Chicago, Illinois, USA

Genome is a unique blend of organic funk and psychedelic jams with jazz and electronic music. These Chicago based musicians utilize an array of many instruments, both acoustic and electronic, to create an ecstatic dance party that transcends time, space, and earthly boundaries.


Genome is a group of musicians that came together in the winter of 2010. The idea was to put together a diverse group of musicians, each bringing a unique perspective and style, to create a rich tapestry of sound and color. Blending elements of jazz and improvised rock together with the tightly knit layers of funk and the dance floor sensibilities of the DJ/Rave culture, the mix proved explosive and intoxicating, all while floating atop an eclectic array of worldbeat grooves. The band deftly combines organic improvisation and audience interaction with mind bending electronic sound manipulation, adding an entirely new dimension to the labyrinth of melody, harmony and rhythm. The music of Genome acts as a gateway to a new freedom of mind and spirit through the ritual of music, dance, and Dionysian celebration. The Genome project is not about the members of the band alone, but rather, the love and community of its supporters and friends. The band makes the music, the people dance to the music, and everyone gets lifted together!

Kyle Madsen- Tenor Sax, Flute, Percussion
Xavier Galdon- Trombone, Electronics, Percussion
Igor Voltchenko- Guitar
Patrick Dinnen- Bass
Drew Littell- Drums, Acoustic and Electronic Percussion
Asif Wilson- Keys, Synth


2011 Demo out now!