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"Danie Cortese Entertainment"

We reviewed G-No music, the bio, the photo and we found his website as well.

We strongly feel that you have a potential star on your hands - in regards to his music and sound...he has flavors of Dr. Dre and his vocals have a little Nick Cannon in them with a west coast touch.

He is definitely ready for radio and he is a good looking kid.

Danie Cortese
Danie Cortese Entertainment - Danie Cortese

"Geffen Records"

Hip Hop cut...real smooth love the west coast undertones.

Comment for G-No's song "Not Going to Change" - Shawn Suggs - Manager A & R

"Def Jam"

I like the hook real west coast feel to the song. I would like to hear more.

Comment for G-No's song "Make Money" - Lenny Santiago - V.P. A & R

"G-No Awards!!!"

All tracks are reviewed and rated on Garagaband.com. The best of 1-5 stars rating is how the system works. The following songs received ratings and Awards.

"Not Going to Change" Awards 3.6 star rating.

1. Track of the Day
2. #22 best Keyboards - All time
3. #12 Best Beat - All time
4. #22 Best Dance Track
5. Best keyboards
6. Best Programming
7. Best Production
8. Best Melody
9. Best Beat

"West Is Back" Awards 3.9 star rating.

1. Grooviest Rhythm
2. Chill-Out Track
3. Rocking Track
4. Best Drums
5. Best Bass
6. Best Production
7. Best Melody
8. Track of the Day

"I'm A Rider" Awards 3.3 star rating.

1. Rocking Track
2. Best Guitar
3. Best Keyboards
4. Best Programming

"This Is My Night Awards 3.4 stars

1. Best Male Vocals
2. Best Beat
3. Best Mood
4. Chill-Out Track

"O" Lord Awards 3.6 stars.

1. Track of the day
2. Best Beat
3. Most Original
4. Track of the week
5. Best Male Vocals
6. Best Guitars
7. Best Drums
8. Best Bass
9. Best Programming

- Garage Band

"More of G-No"

G-No will be on The Hustlah's PayDay Tour, a Inner City Tour in
California starting Summer/Fall 2006.

G-No song "Make Money" will be released on The Hustlah's Payday Mix tape the fall of 2006.

G-No song "West Is Back" has been selected for radio airplay on BELIEVE THE HYPE, Unsigned Hype Radio.

G-No's music have been selected for catalog placement for Tv/Film on Jet Sound.

G-No have been offered a distribution agreement with Beat Pick a record label in London.

Check these other Internet Radio
Stations for G-No profile and more music:


Please check out ANRNET.com for ratings of G-No's music by major record labels A&R Reps !!!

plae.com(radio charts)
thebanduniverse.com(profile only)
alexadigitalradio.com(added 2 playlist in rotation)

G-No song "O" Lord is track of the week May 22, 2006.

G-No song "Not Going to Change" is currently the top song on Indie-Music.com for the week of April 11. 2006.

"Not Going to Change is going to be featured as the track of the day on GarageBand.com on April 4, 2006. Also check out all G-No's awards on Garageband.com which is listed in this EPK.

"West Is Back is featured on the weekly podcast #37 on Alexa Digital Radio on March 13, 2006. Podcast show available in MP3 format. G-No was also featured as one of the spotlight artist on Alexa Digital Radio on myspace.com.

G-No song the "West Is Best" is now on rotation on Music for Podcasters on itunes.

Oversee's Internet Radio

eatthismusic.com(United Kingdom)
beatmaka.com(Switzerland, also featured as Hot Pick!! artist)
letstalkmusic.com(just G-No's profile).

Hot Pick Artist/Songs on Beat Maka.com.

1. "Not Going to Change"
2. "West Is Back"
3. "Make Money"

- (K)-Qwest Productions

"Unsigned Magazine"

G-No has been selected to appear in Unsigned Magazine. The issue to TBA. - Ian Cole


G-No will be added to the website of zonatainment.com and will have his own profile and web page. - Mark Wilson

"Space Junkies Magazine"

Awhile back I downloaded most of G-NO's tracks from his website for review and I've been impressed with most of them so far. I really enjoyed the ear-catching track "Not Going To Change" as it embedded itself into my head well after the song finished spinning in my play list. Most of G-NO's music is "thugged" out, which in most cases I don't really enjoy listening to as every "gangsta" rapper seems to rap about the same issues, the same life experiences and so forth, but G-NO does it in such away that makes it attention getting. Even the songs that have "touchy" subjects are almost done in a positive way, though the content of the lyrics focuses on the negative. You'll have to check out the track "O" Lord" to understand what I mean. For the most part I really enjoyed G-NO's music, and I'm sure a few of the tracks will be sticking around in my play list for months to come. - Wednesday Elektra

"Radio Playlist"

'O' Lord and West Is Back is in rotation on KDJK with Dj Knay and soundclick.com. Be sure to request and rate his music at ALL!! radio stations.

- (K)-Qwest Productions


G-No brings a refreshing new feel to the "booty and bling" hip hop world we all are subjected to these days. While his influences of Tu Pac and Scarface are clear in the music and lyrics, G-No mixes these influences with prolific mastery. G-No is the up and coming hip hop generation that will blend everything we know about East Coast-West Coast hip hop to the future of what we all hope will save this hip hop genre.

- Mark A. Wilson


G-No is currently unsigned and doing well underground and on the Internet Radio Airwaves with rotation. His song "West Is Back" will be released as a single this summer and currently doing well in California. Tracks now available in MP3 format, 2 tracks only available on Sonicbids.com because of size of track file but more tracks are available for listening by visiting the website at www.kqwestproductions.com or you can request a full press kit of G-No to be mailed to you. Please use contact information on Sonicbid's.


Feeling a bit camera shy


While many critics and hip-hop fans await a new album from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg for their dose of west coast flavor, something new is brewing in the west. No, not in L.A., but in the city of Las Vegas. Lyrically this 19 year old talent is hands down one of the best in ages. His smooth flow sound and deliverance has a bounce swang groooove!! that wants to be heard by everyone. G-No has seen and experienced the difficulties life can bring. The future of hip-hop will be filled with his tales of survival, lost and the love of music.

Born in Apple Valley, California and the oldest of four siblings. G-No and his younger brother would live in a environment that was beyond strained. A move to Long Beach, California only brought more sorrow with the loss of a close friend, it was at that moment G-No moved to Las Vegas.

It was then at the age of twelve G-No started rapping and writing to music not only that he also begun, making beats and practicing his performances. His rap flow and deliverance is unmatched!!! G-No main goals are to turn nothing into something and to stay away from the negative influences in life and focus only on the positive. By doing that he patiently awaits his break through in the Music Entertainment Industry.

Like his favorite idols Tu Pac Skakur and Scarface he states" these men have taken nothing and made it into something." I just work hard at doing the same thing by being hungry, humble and motivated about my craft." G-No African-American and Cuban looks is eye candy for the ladies and his flow and lyrics is just what the fellas will like. The introduction of G-No into the world of hip-hop is sure to make this young man a household name.