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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | MAJOR | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR | AFM
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Americana




"A track-by-track guide to Gentlemen Husbands’ new EP (First Spin)"

Ontario band Gentlemen Husbands will be releasing a new EP entitled House of Cards next week (September 30th), but you can check it out now on MUCH’s First Spin! To help, we have broken down each of the four tracks on the record for you.

1. Shelter Valley
There’s a warmth and familiarity to the melody of this song, characterized by its steady bass line, country-rock template and infectious chorus that can we can definitely see ourselves humming for days.

2. Come Down
Continuing off from the previous track, the band segways into this next track that boasts a similar melody. In fact, if we mashed the first two tracks of this album together, it would make for a pretty cohesive and seamless six-minute track. Come Down lacks the catchy chorus in comparison, though.

3. Bloodlines
A more defined introduction and opening verse to Bloodlines helps build to an explosive chorus of crashing drum symbols, bursting bass lines and a triumphant rise of harmonizing voices. A departure from the EP’s first two tracks, but a welcome change in pace and tone.

4. Wandering Eye
A jangly keyboard line makes this track the most pop song on the EP and probably the highlight. Its throwback sound paired with the sugary sweet lyrics ends this record on a positive and celebratory note that makes us want more.

Listen to Gentlemen Husbands’ EP House of Cards album over at MUCH’s First Spins section here! -

"Concert Review: Matthew Good, Gentlemen Husbands @ Barracuda Pretty, St. Catharines"

Cobourg Ontario rockers Gentlemen Husbands opened the show. Playing with Matthew Good on a number of dates, the quintet was a great opening choice and entertained the crowd with their country-infused rock and roll (think Ryan Adams). The group is clearly talented, and performed their upbeat songs while keeping the crowd engaged throughout. Aside from covering U2’s “With or Without You”, they also performed songs from their well-received 2010 EP, Mirror Doll Business. The crowd was receptive and as their set came to a close, it was clear that Gentlemen Husbands had won over some new fans. - Aesthetic Magazine

"In concert: Gentlemen Husbands to share stage with Canadian music icons"

Where opening for The Tragically Hip rates for local band Gentlemen Husbands among the biggest shows they have played, it all depends how they look at it.

Certainly, the hometown aspect plays a factor.

“I don't know if it's the biggest, but it feels like the biggest,” says GH guitarist Ryan Hutcheson. “We've played shows in front of more people at places the Sound Academy and EdgeFest, but this one is different because it's here (in Cobourg) and with the Hip.”

Gentlemen Husbands will open for The Tragically Hip at their sold-out concert Thursday night at the Cobourg Community Centre.

“It's something where you feel you've reached a certainly level and we've worked hard and now we're a point where we're ready to open for the Hip,” Hutcheson said. “It's an honour and privilege to open up for them. Hopefully this is the first of many with them.”

Joining Hucheson in GH are Derrick Ballard, Jed Atkinson and Dan Farrell.

They already have a connection with the Internationally renowned band. GH have recorded part of the album they're working on at the Hip's studio in Bath, Ontario near Kingston. Members of the Hip have also come out to watch GH during shows in Toronto, Hutcheson noted.

GH signed a record deal with Universal last fall and spent a good amount of time writing – about 50 songs to narrow down to 10 – and then recording for the album that is expected to be released this fall. That hasn't left a lot of time for live performances, which was such a big part of the band in its early years.

“Technically, Jed, Dan and I have been playing music together for 10 years,” Hutcheson said. “Derrick came into the fold after high school and we've worked hard at this band for five years. We did a few years of just hammering away and playing over 100 shows a year.”

They caught a break a couple of years ago, Hutcheson noted, when the music industry took notice and led to meetings with potential managers and record labels.

“We changed our focused from just playing for the sake of playing to songwriting and when we did play the shows were a lot better,” Hutcheson said.

“We're looking forward to getting back on the road, but doing it in a much bigger way than before.”

In fact, GH had a big announcement on Monday that this fall they will embark on their first cross-Canada tour opening for Matthew Good.

First, though, on Thursday evening they look forward to their big night with The Tragically Hip.

For those not familiar with Gentlemen Husbands, Hutcheson offered an explanation about what to expect.

