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Gentleman Zero

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | SELF

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | SELF
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Gentleman Zero is a 4-piece pop/rock/cover band based in Birmingham, Alabama with roots in Montgomery, Alabama as well. Gentleman Zero provides full sound services as well as special acoustic shows for bars and traditional venues, private parties, weddings, and fraternity and sorority events. GZ prides itself on professionalism, having a great time and making sure YOU have a great time. Let Gentleman Zero provide your musical nirvana for your next event!

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Chael spent his youth as a farm boy in the province of Florin. After graduation he packed his few belongings and began seeking his fortunes across the sea. After stints with Necky's Nuts and Bass In the Bag, he came into his own as a frontman with the Montgomery-based band Sandscale. After traveling the world, he returned to Birmingham to co-found Gentleman Zero in 2009. You had no idea that Chael is actually 6'7*, and that he is also a direct descendant of at least one much, much older person who has now died**. Chael's antics and sweet, smooth moves have been described as "a mix between Stephen Hawking, Hedo Turkoglu, and Patrick Swayze in Point Break". Chael's take on this? " I just get out there, and well....that's it. I just get out there."


Born the son of a retired spy* and former debutante in Montgomery, AL, Nordan spent his childhood wishing for the Harmony-brand guitar on display in the Service Merchandise catalog. His dream would eventually come true in the form of an acoustic guitar he received for his 13th birthday. Santa Claus would bring Nordan his first electric guitar that same year, and his musical focus then shifted from 80s pop to all things hair-metal. He doesn't have a ton of band experience, but he likes Van Halen, so you know that's ok. Many are surprised to discover that not-Polish Nordan is actually of Ukrainian descent. He is also not a vegetarian. As a concerned citizen of the world, Nordan often ponders: "Is there really a good reason for the two-man luge to exist? I mean, can't you accomplish the same thing WITHOUT another guy sitting on your lap?"


A native of Gadsden, AL, Jay has more fun sober than you do when you are drunk enough to vomit*. His music career includes stints with local acts Godchild, MoZAiK, SaLvO, The Blinders and Subcurrent. His influences include bass players with weird names, such as Geezer Butler, Peanut and Flea. Most of his favorite pastimes involve water, but all of them involve air. He would rather be out on the lake, rather than under the lake, or surrounded by powerful chemicals that would render one unconscious. Jay says people never believe him when he explains that he was the inspiration for Return Of The Jedi**. But he was, so deal with it. When asked what sucks, Jay responded: "I guess being electrocuted. Yep, that's it. Being electrocuted. That sucks. Oh, oh wait... No, I'm staying with being electrocuted. Electrocuted..."

**Double True

As you know, Miguel is the only Mexican from Birmingham, AL to wear a kilt on St. Patrick's day*. As a result of his architectural background, he likes artistic things, details (not the magazine) and stuff (not the magazine). That said, he does like Esquire (the magazine). His previous band experience has involved praising the Lord in various Christian bands, recording with Strangers and Pilgrims and covering with Zach Doss & Kentucky's Finest. Surprisingly, Miguel once considered a career in haberdashery, but he obviously decided against it once he discovered the hours required of haberdashers on a given day. Obviously. According to Miguel: "Nomas salgo y pues alli estoy**." That means something in Spanish.