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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Pop




"Gentlemen Rogues – “A History So Repeating”"

“A History So Repeating” is the follow up EP to the Gentlemen Rogues debut EP from 2013. This would be my first time listening to the Gentlemen Rogues. Here’s what I have to say…

I’m going to be honest with you, most of the time I cringe when I get an album from an indie rock band for review. I know that there are a million variations of the indie rock genre, but I always seem to get the mellow folky acoustic ones with six minute songs about high school and not being noticed by the opposite sex. I like a lot of genres of music, but that is close to the bottom of my list of likes. Was I kind of expecting that with the Gentlemen Rogues? With my ignorance, yes…is that what I got? Absolutely not at all.

From the first few licks of “Your Armageddon”, I knew that “A History So Repeating” was going to be different and they didn’t disappoint. Power pop is certainly a good description of the Gentlemen Rogues’ sound. The guitars are heavy and only slow down enough to introduce you to a catchy riff. I’m easily reminded of early Weezer with chunky bass and thundering drums setting the stage for a raucous time.

If you’re looking for an indie rock album with a kick, “A History So Repeating” is just what the doctor prescribed. Take six songs and call me in the morning.

Bottom Line: Indie rock with some OOMMPH. Although only an EP, just about every song kicked you in the face.
Notable Tracks: Your Armageddon, Mocking Love Out of Nothing At All, Empathy For The Devil - Read Junk


I will be the first person to admit that when it comes to my musical preferences, I tend to learn towards pop. So, when I first listened to Gentlemen Rogues, who fall into a more alternative rock/punk category, I was pleasantly surprised.
At first, on the surface, they have a somewhat familiar sound. Part of me felt like I was transported back to high school, when my significant other used to play Blink 182 albums on loop, which isn’t such a bad thing.
Once you get past the surface though and really listen to the music, there is a lot more to be found. These guys are passionate and it is evident in their complex musicality as well as the intense emotion in the singer’s voice.
I found their lyrics and clever twists on clichés intriguing and intelligent, especially in the songs “Mocking Love Out of Nothing at All” and “Thin as Thieves.”
A History So Repeating is the second collection of music released by Gentlemen Rogues, I think it’s safe to say they are well on their way to carving out a space for themselves in music and paving the way for future punk/alternative bands in the future.
Rating: 8/10 - The Front Row Report

"EP Review: 'A History So Repeating' by Gentlemen Rogues"

Gentlemen Rogues latest EP A History So Repeating is a power pop powerhouse release. From top to bottom, the songs on the EP are catchy with tight hooks and melodies that are destined to get stuck in your head. Gentlemen Rogues’ music pulls from the legendary power pop artists on the late 70s (Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello) and the indie rock of the early 1990s (The Lemonheads, Manic Street Preachers) resulting in a sound that is familiar and nostalgic while still fresh and vibrant. The EP opens with a blast in the incredibly catchy “Your Armageddon” and never lets up from there. Gentlemen Rogues is an incredibly fun band with great taste in music (just check out their covers of Erasure’s “A Little Respect” on this EP plus their previous covers of Buffalo Tom and Beach Slang). A History So Repeating is the band’s third and probably best release to date making it a must for fans of power pop, early 90s indie rock, or just catchy as hell rock ‘n’ roll. - Oklahoma Lefty


The four-piece band Gentlemen Rogues comprised of Danny Dunlap (vocals, guitar), Cordon Simons (guitar, vocals), Brandon Tucker (bass) and Josh Power (drums) formed in 2010 and has been on quite a roll. The band has played with renowned acts such as Smoking Popes, Lemonheads and The Dandy Warhols to name a few and their self-titled release, which we reviewed displayed an explosive band who could hang with some of the best that indie rock has to offer. Their particular brand of rock will resonate with fans of bands like Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Superchunk and Archers of Loaf.

The band didn’t waste anytime getting back into the studio and recording another EP entitled A History So Repeating. At the time they were headed into the studio the band was listening to Superdrag’s Head Trip in Every Key, My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and The Replacements’ Tim. The influence from Superdrag and The Replacements isn’t too hard to spot but the My Bloody Valentine reference came to me as a surprise. That being said, one of the songs goes into shoegaze territory. I’ll let you figure which song this is. Although there are bands you can point to for comparison make no doubt it that Gentlemen Rogues are carving out their own sound.