“We're definitely a rock and roll band,” he said. “It's not an old or classic rock revival but it's not new and crazy either. We like to think Tom Petty meets Counting Crows, brought into 2013.” - Northumberland Today

"Gentlemen Husbands Debut In N.B. With Matthew Good"

Opening up for the upcoming Matthew Good concerts in the province is a new band, or at least, new to you. Gentlemen Husbands is from Coburg, Ontario, and have just released their first disc, a four-track E.P., House Of Cards. But it's the classic story; this overnight success has been ten years in the making.

Lead guitarist Ryan Hutcheson is on the phone from Coburg, a small community of 20,000 east of Toronto. The band he helped found has been getting ready for this tour, this national debut, since the members met in high school. "Our mentally toward the whole thing, right from the start, was working on our craft," he says. "We didn't want to do a big tour until we were ready. We didn't think we should be out there killing ourselves, playing to nobody each night. Same as a record, we didn't want to do it until we had the songs."

The group members made a commitment to a music career early on as well. "We all made a lot of sacrifices," Hutcheson tells me. "We all decided to not go to college, to forfeit that back-up plan, and stay home and work hard. Spending every day together, practising and writing songs, putting in our ten thousand hours. We played a lot, but only around southern Ontario. We played every weekend, and were practising and writing every day."

The new E.P. is a showcase of the group's modern rock sound, featuring lead-off single Shelter Valley. It already sounds like a group that has its sound together, with softer verses and big choruses, lots of dramatic moments, compact and tight. Again, Hutcheson points to those years of woodshedding, until they got to the point where they felt they were ready to go national. We got to the point of experimenting with different songs and styles, we got to the point where we were very comfortable as a band and what we wanted to be. It felt like we were writing songs that we liked and were strong, what we wanted to hear. We were very quick to know what wasn't good. We took the Springsteen and Petty approach to writing, write four songs to get one good one."

This is will be the first time the group has played the Maritimes, but it will be a homecoming for Hutcheson. It turns out he's very familiar with the province, especially when he hits the Moncton area. "My family has a cottage in Shediac, I've been going every summer my whole live pretty much," he says, looking forward to the gigs. You can see Gentlemen Husbands on tour with Matthew Good Wednesday, Oct. 16 at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, Thursday Oct. 17 in Saint John at The Imperial Theatre, and Saturday Oct. 19 at the Boyce Market in Fredericton. - CBC

"Gentlemen Husbands 'House of Cards' (EP stream)"

Gentlemen Husbands' press materials note that the band members got their start playing in hardcore groups, but their sound is now a rootsy blend of country and rock. Having signed with Universal Music Canada, the Ontario outfit will release their House of Cards EP on September 30. Before then, the EP is available to stream in full on

The four-song collection kicks of with "Shelter Valley" and "Come Down," a pair of wistful country rock tracks with a vintage heartland sound. They mix thing up on the echoing atmospheres of "Bloodlines," and the EP concludes with the pop-friendly keyboard bounce "Wandering Eye."

Gentlemen Husbands are touring with Matthew Good this fall. See their schedule at their website. And of course, listen to House of Cards below. - Exclaim!

"CBC 3 track of the day"

I hope you're ready to rock n' roll, this band passed through Ottawa this month so I looked them up on the old R3 site. It's like the best parts of The Strokes and Ryan Adams, combined into a band from tiny Cobourg. Cobourg is not a big place, I've been there, but Gentlemen Husbands have a very big sound! Now who wouldn't want a Gentlemen for a Husband and who wouldn't want driving, 3 chord rock n' roll pulling into your headphones for your Tuesday track of the day. So here you go, it's gentlemen husbands with Compaction Girl. - Amanda Putz

"Explore Music Track of The Day"

This is the Indie Track of the Day Giveaway. It’s just like it sounds—every day we spotlight a song from an indie band/artist and we let you keep the track to do with whatever you like (within the limits of the law).

The song is part of our podcast, so if you want it (you do), search on iTunes for the podcast, or just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the links.

Gentlemen Husbands is a four-piece Canadiana rock band from Cobourg, Ontario.

In their short time as a band, they’ve played festivals including Cutting Edge Music Festival, SCENE Fest, NXNE, and CMW, and they’ve shared stages with the likes of Lucero, Murder by Death, Attack in Black, Saint Alvia, and The Arkells.

