Gentlemen Of Verona

Gentlemen Of Verona


How Iggy pop would sound like if he was born as a woman
Minimalistic, raw and razor sharp are three words to describe the sound of the Belgian garageband Gentlemen Of Verona. Pounding drums and sharp guitar licks are the tools they handle to drill their way through the alternative musical landscape.


The Belgian garage-rockband Gentlemen of Verona has finished his third album. Raw is the title of
the disc that combines in your face recording techniques, rough guitars and thrilling lyrics. The
album is a logical continuation of Brutally Honest, the well received previous album of the band
from 2010.
Opposite to their last album wich was totally recorded in their home-studio, the band decided to
even broaden their sound by using field-recordings. An good example is the song Rachel that was
written in the hot Nevada Desert a few miles from the real Rachel, a small village with only 98
inhabitants on the border of the mysterious Area-51 army base. But also in Belgium the
microphones and laptop were taken outside of the studio to record bits and pieces of music. A
good example is the blistering guitar-solo at the end of the song Get it On. It was played by Jan
Van Eyken a famous Belgian guitarist who has been touring Flanders for the last 35 years with his
band De Kreuners. Van Eyken was so excited about Gentlemen of Verona’s sound and songs that
he wanted to play a musical cameo on their record. But his overbooked agenda almost spoilt the
fun. After some telephonecalls Gentlemen of Verona and Jan Van Eyken met on an abandoned
parkinglot near the Belgian Highway E19 to record his guitarpart with a mobile recordingstudio.
When the recordings were finished the band took the tracks to the legendary Ghosttown Studios
(dEUS, Rudi Trouvé, Das Pop, Mauro, Zita Swoon, Wizards of Ooze...) where Geert Van
Bever mixed everything together. The mastering was done by Uwe Teichtert (Soulwax, dEUS,
Arno, Editors, Moloko...)


3 studio albums released, last one dates of may 2012, entitled RAW. They are now releasing a double album of RAW with an acoustic disc through PIAS records.