The songs’ biggest strength on A History So Repeating is their energy. I would doubt that many people could listen to these songs and not feel a surge of adrenaline. The very first track “Your Armageddon” packs a punch of power from the cascading guitar lines, steady bass and creative drumming. On top of that Dunlap’s vocals are delivered with s sense or urgency as if he can’t get out the words fast enough.

A steady stream of kinetic, upbeat music continues with “Empathy For The Devil.” I was impressed with some of the changes and parts in the song, which displayed the thought that the band put in to the songs. Things like a measure of just drums before jumping into the verse or the short but effective build up before the two-minute mark.

The third track “A Little Respect” (an Erasure Cover) is a shift in momentum. The guitars are relatively clean and the vocals and drums are at on top of the mix. They do the song justice and make it their own. The original synth based dance version is also worth checking out if you haven’t heard it before.

As the EP progresses “Thin As Thieves” and “Mocking Love Out of Nothing At All” fall in line with the first two tracks. They are solid songs with some exceptional guitar parts. The last track “Cap In Hand” is the arguable highlight. Dunlap delivers infectious vocal melodies and the song goes into unexpected but welcome territory that I hope they explore more in the future.

A History So Repeating isn’t reinventing the wheel but the band delivers quality songs that don’t take a lot of effort to enjoy. The songs are unpretentious fun that further solidifies Gentlemen Rogues as one of the newer bands that should be in your playlist. - The Even Ground


This is the second EP from Gentlemen Rogues who are from Austin, Texas. When the press release mentioned that, amongst others, the band had been listening to The Replacements’ ‘Tim’ and Superdrags’ ‘Head Trip In Every Key’ that was enough to encourage us that some of those great songs may have had an influence on the tracks on this record.

“Your Armageddon” is a sprightly pop punk opener with a good balance of grit and melody. Along with the likes of “Mocking Love” you can see them appealing to fans of the likes of The Gaslight Anthem or The Restorations but when those bands are at their most commercial.

The focus on melody gets even higher on “Empathy For The Devil” which is really pop with a good kick of rock. The same could be said of “Thin As Thieves” which at the outset disguises itself as punk rock but by the time you get to the “oohs” and the chorus then you know it’s really a great power pop song under the crunching guitars. A while ago, there were some great bands like The Crash Moderns who were making this kind of pop/rock sound.

What we really like about this EP/album is that it has a sound with a real sense of spirit and fun about it. There’s a feeling of a band that has grabbed with both hands, the chance to play the songs they love. There’s even a cheeky little cover of Erasures’ “A Little Respect” to show they aren’t taking themselves too seriously, like so many po faced pop punk bands tend to do. More bands should follow the lead of Gentlemen Rogues and have a little fun and enjoy the music they are making. - The Soul of a Clown

"Gentlemen Rogues - Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All 7""

After their fantastic 10" EP that came out last year, I was eager to hear more from Gentlemen Rogues. They answered the call with this 2 song 7" that really showcases their songwriting chops and ear for great melodies.

The A-side is "Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All." It's a mid tempo song that takes me back to bands like Tugboat Annie. The crunchy verse builds nicely into an intricate guitar jangle chorus with fantastic backing vocals and dynamic guitar work. The B-side "Mountains Of Your Head" is a Buffalo Tom cover and you can tell that Gentlemen Rogues do take inspiration from the sort of big time 90's pop band scene that Buffalo Tom was a part of. It's a nice version of the song, but Gentlemen Rogue's originals are so good, I'd probably just prefer another instead of a cover song if I had my choice.

Still, it's a great little 7" and once again I'm eager to hear more. I read that the band is currently recording for another EP. Come on guys, enough with the EPs, let's get a full length going! - I Buy Way Too Many Records

"EP Review: ‘Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All’ & ‘Gentlemen Rogues EP’ by Gentlemen Rogues"

Hailing from Austin, TX, Gentlemen Rogues is a power pop powerhouse. With two releases under their belt (2013’s self-titled EP and this summer’s Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All single), they have created a sound that is equal parts early UK power pop ala The Who, The Jam, and Elvis Costello and ‘90s indie rock ala Buffalo Tom, the Lemonheads, and Teenage Fanclub. The result is something that sounds older and classic and new and fresh all at the same time. Despite the year separating their releases, these two EPs flow together beautifully thanks to the band’s excellent sense of melody and hooks. On top of that, the Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All single includes a killer cover of the Buffalo Tom classic “Mountains Of Your Head” and these guys are fans of Beach Slang as one can tell from lead singer/guitarist Danny Dunlap’s fantastic cover of “We Are Nothing.” A band that covers Buffalo Tom and Beach Slang? Sign me up! Fans of any of the aforementioned bands or power pop in general need to give Gentlemen Rogues a listen. I think you’ll love what you hear. - Oklahoma Lefty