Gentlemen Husbands’ debut EP, Something Along The Lines of… "A lesson in unprofessionalism", came out in 2008. The follow-up, a free four-song demo, was mixed and mastered in L.A. by Jason Martin (Cold War Kids, Page France, SF59).

Listen to "Family Economics," and click here to check out Gentlemen Husbands’ MySpace page.
- Adam Morrison


Coburg, Ontario is the largest town in Northumberland County. It was founded by United Empire Loyalists in 1798 and is the home of…well…not much actually (I’m sure someone from Coburg will correct me). It is the home of Rick Ballard (vocals, guitar); Ryan Hutcheson (lead guitar); Deaner Farrell (drums, vox), and Jed Atkinson (bass) collectively known as Gentlemen Husbands. The Husbands have been making quite a name for themselves on the Toronto Indie scene having played both the CMW’s and NXNE (both gigs I shamefully missed). They have also been getting quite a bit of good press. I can see why. They are basically a country/rock/blues band (emphasis on rock) along the lines of The Tragically Hip. It’s funny, even though Gentlemen Husbands sound more like The Hip than any other band, I like the Husbands better.

This four song EP is actually quite good. I like the live feel this recording has, there is a lot of energy in these tunes. I bet the live show is a party. Compaction Girl, the lead song, is a highly addictive rock song that gets you up and moving. The lyrics are smart as well, “She’s a sky scraper raper, piles and piles of old man money and clothes…”. In Cruise Control Commute Ballard laments “Well thank you, I mean, for everything, and if its any less from you or me, you can get Gord Downie to sing my eulogy”, a nice shout out to a Canadian legend. Ballard’s vocals are very similar to Downie’s in the delivery and shape but are more dynamic in tone and timber. I’m not a fan of Downie’s voice and although they are comparable, I much prefer Ballard perhaps because it has a softer edge. The other boys are equally talented with Hutcheson’s guitar leading the pack.

Gentlemen Husbands have a demo titled Hill 60, which Hutcheson describes to Marie Hughes in this interview as “we kinda thought we wanted to play country and would aim at the CMT market. We learned that you can’t break rules in a genre before you know the rules of the genre and none of us are country players by any means!” And they have an EP called Something Along The Lines Of; A Lesson in Unprofessionalism which was released in 2008 and has more of folk/rock sound. Although I haven’t heard either I think I would prefer their current sound to the others. This rock/country/blues seems to agree with them.

You can find Gentlemen Husbands on MySpace where they also have this EP available as a free download, just click the album art at the top, Twitter, iLike and Facebook. You can purchase Something Along The Lines Of on iTunes, Amazon, and Napster and you can listen to them on And finally, according to their MySpace blog, the boys are in the studio recording a six song EP. Looking forward to that.
- Sheila

"STICKY Magazine (live review)"

At first glance, Gentlemen Husbands certainly look the part with their uniform fashion of tightly fitted jeans and tattered cowboy boots. The Cobourg natives tore into their 45 minute set with “Family Econimics”, a new track that kicks off hard and fast by drummer Dan Farrell. Following with his distinctive and hard-hitting vocals was front man Rick Ballard. Brimming with power and expression, his voice is one of the band's major assets and, in my opinion, one of the best in the country. Now, let's be honest, Toronto crowds are known for their slightly sour, reserved disposition. However, on this particular night that stereotype did not apply. Was it the music? The carefree atmosphere? The alcohol consumption? Perhaps a combination of all three.

Seamlessly transitioning from track to track, the tireless four piece barely leaves any time for applause. With “Goin' To Church”, lead guitarist Ryan Hutcheson shined brightly among a blazing guitar solo. His accomplished musicianship and captivating stage presence made it nearly impossible to take my eyes off of him. Bassist Jed Atkinson, the backbone of the band's genuine rock & roll presence, laid down a badass bass line with ease on “Bad Girl”; one of the many highlights of their performance. It was incredibly obvious how great a time the crowd was having and when “Cruise Control's” familiar intro began, you'd swear the band had been doing this for a multitude of years.

