Gentry Morris

Gentry Morris


Gentry Morris is a mix of everything you love about the classics and everything you look forward to in the next big band. His live shows are entertaining and personal and his music has gotten him praise from reviewers world wide


When Gentry Morris was twelve years old a day spent in the forest and a Red Ryder BB Gun changed his life forever. After being shot in the right eye, effectively ending his dreams of becoming a major league basball player, Gentry looked to his other passions for direction in life. His love for music had been apparent since a young age and after learning piano and saxaphone Gentry took up the guitar and hasn't been the same since.
Gentry moved to Nashville TN in 2003 and has been touring from there ever since. He has played two major US tours, two month long UK tours and countless smaller tours in the states. He has sold thousands of CD's world wide and recieved positive reviews everywhere he has gone. Morris has been featured in several motion picture soundtracks and is currently touring and shopping his new release, "The Bare Bones and Bad Ideas EP", to labels.


The Silence is Strange - 2000
The Xmas EP-2001
Live in Memphis-2004
The Bare Bones and Bad Ideas EP - 2006
Rebound, Hello My Dear and Room of Shadows have all recieved radio play on several college radio stations as well as several comercial radio stations

Set List

A typical set is a 45 min. set of original material off of the new Daydreams album. However, sets of up to 3hrs. have been filled with original music at the request of the club.