Genre Peak

Genre Peak


Genre Peak is an electro-rock project that focuses on electronic rock to ambient soundscapes. Each release features a variety of international musicians. Genre Peak's new video for "Hell on the Surface" can be seen at: and


Genre Peak is the project of Martin Birke, an international musician for over 20 years, joined by various accomplished musicians from around the world. The music is modern, electronic and experimental at times transcending modern ideals of pop, rock and electronica. "Ends of the Earth" was the bands debut album in 2006 and featured the group ( Martin with Daniel Panasenko & Stephen Sullivan) as live performance trio . The group's latest album is "Preternatural" that features such name musicians as Mick Karn, Tara C. Taylor , Christopher Scott Cooper and Gustaf Fjelstrom


Different Dangers

Written By: Martin Birke

The wine and glass descend
The cuts in hand begin to mend
All in the darkest days of ordinary people.
Hold tight the picture set, in the corner rooms where we first met
We feel the same regrets, like ordinary people.

Last words to stain the skin from the lives we both got lost within
Trade in your shelter for a world of different dangers.
Please remind myself again how new beginnings yield no end
And feel the times now change to ordinary strangeness.


Ends of the Earth -LP (ic0906) 2006
Preternatural - LP (ic0608) 2008
Hell on the Surface - video 2008

Set List

Varies from show to show