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues EP"

Speaking of Texas, A new group of guitar centric rockers from Austin wow’ed me with their riffage skills. Even if the first track “Run From The Light” is a bit long winded, the ’90s melodic skills shine through on “Persistence is Futile.” Another standout “Is Tomorrow Worth Tonight?” with its Green Day-ish pop cynicism. This is a decent start and I look forward to hearing more from these Rogues. - Power Popaholic

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues"

Gentlemen Rogues is an Austin, TX based band whose singer Danny has spent time in quite a few other bands that I've enjoyed over the past decades. I first came to know of his music through his 90's pop punk band Jill. They released a CD EP and a few 7"s that I just adore. After Jill had run its course, Danny was in a band called Quimby. Aside from a compilation appearance, I don't think they released anything else, but I could be mistaken. Lastly a band called The Fall Collection made an appearance with a CD EP in the mid 2000's. I hadn't heard anything from him since, but as soon as Gentlemen Rogues showed up on my radar, I immediately picked up this 10".

I really enjoy this EP and I hope it's the first of many records to come. While there is obvious growth and maturity compared to some of Danny's earlier bands, he absolutely has not traded in his ability to craft a heck of a pop song. While Jill was more Sicko or Zoinks inspired; Gentlemen Rogues explore that punky indie rock area that you can hear from bands like Tugboat Annie or Indoor Living - Come Pick Me Up era Superchunk. Maybe a little Ted Leo, especially considering that the songs are all over 4 minutes long. A lot of bands couldn't pull off something that long; but Gentleman Rogues keep it interesting and aren't just retreading the same 2 minute long song over and over.

Again, this is a really great EP. To the best of my knowledge, Danny hasn't been in a band that has released a full length album. If there was ever a band of his ready for the long album format, this is the one. - I Buy Way Too Many Records (online music blog)

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues"

These guys have a solid sound with their aggressively energetic guitar-pop. Strong, polished music with vigor equaling most of the punk acts out there while creating their own sound as an independent rock outfit. They claim inspiration drawn from acts in the UK such as The Who, Elvis Costello, and The Attractions. Give this stuff a listen and snag a beautiful colored piece of wax while you’re at it! - Sly Vinyl (online music blog)

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues EP"

4 out of 5 stars.

Since 2010, Gentlemen Rogues have been making an incredible blend of power-pop and indie rock played with a vintage feel. In that time, they’ve shared the stage with the Smoking Popes and The Dandy Warhols and even had radio play on BBC Radio 6. It’s surprising that they haven’t had a full release yet, but their debut, self-titled EP Gentlemen Rogues is one of the strongest efforts I’ve heard this year and is my favorite of the 60 or so reviews I’ve done so far.

Their sound is equally melodic and driving with guitars that is eerily reminiscent of Lovedrug and All Get Out. Danny Dunlap and Cordon Simons do a fantastic job of keeping things interesting without resorting to overly showy guitar playing while bassist Ian Lund and drummer Josh Power hold everything together, playing perfectly in sync. The four-piece format can seem tired as the music scene becomes increasingly over-saturated, but Gentlemen Rogues do a great job of freshening up a very old way of being a band.

On “Run from the Light” Dunlap and Simons' twin-guitar attack kicks of the EP with two distinct guitar riffs that wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful if it wasn't for the fact that they are put together. Lund and Power manage to keep the sound full without making it chunky. "Persistence Is Futile" is a bit more mellow, but only a bit. It's still a driving song that feels perfect for a late night drive through the city. The song's theme of hoplessness continues into "Is Tomorrow Worth Tonight,” a song that brings the tempo back up and brings the mood way down as it describes a couple that isn't sure if their relationship is even worth fighting over anymore. "We Can't Stop Moving" features a surprise retro chorus amidst the very modern indie rock of the verses and does so without pretension or irony.

