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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



I really had fun listening to the songs. I Liked Mendocino Girl the best. The sound is mesmerizing and hard not to keep it in your head! Really creative artwork, too. - Paul's Mom


I listened to your songs and I will be 100% honest. It was different, threw me off a little as I wasn't expecting to hear something so original. I listened to all of your songs on and it really grew on me fast. - The Webslinger


Genowen is currently working on their debut release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


There's a lot more to Genowen than one would think...
Like some bold sonic architect building over a blustery ocean under a star filled sky, combining elements of rock, melodic orchestrations, and dynamic progressive drumbeats. Think of whispers and turn them into giant waterfalls of sound at a moments notice. Sometimes you hear it coming, but most of the time it will pleasantly surprise you.
Like any good artist, Genowen is diverse, opting not to follow in the footsteps of any particular idol, but instead wandering wherever the music takes them. However, this doesn't prevent from perpetuating timeless comparisons likeĀ…
The Cure Bowie U2 Sting
The trademark neo-rock-noir intensity is clear, present and magnified in the arresting sonic symmetry and vocal work of Sean Sonnet. The imaginative and tribal bass/drum axis is on drumfire with percussionist Harry Kennedy. Waxing and waning into sound and the sea of synth, keyboardists Evan Galt and Lee Wooten swirl you into a whirlpool that you don't want to leave, encompassed and enraptured with the bellowing virtuoso of guitarist Paul Kersten.
"I like my audience to be enchanted and curious and confused and inspired and moved and frightened and exalted and everything in between." ~Sonnet