Capping off their performance with “Woodwork”, another brand new track, Gentlemen Husbands were still running on all cylinders. Incredibly tight and well rehearsed, these guys make it their mission to leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Each member continued to shout out the lyrics “rails don't lead us home, don't lead us” well after their instruments had gone silent which garnered a roar of applause. The band confidently exited the stage having poured out every ounce of energy to the receptive audience.

Gentlemen Husbands' stripped down, balls out approach to writing music and performing live has won over a dedicated following of fans and critics; all without having recorded a proper full-length album. But, new music is on the way. The band's brand new and thoroughly impressive EP titled Mirror Doll Business will be independently released in September. If you haven't had the Gentlemen Husbands live experience yet, I suggest you mark your calendars for October 23, as The Horseshoe will play host to their official CD release show. Beer will be flowing, questionable decisions will be made, and good times will be had by all.
- Whitney Pineault

"Interview with Truth Explosion"

Ryan Hutcheson: So it was about, wow, probably 4 years ago now, though it certainly doesn't feel like it but then again I still feel like I’m 16 so I guess that explains that.

Truth.Explosion.Magazine: Wait! What are we talking about again? Haha...

RH: Well...we were all coming back to my house at ohhh about 1 in the morning on a ridiculously cold and snowy January night.

TEM: Oh Right! Who was all there?

RH: My five best friends plus my little brother who was just a year younger than us. We were all sitting in the living room eating left over Pizza Hut and messing around with his new video camera.

TEM: So fun – so good! Mmmm!

RH: I know eh, fuckin meat lovers too! Anyway, one thing led to another and being the small town boys we are - we got into some shot for shot matches.

TEM: Haha! And you filmed it?

RH: Yeah dude, I manned the video camera while my brother Justin and Anson were the primary entertainment. After a while this got old and several of the guys went down to the basement where a very masculine version of a pillow fight ensued. Haha.

TEM: Ohh man! Please tell me it keeps escalating!

RH: Ohh like you wouldn't believe haha. I don't know who suggested it or how it all came together, but suddenly we were all downstairs having turned a bunch of couches and chairs into the ropes of a ring.

TEM: Yes!

RH: DMX started blaring and we watched two people with hockey helmets and hockey gloves go at it.

TEM: I feel like DMX always kicks it up a notch!

RH: Oh for sure! If there's any kind on physical violence you gotta have DMX there egging you on.

TEM: We use to fight like that all the time in high school! Buckets!

RH: Haha, I mean they really went at it! There were cuts and bruises to be had by all. Blood was getting smeared on people from cutting their arms on the helmets and helmets coming loose and just plain getting punched in the face.

TEM: Woah! Sounds mental man!

RH: To say the least! I think Anson and Justin were once again the first two in and if memory serves Justin was winning for about 99% of the fight until Anson finally snapped and knocked him out with one punch.

TEM: Shit really? A KO?

RH: Ya man, buddy threw a fuckin haymaker, and dropped him on the spot!

TEM: Did everyone keep fighting?

RH: Of course...after I fought Justin, Anson fought Dan, I fought Dan, Dan fought Justin etc etc. Then Jed decided he wanted in on the action too, as a disclaimer I should let you know that Jed in 6'3 and about 250 pounds, while the rest of us topped about 140 max.

TEM: Fuck! Someone’s going to get killed! Who stepped up?

RH: I Think...I decided to get in the ring first, and to make a short story even I shorter I get knocked out...first punch.

TEM: Haha! Sorry, but that’s really funny. Like actually knocked right out?

RH: Haha oh ya, like literally knocked out! One second I was standing there with him and a couple seconds later everything went black and I woke up on the floor in a laughing fit, I couldn't believe it just happened.

TEM: Mental! Did anyone step in the ring with Jed?

RH: Oh ya, one by one everyone tested their courage against Jed and one by one everyone got knocked the fuck out.

TEM: Haha! Do you remember the last fight?

RH: Ya man. The last fight of the night belonged to Dan and Jed. Dan actually lasted for a lot longer than anyone expected.

TEM: Which was?

RH: About 30 seconds.

TEM: Hahaha! So funny man.

RH: Then we got what was to be the great climax and end of the night.

TEM: I’m afraid to ask!

RH: Dan swung at Jed about as hard as he could, missed, and then Jed delivered the final blow. He honestly sent Dan flying back about 5 feet in the air right into a coffee table - he broke the legs off it!