The overall tone of the record is quite dark and stands in direct contrast with the poppy nature of their particular brand of indie rock. There wasn’t a single moment during my listening where I found myself bored and wishing that I could listen to something else. - The Equal Ground (online music blog)

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues EP"

Austin's Gentlemen Rogues likes power-pop, but there's no denying they're a classic blasting 90's indie-rock band to their core. Blindfolded, you might guess that their debut EP is a long lost North Carolina collectible from the Research Triangle - and not just Superchunk, though Mac and Laura could fill in if anyone got sick. All four songs are cleanly played yet they're so loud anyway, you wonder when they practice if multiple neighbors call the cops - even in the music friendly Texas capital. The songs are long, but pile licks on top of licks, and it's actually pretty exciting. - The Big Takeover (Issue #73)

"Gentlemen Rogues - Gentlemen Rogues EP"

This fantastic outfit from Austin Texas cite some great influences that will have you biting at the bit to take a listen to their music, those influences are the likes of The Jam, Elvis Costello, Superchunk and The Who to name a few. Do they equal their influences? They certainly do. Smashing out tunes full of hooks and melodies and winning audiences over wherever they go, this debut EP provides a great insight of what we can expect from this band in the future and as if the music wasn't enough, this EP comes on opaque, baby blue 10" vinyl.......what more could you possible want? - Ice Cream Man Power-Pop and More! (online music blog)

"Gentlemen Rogues (live set review)"

First to hit the deck are Gentlemen Rogues who I had seen a just a few weeks ago on this very stage. They were fine that night, but nothing spectacular. Well I’m not sure who or what had lit a fire under their asses, but they were a hundred times better. They played with passion and vigor and were clearly having fun. Power-pop of the highest order, great stuff, singer/guitarist Danny Dunlap even throwing in some well timed scissor kicks for good measure, I look forward to checking out their soon to be released EP on Shifting Sounds. - Austin Town Hall (online music blog)

"Gentlemen Rogues “A History So Repeating” EP"

Punk pop band Gentlemen Rogues follows up 2013’s debut with more bright upbeat riffs and angst filled lyric (“I guess what doesn’t kill us takes more time”) on the opener “Your Armageddon.”

Sometimes the Green Day styled layering of drums, guitars and vocal is enough on the frantic “Thin As Thieves” and standout “Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All.” Next, a creative cover of Erasure’s “A Little Respect,” won my respect. It showcases the band trying to stretch things and even though this didn’t make me forget the original, the raw melodic power of the tune kept me at attention and it should get your attention too. - Power Popaholic


Gentlemen Rogues - self-titled EP (released 03/25/13 on Shifting Sounds). Available on 10" colored vinyl, digital download, and iTunes (worldwide). 

Gentlemen Rogues - "Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All" single (released June 2014 on Shifting Sounds). Available on 7" colored vinyl, digital download, and iTunes (worldwide). 

Gentlemen Rogues - A History So Repeating EP (released April 2015 on End Sounds). Available on CD, digital download, and iTunes (worldwide). 



Since early 2010, Austin TX-based Gentlemen Rogues have celebrated aggressive guitar pop, with punk-inflected energy, polished, precise songwriting, and hooks as sharp and sleek as the Rickenbackers they bang them out on. This is a four-piece for Now People, drawing inspiration from UK visionaries like The Who, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, and The Jam, while steadfastly blasting their own course through an American indie rock canon shaped by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Jawbreaker, and Superchunk. Collectively, Danny Dunlap (vocals, guitar), Cordon Simons (guitar, vocals), David Hawkins (bass), and Josh Power (drums) crank out catchy, amplified treble kickers, mixing powder keg intensity, classic melodies, and brash theatrics into a 200-proof distillation of brazen rock ‘n’ roll. 

Consistently winning over audiences with their vital and urgent live shows, Gentlemen Rogues have shared the stage with such diverse musical outfits as the Lemonheads, Smoking Popes, Ultimate Fakebook, Field Music, Electric Six, The Soft White Sixties, Future of the Left, The Life and Times, Ume, Theophilus London, and The Dandy Warhols. 

In their campaign to rule the airwaves, Gentlemen Rogues have garnered radio play throughout the United States on various college and Internet radio shows, as well as across the pond on BBC Radio 6's Tom Robinson Show. Having just completed their second UK tour, Gentlemen Rogues have released a brand new EP, A History So Repeating (End Sounds) on Tuesday, April 7th. Receiving a mass of critical praise, this release finds the band blending lush, lyrical and instrumental, textures to create a sonic cocktail sure to intoxicate discerning ears.

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