Genuine Imitations
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Genuine Imitations

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band R&B Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Genuine Imitationschannel some piiink flooooyyyd"

the band seems to have fun performing in the songs "How Ya Doin' G.I. Dave?" and "Borrow Yr Radio." Their sound is very different from mainstream rock radio, but that's what makes them stand out. - Jps music blog

"THE GENUINE IMITATIONS – Pink Floyyd’s Dark Side of the Mooon"

My god, I don’t even know how to describe this weird ass album! It’s punk, it’s funk, it’s jazzy, it’s rocking, it’s stupid, and it’s hilarious, all at once. None of the songs have anything to do with Pink Floyd or Dark Side of the Moon, even though the CD’s label pleads, “Don’t sue us Roger Waters.” The songs average less than 2 minutes each, and almost everyone is one of the most bizarre things you’ll ever hear. Um, yeah. - Paul Silver - Jersey Beat

"Genuine Imitations Piiiink floyyd dark siiiiide of the mooon"

found this version better than Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" which is way to long and has gotten much more attention than it deserves - Punk Globe


22 Songs about Hampsters- 2005

the White Plains ep- 2008

Piiink floyyd Dark siiiide of the mooon - 2010



The Genuine Imitations are a band with a long history; forming in 2002. These 8 songs are the culmination of months of recording, starting in November of 2009 and ending in March of 2010. The band has released two albums before this: “22 Songs about Hampsters” and “White Plains,” both on labels. With this album, however, the band has decided to do a first 300 pressing themselves. Pink FloyydDark side of the Mooon is an album with 8 original songs. “White Guilt” deals with white liberals that sit around feeling guilty for their privilege but never give back. “How You Doing Gi Dave” is a song about Dave’s Rock star ego, and draws the comparison between our patriarchal, long haired, bearded religious symbol and our long haired, bearded rock stars. “Take You Out to Dinner” is the classic “rich girl not as rich as boy” story, inspired by the bands growing up in Westchester county. The band at one point was at the center of that county’s punk scene, describing their music as punk funk. This album sees the band expanding beyond the punk/ funk label to explore more pop territory. It’s as Dave says, “the closest we’ll ever get to indie pop.” But this is no regular Yo la Tango wannabe record. This is a band using the sounds of punk funk bands like the Minute Men, Gang of Four, and garage rock like the Seeds, and putting it together; while adding more a melodious and pop feel. Most rock bands, since the rise of punk, have avoided blues and some have replaced this with funk undertones. The Genuine Imitations have chosen to have both undertones in their music, and aren’t satisfied with the standards of what rock and indie rock bands are supposed to be. The songs in this album where originally written in 2008 while the band all attended Suny Purchase. The chief song writers were Harry Katz and Gi Dave; other band Members are Cal Trimm(drums), James Ladumb (sax) and Genovive Jackson (piano). Since then, half the band has relocated to New York City, where they are constantly playing.