TEM: Holy shit! That’s intense!

RH: It was seriously straight out of a movie! Haha. Dan was out of it for close to a minute and then finally he came to and was able to stand.

TEM: Sounds like the end of the night to me!

RH: We decided at about 4am to pack it in for the night, and thus is the story of male bonding, great friends knocking each other out to become even greater friends and a night that none of us will ever forget.

TEM: Indeed! I have one finally question – what is the “truth” about Ryan Hutcheson?

RH: Well that's a tough question. I guess the truth about me is that I don't know the truth about me. As cheesy as it sounds all I really know is I love writing, practicing, recording, performing, teaching, everything to do with music and I would rather live in my parents basement and work a shitty factory job to pursue that, than ever go to school and start living in "the real world" whatever that may be...

- Matthew Parrish

"The Examiner"

What is "definitive" as Canadian rock music in today's bands? It's hard to say these days because Canadian music is so diverse, authentic, and original. Well, a band call Gentlemen Husbands is redefining what Canadian rock music sounds like. Comprised of singer Rick Ballard, guitarist Ryan Hutcheson, bassist Jed Atkinson, and drummer Farrell, as three of the four member were fomerly ina hardcore band together The band originates 100km southeast of Toronto in Cobourg, Ontario with its' population of 20,000, is where Gentlemen Husbands is from. From this town they developed their distinctive brand of bluesy rock, Americana, country, mixed with the elusive classic "Canadian rock sound".

Their style has been described as, "Rootsy folk rock and roll for fans of Wilco and the Band." Good comparisions, however, the first band that came to mind after hearing their EP was "The Tragically Hip", but a more updated bluesy version. As well, listening to their music over and over, there's a distinctive touch of Mick Jagger within the voice of lead singer Rick Ballard.

Their mature blues rock sound is easy to connect with and it's no surprise that their band is getting attention. It's been a busy year for them as Gentleman Husbands have played: Cutting Edge Music Festival, SCENE Fest, NXNE, and CMW. They've opened for a number of great bands like: Lucero, The Arkells, Murder by Death, Attack in Black, and Saint Alvia; and shown their worthy of the big league gigs. The band has won over many new fans with their enthralling live sets. The new tracks were mixed and mastered by Jason Martin (Cold War Kids, Page Francis) and capture the bands great blends of blues folk rock. Quite simply, they're just a good band!

The band released their debut EP "Something On The Lines of..."Lessons in unprofessional" in 2008 to rave reviews. WGTS magazine was quick to write "Gentlemen Husbands" have delivered one of the most astounding EP's I have heard in ages." The lively recordings manage to capture the band's visceral live performances, however, their live shows have the reputation of for being crazy, completely entertaining, with amazing live performances! Don't listen to my beautiful writing, but go heck them out yourself! Gentlemen Husbands will cap off 2009 with a slew of Ontario dates this fall, before hunkering down in the early winter to record what will be their debut album!
- Jason Chu

"CHARTattack CMW 2010"

Coburg, Ont.'s Gentlemen Husbands are vocalist/guitarist Rick Ballard, guitarist Ryan Hutcheson, drummer Dan Farrell, and bassist Jed Atkinson. The blues rock outfit recently released a four-song sampler, available for free download on their Myspace page.

Grade: 85

Gentlemen Husbands were well-received by the discerning Hideout audience, delivering their solid, upbeat country-rock sound to a full house of fans and new converts.

Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations
80-100: Exceeds skill and knowledge expectations, i.e. rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
70-79: Achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
50-59: Demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
00-50: Has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Learning Skills: E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication:
Eye Contact: G
Pronunciation: G
Stage Presence: E
Stage Banter: E
Image: E
Appearance: E
Use Of Stage: E

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Steps:
Lead vocalist Ballard held his audience captive while keeping a mischievous smile on his face. While the band members could have moved around the stage more; they were certainly in command of the dancing, perspiring crowd.

Musical Analysis:
Level Of Participation: E
Problem Solving: E
Teamwork: E
Work Habits: E
Organization: E
Audience Participation: E
Sound: E
Composition: E
Songs: E

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Steps:
Although all their songs went over well, "Compaction Girl" was a hit and had everyone tapping their toes at the very least. Gentlemen Husbands are just as professional-sounding live as they are on record, and their energetic performance transformed the Queen West venue into the setting for a hoedown.

