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Imagine GRAMMY Nominated artist, Gentle Thunder weaving her magical melodies on grand hammer dulcimer and Native American flute (at times playing both instruments at once)! When she is playing with her fellow multi-GRAMMY nominee Will Clipman, he holds the earthy pulse on percussion


With this brand new solo release entitled “Opening the Gate”, GRAMMY® nominated artist Gentle Thunder steps out with her fourth album that eloquently weaves all of her musical voices together, showcases her versatility and celebrates the path of a woman blazing her own trail in the world of music. It exemplifies the power of nuance and subtlety at it’s finest. The Wall Street Journal’s Jim Fusilli called her music “direct and organic”.

“Opening the Gate” is a timeless recording that brings the listener closest to the experience of one of Gentle Thunder's live solo events. A present time capturing of her essence, both musically and energetically, it was pristinely recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Todd at Rough Giraffe Studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The graphic wizardry was created by Shimmering Wolf at Shimmering Wolf Studios, inside drawing by Jeremiah Conte and photography of Gentle Thunder by Art Durand at Art Durand Photography. Bette Timm, Aura Magazine writes: “Gentle Thunder’s opening grand hammer dulcimer immediately grabs your attention and calls you home to your heart, to your center, to a welcomed place within.”

Gentle Thunder is a multi-instrumentalist (grand hammer dulcimer, drums and Native American flutes), composer, producer, visionary and voting member of The Recording Academy whose musical journey began at age thirteen in the Seattle area as a rock-n-roll drummer. Largely a self-taught artist she began playing professionally while still in high school. In 1990 her recording career took her to Memphis, TN for two years where she became captivated by the hammer dulcimer and the portion of her maternal ancestry that is Native American (Cree). It was in connecting with her ancient roots that she remembered her interconnectedness to all life and began to consciously walk the beauty way. She let go of her familiar path as a rock-n-roll drummer and moved to Mt. Shasta, CA where the “voice” of her spirit expanded … performing with Shasta Taiko (Japanese drumming), playing hammer dulcimer, piano, ceremonial drumming and Native American flutes.

After many years of holding the groove for other artists, she branched out as a solo artist in 1994. Live and on recording, Gentle Thunder enchants audiences around the world with her distinctive sound and heart-filled presence. Both previous solo CDs “Awakening Remembrance” (hammer dulcimer) and “Winds of the Heart” (solo Native American flute) charted in the Top 100 New Age Reporter. Her third release, “Beyond Words with Will Clipman & AmoChip Dabney”, is a refreshing collaboration with these two multi-GRAMMY® nominated artist kindred spirits and showcases her exceptional full spectrum musicality on multiple instruments. Beyond Words was engineered by AmoChip Dabney at Completly Bare Studios and Jim Pavett at Allusion Studios in Tucson, AZ. The album was mixed and mastered by Lumin White at Transformations located in Novato, CA.

Since its debut, “Beyond Words” spent 2006 in the Top 100 New Age Reporter charts, charted #27 overall for the year, was 2006 GRAMMY® nominee for Best New Age Album, nominated Best Native American album New Age Reporter Awards, nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the 2006 Indian Summer Music Awards and recognized as one of Bill Binkelman’s top picks for 2006.

In 2007 Gentle Thunder has branched out with GT Productions to produce up-and-coming new artists. Gentle Thunder co-produced Ann Licater’s solo flute CD, “Following the Call”, recorded, mixed, mastered with Brian Todd at Rough Giraffe Studio, was #1 Bestseller at East West Bookstore and featured on NPR’s “Hearts of Space”. Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter writes, “Of course, when I read the liner notes and saw that the CD was co-produced by the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist (and fellow Native-influenced flutist) Gentle Thunder, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. GT, as she is known, is the consummate musical perfectionist (as well as being a passionate and spiritual person) so her sonic fingerprints were easy to hear… if you enjoy Native-influenced flute music, you should consider this a must-have release.”

Gentle Thunder responded to a request from singer/songwriter Mariee Sioux to play Native American flute on her debut album “Faces in the Rocks”, and stepped forward to bring her artistry, ceremony and mentorship to this talented young artist. Mariee’s unique album was clearly and powerfully supported by the Great Mystery. It co-produced by Gentle Thunder and Dana Gumbiner who also engineered, mixed and mastered the album at his Station to Station Studio in Grass Valley, CA for the Grass Roots Record label. The Sacramento News and Review said:"’Faces in the Rocks’ features eight songs that meld together the best of the folk-pop tradition with a contemporary vibe, tempered with traditional American Indian instruments and spirituality."

The fourth and final recording session of this year for GT was a duo album with


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Written By: Gentle Thunder

I create instrumental music...

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All CDs listed below have major distrubution channels available worldwide brick and mortar and online, on iTunes, getting airplay and charting in top 100 N.A.R. and have more song samples available at:

Gentle Thunder - "Awakening Remembrance" ©1998 (solo hammer dulcimer)
Gentle Thunder - "Winds of the Heart" ©2004 (solo Native American flute)
Gentle Thunder w/ Will Clipman & AmoChip Dabney - "Beyond Words" ©2006 **2006 GRAMMY NOMINEE - BEST NEW AGE ALBUM
Gentle Thunder - "Opening the Gate" ©2007 (solo hammer dulcimer, Native American flutes & a taste of percussion)

A promotional DVD is available upon request...

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Set List

All orginal compositions

Several compositions from previous Gentle Thunder solo albums as well as duo versions of Beyond Words and live improvisation included in set list

To see a video of "Big Sky Sunrise" from our Beyond Words tour using Quicktime 7.0,%20Will%20Clipman%20&%20Amo%20Chip%20Dabney/Gentle%20Thunder,%20Will%20Clipman%20&%20AmoChip%20Dabney.html

GENTLE THUNDER & WILL CLIPMAN playing as a duo offer original compostions from their trio released CD "Beyond Words" along with Will accompanying Gentle Thunder on her solo CD compositions and OUTRAGEOUS improvisation based in their shared love of rhythm... that universal heartbeat in all of us.
They create sets for whatever length of time is appropriate for venue/event.

GENTLE THUNDER is available to play solo. Playing Native American flute and hammer dulcimer, she offers original compositions from her four albums and also off