation is sponsored by Sonicbids and professionally mastered, designed & replicated by them. Submissions were submitted from around the country and final voting landed "Pass on me" in the Top 10 out of 25 artists originally selected by Sonicbids.

IRL Music Group will officially represent/shop Geno's Release, "The Human Geno Project" for international licensing deals specifically at the Pop Komm Germany Music Conference in September.
Geno is a "featured" front cover artist on their cataolgue & "Pass on me" is the selected track for their compilation CD.

"Pass on Me" was selected as one of ten finalists for Indie Tunes - Rock Radio Promotion Category.

Set List

All originals including selections from "The Human Geno Project"
1. Where You Belong
2. Pass on Me
3. Exhale
4. Last Call
5. Reborn
6. Softball
7. The Taste
8. Voyager
9. Oblivious
10. Heart-Shaped Letter

(new songs)
Bring It Back
Sing Along For Free
Every Grain of Sand (Dylan Cover)

And various other originals with select covers for select situations.