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest:
Charisma: E
Problem Solving: E
Teamwork: E
Sexiness: E
Haircut: E
Indie Rock Footwear: G
Nods To Disposible Fashion: G
Cool Equipment: G
Level Of Inebriation: E
Actual Ability: G

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Steps:
Gentlemen Husbands were thoroughly enjoyable to watch and a definite crowd favourite. The couple getting down in front of me, however, were a reminder that most white men really shouldn't dance. - Bianca Marcus

"Currents Magazine Review"

"It’s nice to see a young band from the Southern Ontario area embracing the underappreciated genre of country-rock without attempting to mirror Johnny Cash or other tried and true classics. But perhaps it’s because the members of Gentlemen Husbands don’t have to: after all, their list of successes isn’t necessarily short and their effortless musicianship is capable of gathering attention all on its own, with or without critical acclaim. Something Along The Lines Of…A Lesson In Unprofessionalism is a refreshing take on the country-rock genre and offers up a hearty serving of originality laced with variety. Riding In Cars features some nifty western-inspired harmonica work, while Snarred In Philidelphia dives its listener into a grittier, rock lenient sound which only adds to the EP’s timeless appeal. Whatever these gents have set out to conquer, they’ve achieved and it seems only obvious that they’ve a promising future ahead of them."
- Andrea Dyer

"WGTS Magazine"

Straight out of the Greater Cobourg Area come Gentlemen Husbands, a new wave of folk rock with a nice helping of rock n roll, indie, and Americana bluegrass on the side. Being a fairly young band, Gentlemen Husbands are certainly a surprise for anyone looking for mature solid rock. Their latest EP, Something Along the Lines Of… “A Lesson in Unprofessionalism” is certainly the biggest surprise and best release I have heard from a young unsigned band for years. Together, this six-track ride enables even the most cynical critic of contemporary rock to kick back and well, finally begin to see the light at the end of tunnel, in this seemingly boring and predictable phase of modern music. The following review will focus on two songs in particular (“Tapanga” and “The Learning”), but make no mistake; every track on the disc is a treat.

The EP opens up with “Tapanga”, a tune that right off the bat sets the mood of the record—upbeat, western, and respectfully honest. When a song such as this one begins with soulful and organic acoustic playing underneath some of the best singing of any Ontario vocalist, you know you are in for a good ride. This fantastic singing continues throughout the track, even during its more energetic, rockin’ sections. When thinking of the singing, try and imagine Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, and The Band’s Levon Helm, but, in a slightly higher octave. This is one of my favorite tracks on the record, due to its seemingly never-ending excitement, and catchy vibe.

The next track to be reviewed is another favorite, “The Learning”. This track is more centered on a bluesy rock and roll feeling. The intro kicks the track off perfectly with a solid guitar lick reminiscent of any rock classics, while still maintaining a sense of originality. Following this intro comes one of the catchiest verses within the entire record. Aside from the great and classic guitar playing throughout the track (including a nice solo at the end), this track shows the talent of each member. What a great song.

Overall, Gentlemen Husbands have delivered one of the most astounding EP’s I have heard in ages. My only wonder is how they pull of their tunes live. It is always disappointing when a band’s live performance does not give their record justice, but something tells that these guys are going to manage just fine. For a fan of bands such as Lynard Skynard, Matchbox Twenty, The Band, and even Tokyo Police Club, Gentlemen Husbands is a must. To be honest, I don’t care what brand of rock you like, these guy’s deserve every opportunity to be heard, and I truly hope they achieve success in their career. - Mark Short

"Local Vertigo"

Introducing Gentlemen Husbands, a blue collar band whose country rock music was made for cutting loose on Friday nights. The Ontario, Canada, four-piece consists of Rick Ballard(vocals & guitar), Ryan Hutcheson(lead guitar), Deaner Farrell(drums & vox), and Jed Atkinson(bass). Their music is rooted in honest telling of stories with a backwoods feel to it, yet it carries an anthemic quality. Their background is familiar: small town band writes music in the basement, usually gigging at the local pub, full of ambition but running-on-empty of possibilities. But hitting the road turns out to be exactly what got them the recognition they were pining for, playing festivals and other higher-visibility shows spread the word quickly. I guess now I should say the rest is history, but since it's only the beginning history is too final. Killer band, highly recommended.
- Chris

"EP Review by HeroHill"

With a name like Gentleman Husbands, you’d expect the Cobourg band to dress nice, open the door for you and pull out your chair at dinner. Hell, when push comes to shove, you might even think they enjoy hanging out with your parents and will bring you home soup when you’re sick.

