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Simply put, Genolexis is a inspitational hip hop artist, who is humble, God fearing, determined, goal oriented, hard working, and imaginative when it comes to his music. His music is genuinely 100% truth and speaks of real life situations.


The best way to describe Genolexis is that he is a: MUSICIAN; God fearing man; Inspirational Hip Hop Artist; A Father; A Son; and so full of spirit!

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Genolexis has played a vital role in Tampa Hip Hop since 2003, when he made his first appearance alongside his musical companion, Relic of "Relic Recordings" as one half of a duo titled, "Generel". With their album debut, "Face of the Public", Generel quickly started setting up the foundation for what would eventually become one of the most talked about underground hip hop artists around Tampa Bay. After the positive reaction which stemmed from the quality and sound of the "Face of the Public" album; the duo created their follow up sophomore attempt, "The Raincoat Album". Like their debut, Generel continued the formula of their previous project by supplying their own beats and concepts to showcase their versatility, while continuing to keep their positive message. In 2006, Genolexis and Relic (Generel) agreed to decide to go their own separate ways to pursue personal musical aspects on their own. Since the departure, Genolexis has continued to keep his foot in the game through collaborations with respected artists within the Tampa Bay area, revitalizing the audience with his energetic performances, continuing to stay grounded among the community through charity events and preparing to release his solo debut out to release in the Spring of 2009.

Genolexis first official mixtape, "M To The Third", hosted by award winning DJ Knucklez, has a wide array of various music tracks, such as "I'm Good", "Over The Rainbow", and the award winning track "Bad Habit" featuring local R&B artist J'Nelle. The mixtape touches on various part of Genolexis life. This mixtape can be found on sites, such as,,, and videos can be found on the official FLOHIO Records Youtube page:

Genolexis next project, the award-winning album, T.X.P. (The Xclusive Project), released on September 28th 2012, is a hip hop album full of soul samples from the 70's, kicks and claps which brings the listener to 90's hip hop, story telling and concepts that are familiar tho rarely mentioned in mainstream hip hop. With The Xclusive Project (T.X.P.) titled after the producers; he offers more insight into his personal life, relationships, experiences overseas, current events as well as his views on politics with songs like "Where Do I Go" and "Pump your Fist". With "Love and Hip Hop", Geno, brings back the hip hop celebration sounds of summer while giving ode to songs from the 90's hip hop era. It recently won "Album Of The Year" at the AZ1 Awards held on February 23rd 2013 in Tampa, FL.

Genolexis style of hip hop can be compared to artists like: 2pac, 50 Cent, Eminem, Wu-Tang, Talib Kweli

For more information, contact @Genolexis on Twitter, You Tube: Genolexis or Facebook: Genolexis


Genolexis - M To The Third Mixtape, hsoetd by DJ Knucklez

Genolexis - T.X.P. (The Xclusive Project)