BandHip Hop

Gentry's music has a Down South sound to it but carries a Chicago tone. He remains an artist who is always going beyond what's expected, taking on new sounds and never being afraid to speak about reality painting a picture with his lyrics.


Growing up in the small city of Joliet IL, Gentry has made it his working goal to become more than what's expected of him. Using Rhythmic beats and smooth melodies, to tell the story of growing up to become something from nothing. Unafraid to take on new adventures Gentry remains open to using acoustic sounds, and harmonies from local R&B artist while standing and still remaining true to Hip-Hop. taking inspiration from artist such as Jay-Z T.I, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson and the Isley Brothers. Determined to bring the craftsmanship back to the art instilling the integrity it was built on.


Every Time, I run My City, Fire, I grind and Superstar

Set List

Fire, I Grind, I run My City K.O.R Every Time and Superstar. each set runs close to 45 minutes