The image you get when you picture a scruffy man that wears a plaid shirt, boots and old jeans like a uniform nervously showering and shaving before heading out (The Learning) only helps cement your preconceived notions. Instead, Tapanga delivers big rootsy guitar licks and the cold -as-ice admission, “you aren’t as cute as you once were” and you start to realize the band is open and honest about dishonesty, somewhat shallow and full of moral faults. Manners go out the window, in the best way possible, as the Gentleman Husbands are certainly ready to melt your face off, make you move and start some shit.

KC Shuffle adds a big harmonica to the mix and even the softer side that starts The Learning gives way to an apology for treating her bad and some searing guitar work, but the band really puts it all together on the head nodding Riding in Cars. A classic riff stats the affair, letting you soak in the vocals, but they slowly throw in intricate guitar work to fill out the track (but never overpower it) and the subtle harmonies turn the song into a sing-along.

Sure, at times the vocals start to sound a bit too Rob Thomas-y and if you wanted to, you could start pointing out the Canadian acts these boys have obviously embraced (The Hip and Blue Rodeo come to mind), but the 6-song EP exposes a natural ability to experiment with country roots and heavier guitars (like the gritty Snared In Philadelphia), creating a fairly modern take on the genre. Even the slow as a country drive pace of 19 has a quiet intensity that engages you in the track and keeps you listening. These guys are playing a lot of shows all over Ontario in the next month or so, and I’d wager the sweat will be flying and the whiskey will be flowing.
- Bryan Acker

"Mojophenia UK"

Hailing from the edge of the magnificent Lake Ontario, Gentleman Husbands have almost perfectly fused together North America`s staple diet of Rock and Country. The second E.P and interesting vocal mouthful `Something Along The Lines Of..A Lesson In Unprofessionalism` almost smells of hard work and constructive studio time, a seamless crossover record that`s gonna soak up your time and wear out your floorboards. Even my general englishness with it`s minor eccentric tendencies has warmed to the more country based tracks `KC Shuffle` and `19` while `Tapanga` and `Snarred In Philadelphia` leave you in jaw dropping mode with that wonderful metallic aftertaste.
- Andy

"London Burgeoning Metropolis"

Gentlemen Husbands (the Greater Cobourg Area, On). Huh. I'm not really sure what to make of the name... does it mean that they're good to their wives? I think they may be getting an e-mail from this guy (me) to figure out what that's all about...

... I just looked up where Cobourg was (I mean, is)... and, it appears to be an hour east of Toronto... who knew there was anything between Toronto and Kingston?

... the EP (Something Along the Lines of 'A Lesson in Professionalism)... it reminds me a little bit of Cuff the Duke(originally from Oshawa)'s first album Life Stories for the Minimum Wage, although it makes me think that Cobourg is a much nicer place. LSftMW was, if I recall correctly, kind of dark/depressing/reminiscent of Oshawa, while the GH EP seems much more "glass half full". On LSftMW Cuff the Duke gives off this 'God, we need to get the hell out of Oshawa vibe', but the GH EP says to me 'We're from Cobourg, and we run this shit...' (ironically, on "Riding in Cars" they actually do say something like 'we need to get out of this town').

To me, this is what good music is about. Its about telling your story - whatever it is - and being honest about it. And the Gentlemen Husbands tell a really fun, compelling, story about: girls, blue collar work, drinking, and being young in the country (or in Cobourg). Right now I'm feeling like the GH's EP is the musical equivalent of Tim Riggins (from Friday Night Lights). I'm also feeling like there are approx. 3 people who read this who are going to appreciate the Tim Riggins comparison... anyways... I'm adding this band to the list of smaller Canadian bands that I cheerlead for, which includes, but is not limited to: Black Hat Brigade, The Golden Hands Before God, Ketch Harbour Wolves, Rah Rah, Ohbijou, Sunparlour Players, etc. So, expect to hear more about them from me in the future.

Apologies for not having any mp3s, but my computer is completely F'd.

If you're interested in hearing them go visit their myspace. You can steam their EP in its entirety there. - Rob Schmidt


Still working on that hot first release.



In a lakeside town, Gentlemen Husbands grew to be friends long before they picked up instruments together. They learned work ethic before song structure, commitment before ability, and quickly realized the great Americana anthems they were raised on were written about life and love in small towns no different than their own.

Lead singer, Derrick Ballard, would pen lyrics in his fathers motorcycle shop nestled between old bikes and scrap parts. Countless songs were written, with no particular purpose, other than to sing and tell stories of old friends or new lovers. 

"It was obvious that he was extremely talented, and even the earliest songs really connected with all of us" says guitarist, Ryan Hutcheson. Hutcheson, along with bassist Jed Atkinson, and drummer Dan Farrell, spent their high school years playing basements and underground clubs in various bands together, but knew they would one day end up collaborating with Ballard. After many years of friendship, Gentlemen Husbands was formed.

"We all listen to a ton of different music and aren't afraid of blending genres or experimenting with those influences; at the end of the day, were just trying to write songs we would want to hear" says Atkinson.

After writing nearly 100 songs, they went to work with acclaimed producer, Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, The Tragically Hip). Upon listening to their House of Cards EP, the above statements ring abundantly true. The record is loaded with hooks and tales of longing, from the up front, danceable Wandering Eye, through the bittersweet ballad Do It In The Dark, to the chiming, anthemic chorus of Shelter Valley. The songs lend a strong sense of place and give a universal narrative that hits home, while both nodding at tradition and taking the listener to uncharted territory.

"Our mentality is that the song is the nucleus for everything and the only thing that really matters, so our job is to not get in the way of the songs and let them be what they want to be" says Hutcheson.

"I have a problem with the idea that a band cant be liked by too many people or that anybody isn't cool enough to listen them" proclaims Ballard. "We want our music heard and shared by as many people as possible, isn't that the whole point?"


Accomplishments/proud moments...

SHOWS OF NOTE - Nationwide tour w/ Matthew Good, The Tragically Hip, Arkells, Matt Mays, Monster Truck, Mona, Lucero, Murder By Death, Ron Sexsmith, Alberta Cross, Attack In Black, Hollerado, July Talk, Headstones, The Reason,.

RECENT VENUES - Massey Hall, Corona Theatre, The Orpheum, The Horseshoe, The Kee to Bala, The Sound Academy, The Dakota Tavern, Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Burton Cummings Centre, Jubilee Auditorium, The Edge 102.1, Royal Theatre, Lee's Palace, The Seahorse, The Opera House.


- Edgefest
- Ottawa Bluesfest           
- Canadian Music Week 
- Sound of Music
- S.C.E.N.E. fest
- Festival of Friends
- WOLFstock

- Interviews with Breakfast TV, Much Music, Global TV, Canada AM, AUX TV, City TV, Exclaim!, Toronto Indie Music Awards, The Wolf 101.5, The Star 93.3, 107.5 Dave FM, Sun Media, Vibe & many more.



"You definitely haven't wasted your Friday night with them!" -Chart Attack (Toronto)

"It's like the best parts of Ryan Adams and The Strokes combined" -CBC Radio 3

"Brimming with power and expression, Rick's voice is one of the band's major assets and, in my opinion, one of the best in the country." -STICKY Magazine (Toronto)

"Gentlemen Husbands have delivered one of the most astounding EPs I have heard in ages." -WGTS Magazine (Ontario)

"Gentlemen Husbands have almost perfectly fused together North America's staple diet of Rock and Country." -Mojophenia (Essex UK)

"Gentlemen Husbands are certainly ready to melt your face off, make you move and start some shit!" -HeroHill (Halifax)

"To me, this is what good music is about." -London Burgeoning Metropolis (Toronto)

"...They've got a very promising future ahead of them!" -Crrents Mag (Hamilton)

"A little band called Gentlemen Husbands is redefining what Canadian rock music sounds like." -The Examiner (online)

Band Members